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my cool stuff
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Collars looking for:
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Material looking for:

Info about the items on the slave character.


White Rose- Innocent
Heart- Loving, Affectionate
Shield- Protector, Very Defensive
Sword- Fighter
Emerald: Rare Species
Black Pearl- Demon or Other Night Inhabiting Creature
Spoon- A Cook
Dustpan- Good for Cleaning
Crown- Was Once Royalty
Bell- Pet
Hourglass- Good Body Shape
Ballet Shoes- Dancer
Microphone- Singer
Paint Brush- Artistic
Book- Smart
Wand- Magic User
Skull- Killed a Master
Knife - Assassin
Broken Mirror - Permanently Scarred or Wounded
Ring - Was/Is Married
Rattle - Has or Had Children
Red Tear - Abused by Previous Mistress/Master
Wrench: handyman/good at fixing things
Pills: knows medicine
Spear: Hunter
Leaf - Loves to be outdoors
Cloud - Very easily frightened
Bow and Arrow - True loyalty and devotion


Black: The most Dangerous, Killers, Heartless, Unloving.
Blood Red: Incredibly Dangerous and Violent. Also Very Rebellious.
Red: Has a Temper and Dangerous, is Rebellious
Indigo Deceptive and Clever
Deep Pink: Known as a Romantic or Charming, A Flirt
Magenta: A complete flirt
Pink: Cute and Playful
Purple: Dark and Brooding
Dark Violet: Fun and Mischevious, Can be dangerous
Medium Slate Blue: Cool and reserved, Very thoughtful
Yellow: Laid back and easy-going, often times lazy
Orange Social and outgoing, a lover of parties
Dodger Blue: Happy Go lucky, Very Optimistic
Green: Obiedient and Quiet
Dark Green: Timid and Obedient
Dark Grey: Jealous and Possesive


Metal - Very strong and/or ferocious, highly skilled fighter, or unusually dangerous
Velvet - Has expensive tastes
Jeweled - Rare and/or exotic (Not for Nekos and vampires don't fall into this category)
Lace - Delicate or frail
Rope - Scared and helpless. Will not protect his/her owner and will almost always try to escape.
Glass - Unpredictable and normally have a split personality.
Spiked - Requires handling to keep from harming self and others
Silk - Obedient without a question
Leather - Obedient but still troublesome

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