• we used to be so good together until we drifted apart sad
    then i knew something was wrong and asked "are you okay"
    and you replied back in the sweetest litle voice
    "we will never be until the trees grow leaves again"
    then i wimperd in the quietest little voice
    "but how come when we are close together i feel that your the one"
    then he started telling me whats wrong
    he said "girl i know you want to know but i cant tell you whats wrong"
    she said "why not i thought you could tell me anything"
    then in a bashful little voice "fine then i guess if you dont want to tell me then i shall leave you here in peace"
    "come back to this very spot when the trees grow leaves and i will tell you whats wrong when i have the courage to beleive i can tell you anything from now on i will meet you here". crying