• A friend and I were walking

    Down a narrow city street.

    The area was alight with a

    Beautiful Christmas glow.

    The shops were bright and the kids constantly shouted out

    “I want that for Christmas Mommy!”

    As if on cue, my friend asked me “What do you want for Christmas?”

    And I failed to answer promptly.

    For this was the question I had been pondering

    Thinking about long and hard.

    At last I replied the list I had made in my head.

    “What do I want for Christmas?

    You sure you want to know?

    It’s not a toy or book or movie

    No, What I want for Christmas is

    An evening full of snow.”

    My friend rolled her eyes and asked again.

    And again I answered her.

    “What do I really want for Christmas?

    I’ll give you a hint

    I want time to buy many gifts

    And give them to needy children

    That way my money sock will be full of nothing but lint.”

    “That’s great, but what do you seriously want?” My friend repeated, growing impatient.

    I kept my face blank as I continued with my list.

    “What do I seriously want for Christmas?

    You ask a again with a sigh

    I think I’d like some flour

    And perhaps some eggs and apples

    Then on Christmas morning my parents and I can make some apple pie.”

    “You can just by some.” My friend insisted. “Now honestly answer my question. I really want to give you something good this year.”

    With a nod of my head I said

    “What do I honestly want for Christmas?

    How about some peace?

    Let’s end the strife and sorrow

    Let’s gather on this lustrous holiday

    And roll in the snow, white as fleece.”

    “You can’t want the impossible; how can I buy something like that? Please, tell me what you absolutely want for Christmas.”

    My friend stopped walking and I turned around to face her.

    “What do I absolutely want for Christmas?

    You haven’t figured it out yet?

    I want everyone to be happy

    I want them to be gay and merry with love, food, and presents

    Nobody should have to worry or fret.”

    My friend stared at me as if I was crazy. Then, understanding crept up on her features.

    “I guess I’ve been so busy lately, that I forgot about the true meaning of the holidays.”

    My friend admitted quietly.

    I laughed out loud and told her it was fine. As we started to make our way home

    My friend whispered in my ear

    “But thanks to you, now I know what I want for Christmas too!”

    I couldn’t help but smile as we went on our merry way.

    And, guess what, you’ll never believe it!

    All of my friends and family came together on Christmas.

    We spent the day helping secret Santa Clauses deliver presents to families who couldn’t afford them.

    And we also ate lunch at church with the homeless and read bed time stories to the orphans.

    I don’t think I saw a frown or tear at all that day

    And that, my friends, is what I really, seriously, honestly, absolutely wanted for Christmas.