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Neve smiled as his tail swayed happily and he really enjoyed their little games with each other and he laughed a bit when she rolled in the snow than shook the snow off and laughed again as his tail continued to wag. " yeah I guess so lets head there than Ylva even if my grandparents planned something for our wedding surprise." he said to her and started to walk to the estate's direction.

Ylva sighed and accompanied Neve. "I do wonder what they have planned for us...." she replied as she followed him. She walked next to him calmly all the way to the estate, swaying her tail as she did and enjoying the surroundings.

So very true, I bet it will be a party for you before the wedding and it will be at the same time as mine, but a different part of the estate with the guys from the village and my grandpa so they will grabbed me and separate us for the night as they party all night with us their special party guests. You will be stuck with all the ladies in the village including my grandma and Ariana they have to treat you special as well since your also the important guest in the party for the whole night. " he said to Ylva as he continued to walk until they got there.

Ylva sighed again. "I do not feel like having that kind of party.. rather just spend more time with you.." she muttured mostly to herself. She did not know all of the girls at town and she was afraid it would be too awkward for her to handle it. Plus she had spent most of the time alone and bearly socializing with people, therefore having all of that so suddenly was a bit of a shock. Once they reached their destination she turned back into her human form and got ready for whatever it was expecting them.

Neve changed to human and opened the door, just like he expected they got grabbed up by people and pulled away from each other different parts of the estate for their own parties than the next morning they will have a wedding reception before their true wedding later this week. Neve sighed in total annoyance he really wasn't interested in a party, but he still enjoyed it a lot and his grandfather gave him some drinks since he was old enough, but Neve didn't drink much and he could hold his alcohol very well unlike the other adult males at the party.

As Ylva was pulled away from Neve she held out her hand to him but it was too late. Soon she was with the other women having treats and drinks. She tried to kindly refuse but they managed to convince her with a couple of them. Unfortunately what she thought she had a better tolerance it was not the case. It was a crazy bachelorette party, some of the girls dancing teasingly with her as she felt dizzy from the drinks and laughed a lot during the night as she ended up being more relaxed. At sunrise the girls helped Ylva to get into hers and Neve's bedroom and giggled as they left. She had a little flower crown on top of her head pretending to be her wedding tiara. "I .. am so not feeling good.." she muttured as she let herself fall on the bed exhausted. "women are the worst..."

Neve left when everybody was passed out and went to their room and sighed in relief finally that is over, but we will have to go to a wedding reception tomorrow at the mid-evening. So lets rest for the time being until you are sober, I'm kinda lucky to have high tolerance for drinking just like my great grandfather when he was alive or I will be crazy and drunk and do things regretfully after I'm done with the actions involving bare Physical contact with you Ylva, when we aren't ready for what migh come from that." he said and gave her some water with a smile on his face as his wolf tail swayed happily with joy involved in it as well.

Ylva sat up still feeling dizzy. She nodded at what he said and she gladly accepted the water and drank it calmly. "s-sorry... did not wish you to see me like this..." she then stayed quiet for a few moments, still feeling embarassed. "Can.. Can I have a hug..?" she muttured. Maybe it was the drinks but she felt like she needed some cuddles from Neve.

" don't worry about it we will be seeing each other like that all the time, so nothing to worry about okay." he said and just bear hugged her and held her tight in his arms and nuzzled her lovingly with his tail wagging happily with a smile on his face as his tail continued to sway happily as he cuddled up to her happily and lovingly as well.

Ylva blushed more not only from the drink she had previously but from enjoyment of Neve's closeness. She set aside the glass of water and pulled Neve down to the bed with her and she snuggled closer to him. She hesitated a bit but playfully nibbled his ear as if they were wolves. "Goodnight..." she whispered before dozzing off to sleep. All that partying had drained her out.

" goodnight Ylva sleep well my dear." he said and stayed close to her as he dozed off cuddled up to her for the night, he passed out and slept peacefully with Ylva with a sweet smile on his face as he enjoyed the closeness with Ylva as he enjoyed the slumber with Ylva very close to his body as his tail swayed peacefully and happily.

Once it was morning Ylva woke up feeling sick. She was not used at having drunk so much. She pulled herself away from Neve and got up , walking wobbly to the bathroom and puked the alcohol out her system. «Great.. a hangover.. how am I going to deal with the wedding reception...?» she thought to herself as she held onto the toilet and hoped not to have woken Neve.

Neve rolled over to his on spot on his bed and rested a bit more and groaned when he was starting to wake up, but he made himself sleep more and groaned again as he slowly awoke his tail swayed and he looked around when he didn't see Ylva by him, so he got up to his feet and sniffed he than went into the bathroom and opened a medicine cabinet getting some medicine and got a cup of water again and he flushed the toilet and handed her the medicine and the cup of water to her as well and smiled I hope that will help a bit with your sickness Ylva." he said to her with a gentle smile on his face as he stayed by her as he waited for things to settle down within her body.

Ylva looked at Neve and her faced seemed like a zombie as she took her glass of water and the medicine. "Thank you.. I hope to get better soon... sorry again for this... although I don't think I'm going to go down to have breakfast with your grandparents... I'm really not hungry at all.." she said before taking the pill and drinking the glass of water to help it go down her throat. She sighed in the end and laid her head on the toilet seat cover. "urg.. kill me" she mumbled

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