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My Adventures! :D Well, i think my journal will just be about some things i do over the year. it might not be descriptive, though. and some RP times i think cuz i get bored

Prussian Tea
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Hallo, My name is Gilbert Beilschmidt, the most awesome person you are most likely to meet ever. I will warn you now, if you bring up that stupid aristocrat near me I am going to claim your vitals and you shall forever regret it. Eh...that goes if you bring up Ivan as well.
Nein, I do not want to get married or fight. I'm too awesome for that chizz. You see, only awesome people say 'chizz' now, so unless I gave you a certificate of awesomness....do not repeat that word. Not even in your mind. You know what? Don't even remember I said it unless I said you are awesome, and that is few people.

Humm, there is not much to say about the awesome self known as me, so yeah. I'm awesome. = w =

About the Prussie Mastermind:
My name is Alice, or Ruru. I am a girl, for the people who have been wondering, and at a decent age in life.
I have O.P.D, and if you don't know what that means, don't be afraid to ask. ^ u ^
Ruru is one of my main nicknames, it being short for Russia.
I gained the privledge to be called Russia by accidentally recieving a haircut that looked oddly just like his. ^ u ^
I also have Russia's personality. (CON) You'll find me wanting to be somewhere warm, and often carrying around a metal object of some sort. I played softball for some time just for the fun of wacking things with a metal stick.

Well, that is about all I have to say now, so have a wonderful rest of your life, and don't be a stranger. My awesomness will lure you in anyways.

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