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Neve smiled at her turned off the stove and took the lid off of the pan for it can cool inside out as he stir the stew around " well I guess we should enjoy the meal together my lovely Ylva, and I think my grandparents will be eating their share for lunch today. " he said to her as he stopped hugging her and just kept her hand in hers than set her down in a chair straight across from his than he picked up two other bowls that were his grandparent's bowls to eat out and set them upside down for dust wouldn't get in them and brought the pot to the table when it was cool enough to carry and served only him and Ylva's breakfast,since his grandparents decided to sleep in today

I thought I had replied to this already o.o I'm so confused right now I remember replying like saying she sat and ate and enjoyed the meal saying she'd get fat with so much good food XD You sure you got nothing from me after that? i can always write down anew i guess

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The Roleplay:

Neve smiled as he watched her, enjoy the meal that he prepared for her and his grandparents, he was really enjoying having a meal for two since it was like a date with her even though it was in his house. The meal was very delicious to him, he couldn't believe how good he did cooked the the breakfast it made him very happy when he was with Ylva alone and the compliments from her about his food as his tail swayed. He just laughed a bit when she said she get fat with all this good food that he made for breakfast for four and th other two his grandparents just continued to sleep peacefully in their room."well some fat is good when your out in freezing temperature climates." he said to her as he ate his breakfast slowly.

(yeh it most likely reached the limit with my reply xD alright then I'm not crazy razz )

Ylva kept enjoying her food, eating it slightly faster than Neve. As she was alone with him she felt more comfortable and ate at her regular speed without feeling embarassed or even trying to impress his grandparents with good etiquette. She then laughed at Neve's reply. "You say well.. some fat... I don't think you'd like a fat saint-bernard like wolf for a mate" she said. She then finished with her plate.

Neve looked at Ylva than smiled at her " if I wanted a saint-Bernard I would bought a female Saint-Bernard not a wolf, and even when your expecting a pups you will be fat just saying." he said to her with a smirk, " but that would be in the far future not now, so your right it wouldn't be fun to have you over weight, like a huge fat old Saint-Bernard, but I won't love you less no matter what Ylva." he said with a smile on his face as his tail continued to sway and finished his plate and snacked on the other stuff he put on the table in the middle between the two of them.

Ylva opened wide her eyes when he heard him say -won't love you less-. What did he mean by that? was it love love, or just love more like a friend? they still haven't spent much time together and he hasn't directly confessed anything. She tried not to overthink about it and coughed a bit forcefully and deviated the subject. "So what do you have planned for today...?" she asked.

" I haven't planned anything yet, the only thing we weren't able see on the tour is an active village, but that isn't barely entertaining to show since you know about villages and how they work, so what will entertain you more Ylva? you can choose what do you want to do today Ylva since there isn't any plans today it's your turn to decide what will be more entertaining for us today." he said to her as his tail swayed.

"Hmm.. well I do know how villages work but I would still like to meet the folks there. Do you have any particular friends there we can hang out with or something?" She asked curiously. Ylva did not wish to be the one making plans as she was new around she was not sure what they could do together. "Maybe we can also go hunt together?" she ended up suggesting.

" well I think I have couple of friends, but I'm unsure if some them decided to leave and be very independent in a land that also is chilly since my kind can barely take any kind of heat on our paws and bodies so whoever leave these clan lands have to go where

the place is always a little chilly if they permanently want to live some where else. I think the only ones still here is a sister and a brother of their siblings that left these lands, originally our kind have 2-3 pups each spring and it is very rare to have more than 4-5 pups on the same day the others are, and actually the sister is very interested in becoming my future partner, but she just keeps it to herself and never show any of those feelings unless she sees a love rival and I think my grandparents already passed the word about you becoming my future mate so i get a feeling Arina might consider you as a love rival.

I can easily make Arina not act that way towards you since my family, and Arina's family been hanging out with each other since we were pups so I can easily control her actions towards you Ylva. Anyways once we step in the village we might be given gifts from the clan members..That will be interesting and I think my grandparents might be planning something up their sleeves a like a marriage ceremony to see us get married than they will leave the estate and rest in peace with happiness in their hearts.

Ylva nodded at his explanation but slowly raised an eyebrow as he spoke about Arina. She felt a bit unsure of her and wondered how much of a rival she could be.. technically they were already arranged so there would not be a problem of her stealing him from her.. would there? In any case she snapped out of it as he spoke about a marriage cerimony. "M-marriage cerimony?.. Heh.. they really don't waste any time... but I understand ... I guess..." she replied a bit nervously. "Anyways, let's get going then, the earlier we leave the more we can have fun!"

Neve nodded " yep they don't want to waste anytime, so they are always one step ahead of everything Ylva. Yes lets go now than and this is the best time to meet everybody in the village since most everybody will be out by now Ylva." he said to her and got to his feet when he finished his meal he gathered their dishes and rinsed them out and turned the water off and left the dishes in the sink and dried his hands and put the pot back on the stove and looked at her and went over to Ylva and helped her up out of her chair and lead her outside of his estate. " Should we head out my dear or do you want to change clothes before we adventure out to the village." he said to Ylva with a smile on his face.

Ylva followed Neve but indeed as he asked she thought it better to change clothes. "Yeah I think it's best... Unless I stay in wolf form the whole time... so just in case hold on a few moments! meet you in a second!" She smiled before quickly going back to their room and changed to proper day clothes for the village walk. She was fast and once ready she came back to the front door hoping to see Neve back there. "Ready!"

" alright lets go than Ylva, we are heading to the village than my dear." he said and grasped her hand gently and walked to the village in a normal pace not running or anything since it wasn't far from his own home in the clan lands and he reached the village like he said they gave them congratulations gifts which they had to carry when they explored the village and he sighed, but just said thank you as his tail swayed. and he was pounced on by Arina which made him slowly step back and not fall since she wasn't as strong as her older sister who left the lads with her Fiancee and her brother. the younger brother kept his distance,from Ylva and slowly crept over to Neve and hid behind him shyly and looked at the new wolf that kinda had Neve's scent on her, but he knew that she wasn't of these lands.

Arina growled at Ylva since she had Neve's scent, but Neve growled alpha like making Arina go into to submissive wolf posture and she looked at Neve. " why did you bring a wolf that wasn't born in these lands to be your partner I could of been your mate and we should of since we knew each other longer than that stray outsider wolf she said than looked down at the ground. " sorry I should Neve I should keep my mouth and words in check, anyways You might lose her like Frost so why did you bring her into your home and made her your mate, I have a feeling that Frost was taken because he wasn't really alpha or Omega material and the rulers of the world snatched him from under your families noses just to make him someones pet." she said than knew she was in big trouble by him so he backed away and hid behind a building and was in submissive posture of her body.

Neve just brushed it off he had no interest in punishing anybody when Ylva or the young pup the brother Arina and the villagers were present he just lifted Voltora he his arms and put the brother on his shoulder and brought Ylva close and nuzzled her lovingly than looked at the villagers and smiled." Well Ylva it looks like you really are becoming my future forever mate, until the end of our lives my dear and this is how villages act to each other excluding Arina's out bursts that you saw." he said to Ylva as his tail swayed and Voltora was getting playful he nipped Neve's ear and neve just laughed as his tail wagged happily.

Ylva gladly followed Neve down to the village and she blushed a lot as they started receiving the gifts. She was then happy to meet the rest of his family although she really did not like much Arina's posture. Ylva had been warned about it from Neve but it still felt a bit hard on her what she said. Indeed she was an outsider and maybe there would be more people like her that would not be fond of that. Plus she definitely was not an alpha.. Indeed.. why did he get her in the first place? was it pure chance that they met? She tried ignoring her thoughts and distracted herself with Neve's brothers. She blushed some more when in fact Neve stated how she would be his forever mate. She smiled shyly as she simply nodded, chuckling a bit at watching Voltora playing with Neve. "You really have a nice family..." she said it with a bit of sadness as her own had left her and she'd been alone most of the time. But she was happy for them.

Neve smiled at her as his tail swayed " my dear they are your family as well now since in their minds we are true lovers nowadays, so you should be happy about that Ylva. I won't let you feel out place no matter how you are treated by my clan I will always keep you close to my heart and treasure you like a true lover should great this atmosphere is getting my emotions very high man this is crazy, but we should make it a lovely scene for are viewers he said than lifted Voltara off his shoulders and set him down on the ground and the young one knew what was happening so he ran to where his sister was and hugged her to calm her down which it did, but she stayed hidden behind the building she was hiding behind.

Neve smirked and pulled Ylva very close to him and smiled Should we show that we are really going to be lovers and show a lovely beautiful scene to show that we are meant to be my dear." he said as he slid his hand on her side of her cheek and smiled than just stopped and picked her up in bridal position and kissed her passionately and the villagers smiled and clapped their hands and Neve just set her down and looked away since he knew Ylva won't be pleased that he did that to her without her consent and they really just met and he was becoming very into the romantic atmosphere that the villagers set up from all the gifts and congratulations of their marriage when they didn't get married yet. " Ylva sorry I forced that on you I just couldn't help myself." he said to Ylva when the villagers scattered and went back to their work with proud smiles on their faces.

Ylva stepped back a bit unsure of Neve when he told they should make a lovely scene for the viewers. She then started to blush more and more as he pulled her close. Her eyes opening wide, her heart beating faster and faster. It was going to happen. She was predicting it. Then as he grabbed her and kissed her her face turned red as a tomato and she felt her heart wanting to jump out of her chest. Especially as she heard the crowd cheering. Once she was set down she was still a bit astonished with what happend and didn't look straight away at Neve. She passed her fingers through her lips, shaking from the emotion.«Wh-what just happen..?» she kept thinking. Soon she realised it fully and indeed she did not like the fact he basically put on a show with their first kiss. Maybe it was romantic for him with the gifts and the congratulations but that was not at all what she hoped for and it was all so quick. Once the villagers had scattered she managed to gain strengh to turn her eyes back to Neve. She was mad but mostly she was just ashamed and nervous. She opened her mouth to show her dislike but nothing came out. She could not possibly yell at him! She closed it back and simply growled, blushing some more. "it's... ok..." she said between her teeth.

" If you say so Ylva, but that won't happen again unless we become closer since it feels like I was kinda forcing it like those other masters that bought slaves from the slave market just for pleasurable enjoyments and nothing else. I don't want to be like those people so, if it was okay with you than i'm fine with that, but that action won't be repeated since we aren't a newlywed couple so we have to act normal once again and build up a true relationship between each other what do you say Ylva, but we already have a marriage Ceremony planned by my grandparents and we will have to go with it so we have to be very close to each other before my grandparents decide the date for us to get married to each other in the future my dear and we will have to have our true first kiss between each other out of pure love between the two of us Ylva." he said with a smile on his face

Ylva listened to him and nodded as he spoke. She sulked slightly as she blushed, still feeling awkward from the whole situation. In the end she sighed and smiled back a bit at Neve. She could not stay mad at him for long, specially with that smile of his. "Yeah.. I think its best for us to be normal between each other, and develop our relationship if we are to be married eventually... " she replied. "You seem to be a really nice person from what I saw these first days so... can't see how I can't end up loving you..." she blushed more at her last sentence, looking slightly away.

" okay we need to figure out when we are fully alone with each other and just focus on getting to know each other much better Ylva , and i will not try anything unless you are okay with it, is that a good idea for the both of us Ylva? I'm fine with that what about you Ylva do you think that is a perfect idea for the both of us what do you think about it Ylva? do you like that or do you want to just go with it and know nothing just enjoying being together as one big family." he said to her as his tail swayed.

Ylva stood thoughtful for a few moments. "I think I would like spending some time alone with you... I believe it will be best for us to get know each other better... and indeed if we are meant for each other we stay together of course and if not.. well.. I guess I can leave your lands and move somewhere else where I won't be bothering anyone.." She answered him, looking back at him with a shy little smile.

" the that settles that, but I don't like the idea you leaving these lands there is no reason for you to leave you love this place with all your heart and I can tell you really don't want to leave since you already fell deeply in love with my lands, so it will be wrong to force you out of my lands and if I'm not upset if you and I aren't perfect for each other my villagers will still respect you with all their hearts except for Arina and her parents in these clan lands and I bet Suzanna and Alaric will take you into their family and treat you the ways of a true wolf, that you will like , but you will have to give up your human ways since our forest is mainly for wolves who decided to leave and relay on their true wolf ways and Suzanna And Alaric are the leaders of the packs in the forests, and I'm still the true leader of everything on these lands am actually a god wolf not a lord. the eldest child becomes the god or goddess wolf known as Fenris who becomes the lord of everything in this land my dear Ylva." he said to her with a smile on his face.

Ylva nodded at his explanation. If things did not work out her way, staying as a wolf for the rest of her days did not seem too bad. After all, she had already spent quite a few days just in her wolf form and she was getting used to it until she revealed herself to Neve. She then was amazed by the fact he was a god. She's supposed to be married to a god? That fact overwhelmed a bit and felt she was not worthy of it but did not reveal it. She simply smiled back at him. "Well thanks for the information..." she replied. "So hmm.. shall we go somewhere else?" she wished to be just with him.

"your very welcome Ylva and I bet Suzanna and her mate will be please to have you there to help out with their pack and family, the interesting thing is that anybody can marry even if it is a full wolf they can still breed with my kind that treat are forms equally and mainly the ones who leaves are pack lands decide to be fully human, with not much wolf spirit in their bodies and souls, sure we can go somewhere else in these lands, where do you want to go Ylva for us to be alone with each other for we can talk Ylva, anywhere will be fine with me." he said to her nicely like his usual self as his tail swayed happily waiting for her answer to his question about where she wants to go to spend more alone time with each other.

Ylva nodded again and held one of her arms, rubbing it slightly nervous. "Well I was thinking we could to that same place as yesterday.. just the two of us... or if you know somewhere else where we can stay for a while unbothered from the crowd.. ya know..?" She chuckled feeling uneasy at her own suggestion.

His ears perked and picked her up in his arms in bridal position and looked at Arina and her young brother than smirked and dashed at full speed to the waterfall once again and jumped through the water and into the cave than sat her down and shook the water off like a dog as his tail swayed. " well here we are Ylva, and this place is very alone time worthy since the Villagers don't come here unless their mate wants them to go here for the alone time with each other, but mainly they go to their own bedrooms to have their alone time." he said to her as his tail continued to sway.

Ylva blushed slightly during the whole trip, holding onto him as he dashed to their place. Once she was sitted she leaned back on the ground, with her arms under her head, looking at the top of the cave. She chuckled as he explained the alone time of the villagers. Indeed it was a nice spot for it. "Well this is really a nice place... you don't have much of this beauty from where I came.. plus the people in the village sure seem nicer.. but I guess that's because they have such a nice ruler.. makes them happy" she said, turning her attention to Neve.

" Well this is natural beauty not man made like most of the things in the world of humans, this will always be here until the ends of time of this world. Well many places have their own natural beautiful spots unless the humans took it away from the lands that humans barely trend on in their own home lands. Anyways we came here for we can know more about each other with his tail wagging and wondering he didn't mind how long it took for them to know each other better than usual as he enjoyed just spending time with her.

Ylva smiled at Neve and looked back to the top of the cave thoughtfull. "Yeah.. you're right... well.. you first! What do you want to know about me? Ask me anything!!" she asked. She wanted to know him better but she did not really know how to start so he wished him to do it first. He had already told most of his family history to her and asking him about favourite this and that seemed a silly way to start.

" Ylva tell me anything you feel like I need to know about you anything will be fine, I'm not the type to ask questions I let them speak about themselves and whatever they want me to know about them so just pour everything out of your and all the knowledge you know about yourself Ylva." he said to her with a smile on his face as his tail swayed with interest waiting for her to speak about herself full heartedly with her very own words and mind with all her thoughts within her heart and mind.

Ylva chuckled a bit from his reply and stood quiet for a few moments, thoughtfull "I guess it's fair for you to know where exactly I came from..." She took a deep breath before telling her story out of her heart "Basically I lived with my family up in the woods away from that dry place you found me. We had chickens and some other livestock. It was a pretty normal life. No big adventures, not much money, just a plain family with tradicional values so there's really not much to tell. One day when I was twelve, I went with my father to go gather wood and when I was alone I crossed myself with a wolf. It attacked me of course. My father heard me scream and followed the cries. He shot the wolf and scared him away but I was badly injured and technically I should have died. But I didn't. Miraculously I survived but with a curse... the first full moon my new form revealed itself. I was completely out of control. I wanted to control myself but my thoughts were a mess. I don't remember much of that night but one thing is certain. I will never forget my family's faces as they saw the new me. Eventually I got the hand in the shapeshifting thing but my family? they left me.. They were too scared of me. So I've been living alone since then... " She sighed in the end. "So yeah.. I'm not exactly a purebred...sorry if I disapoint you in that matter.. not sure if that's also a requisite if we are to be wedded" She then sighed again "An outsider lone wolf and not even born a wolf... you just hit the jackpot Neve...." she looked at him with a sad look on her face although managing to smile.

His tail swayed and he thought for a bit and he shrugged and went over to her than hugged her nicely. " Ylva you have no reason to worry not being a purebred we al just created are own human forms to use when we want my kind froze the gem stones that was here and we all use to be like the wolves in the forest, but are minds evolved and we found away to create a human persona for us to hide from the wolf hunters My father was a full wolf and he bred with a werewolf that wanted to stay human for the rest of her life and that was my mother and father's mind evolved from a full wolf mind to a quarter of a human's mind so my father created his human persona naturally just to be with my mother for the rest of their lives and when father brought her to our lands she had to use her wolf form, until her human form got use to these very low temperatures in these lands. so i'm a a full wolf with that is a quarter of a human mind and mainly wolf god blood from my great grandfather Fenris whose soul lives on the top of Fenris Mountain he said to her as his tail swayed.

Ylva felt relieved Neve did not mind her background. Him being part human sure should be helping on that. She hugged him back and kissed him on the cheek with a slight blush on her face. "Thanks for accepting me so much" she said to him before letting go of him. "So hmm... Not sure what else I can say about me... Anything you'd like to tell me..?"

" well My great grandfather was the one who found these lands, so My great grandfather is the guardian of these lands and he keeps really cold for no true humans can't come unless they are ready to risk everything on their travels as his tail swayed happily with a smile on his face as he looked at the ceiling of the cave and looked at her, well my family is the true owners of these lands so we have to protect these lands with all our heart no matter what ." he said to her with a smile on his face with his tail swaying happily. " The truth is that if the leader decides on his mate everybody have to go with his decision, but the villagers already decide to have you here and even my grandparents accepted you in our clan so everybody will be happy to have a new ruling pair and young as well." he said to Ylva.

Ylva smiled at him before looking back at the top of the cave. She then closed her eyes as she replied to him. "That sure makes me glad... I hope I can stay in your good graces.. I may have a temper sometimes... as in... I have a short patience spawn when it comes to ignorant people... and basically each time my red flower blooms.." she chuckled. "Can you also handle that?"

" I bet I can handle it,even arina has temper, but you I can totally handle it I'm not a useless male that goes in hiding if my lover becomes very angry about something I will try an calm her down with what I got in my disposal. So you don't need to worry about anything plus I will always stay by my lover and never hunt down anny other she wolves until death i will never let go of you or anything, you will be my one a only lover my dear." he said with a smile as his tail swayed.

Ylva opened back her eyes as she looked at Neve with a smile, blushing slightly. Did he even have any flaws? he just seemed too perfect. "I hope you are not illuding me with all your smooth talk by the way or I'll hunt you down and kill you" she joked a bit. "But hey.. I also promise you loyalty if you really will be my lover"

He looked at her " do you think that of me you are the first to see me like this Ylva and my parents, my grandparents barely see me acting this way towards them or anybody else, i just act totally strong and powerful, but in truth I can get a little emotional, and very aggressive if somebody says anything about something that just ticks me off. Just like Arina said about my younger brother Frost I got very pissed off inside, but My strong nature never lets me show that aggression towards anybody around me including my clan members plus I get very nervous if I get put on the spotlight, when people are expecting something like when I did that kiss in the village it was because my clan was expecting something to happen between us as lovers, so I got nervous and did that without your consent sorry again Ylva about that." he said to her with a smile on his face.

Ylva chuckled. "Then I hope to never get you mad." She told him before nodding at him and laid her hand above hi hand. "It's alright.. I understand why you did it... in fact.." she blushed. "I can't deny that deep down I liked your kiss... just wished it was in another situation and not like a show" she explained with a shy smile.

" I rather do it when the time is right, not for show. Okay I get it romantic situation is better than just for show anyways tonight we will stay the night here, if you don't mind it Ylva, since tonight will be much more colder than usual since we predict a blizzard might happen tonight, so it will be very dumb if I ran back to my estate in that kind of weather. It also means the waterfall will freeze to ice tonight as well." he said to Ylva as his tail swayed.

Ylva nodded, agreeing to his idea. "Indeed... if you predict a blizzard then sure it is best for us to stay here... I'll probably switch to my wolf form to stay warmer with all my fur" she chuckled a bit. "Should also be interesting to see the waterfall freeze... your lands sure are amazing Neve.." she continued.

Neve switched to wolf and his clothes sunk into his skin as the fur covered his body and he shook his fur out as he changed into his Fenris wolf form medium size, but still almost grizzly bear size and his fur was very thick as well as his tail swayed and he smiled at her you can snuggle up to if you get freezing if you wolf fur isn't warm enough. Lucky for us it isn't mating season for us wolves am I right my dear Ylva." he said as his tail swayed than he went over to the springs a smiled the most interesting thing is that these springs are always warm since Fenris Mountain is not very active Volcano, but it still has magma in the bottom of the Volcano, but it doesn't erupt in along while until the end of Fenris clan lands that's when the humans get more intelligences and their gear gets more upgraded in the future." he said to Ylva with a smile on his face.

Ylva blushed with a surprise look on her face when he spoke about mating season. She laughed nervously as she sat up and scratched the back of her head. "Yeah... lucky us..." she chuckled. She then turned into her wolf form, her skin becoming covered in a grey long fur. She followed Neve to the springs, looking at them and nodded at his explanation. "That really is intereting to know! What's more to learn about these lands that you haven't told me yet?" she asked curiously. She was always eager to increase her knowledge on things.

" Well the Spring season is only like half a year, and that's when these unique flowers bloom and that's when most of my kind breeds in the middle of spring than the pups are born in the winter mainly unless the my breeds earlier before the spring than the pups will be born in the end of Spring, Ylva." he said as he went to the unique flower touched the petals gently and smiled. " plus when the blizzard it is like the wind in the human lands, and the waterfall will be frozen until it becomes spring once again in these lands Ylva." he said to as his tail continued to sway happily.

Ylva nodded at Neve as she swayed her tail. She then went to take a closer look at the flowers. Indeed they were beauiful. "Happy to know all that!" she said happily looking back at him. She sure would never wish to leave those lands. She started feeling like home event though it hasn't even been two days she was there.

" yes it is, breeding season isn't in any certain season of the year it considers when the female is ready to breed and settle down creating a family with her mate, so any female can go in heat during any season in the years or weeks it's unpredictable when the she-wolf is ready to breed, so you also have to be careful my dear since any season can be breeding season for a couple." he said and went over to the waterfall than jumped through it leaped up to the rocks on the side than stood on top of the waterfall on a huge boulder with Suitable and stable footing surface on it.

He looked over his clan's land and howled deeply which made the other wolves howl as well and the Chorus of howls continued than settled and just echos rang through the lands which reached the top of Fenris Mountain which caught Neve's Great grandfather's wolf soul ears and the howl from the world of above went through Neve's ears which made Astin happy he laid on the huge boulder and smiled as the howls faded and settled than when it was fully silent he jumped off of the huge boulder and spun than landed on a boulder below, but gracefully landed on the boulder and gentle like a feather than jumped through the waterfall water once again and shook the water out of his fur once again and smiled at her happily nuzzled her neck than went to a dry part of the cave and curled up just to relax for a bit as his tail laid on his front paws and he laid his head on the cave's cool ground.

Ylva stood silent with the whole breeding conversation feeling slightly uncomfortable. She noticed at a certain age that some time or another during the year she felt weird but she could not tell why. Now it seemed clearer and while before she was lacking a partner. Now she had a possible mate which she could have a family with if things indeed would work out. When Neve went away to howl at his clan she shook it off and smiled at the sound of the howling. She wished to howl aswell but felt slightly embarassed and just waited for him on the ground. She enjoyed him nuzzling her neck when he came back and followed him to the dry part of the cave. She lied down next to Neve and relaxed with him, laying her head on her front paws which she had them crossed one on top of the other.

He just smiled at her and enjoyed having her next to him, " I decided to be their true alpha that's what that howl was for and you will be by my side and My great grandfather was proud that I decided to take up the position and I chose a she-wolf be by my side, but in truth I didn't say anything involving about a marriage or anything that would make things rush more than how things are already being rushed by my grandparents right now so we can decide whenever we are ready to become one and a newlywed couple as well. Whenever we want if your ready to step farther forward in the relationship I will follow go with whatever you want my dear." he said and nuzzled her again than laid his head down and closed his eyes to relax, but he could still listen to what she had to say and reply to her as well.

Ylva perked up her ears in the direction of his voice, looking at him without moving her head. She heard what he had to say and liked the fact he did not talk to his great grandfather about marriages. She then closed her eyes happily when he nuzzled her again. "Thanks for your patience.. indeed I think I need more time to get a bit more comfortable.. like you said.. all this is already being so rushed I still feel a bit overwhelmed... but.." she crawled closer to him, leaning against him, and licked his cheek. "your company sure relaxes me a lot and I have a feeling that I can be safe around you" she said shyly.

" your welcome Ylva, I'm not in any hurry. we can just enjoy our time alone together as long as we want my darling , lets just enjoy every minute of our alone time with each other. I'm glad you are feeling safe around me Ylva, that's great to hear that Ylva, the only reason my grandparents are rushing us is because they know their time on this Earth is almost up. So that's the reason why our marriage is rushed Ylva, but we can have are own little wedding when we are fully ready for one, so we will go with the flow and let my grandparents have a wedding for us my dear." he said as he looked at the waterfall and nuzzled her pointed to the waterfall which was starting to freeze slowly and his eyes were open as well.

Ylva observed the waterfall freezing, thinking how amazing it was to see it. More amazing was she getting close to Neve so fast and him to her. Although it still was weird for her in the way he had bought her to a man to get herself free. She tried not to think too much about the events and just enjoy their time together, quietly. And deep down, she could not wait for their own personal wedding, with no rushes, and just the two of them. She nuzzled him back and gave him one more lick.

He smiled nicely at her as his tail swayed and he was very happy they were getting closer to each other by the minute they spent together alone in the cave of his clan lands. He licked her back and continued to watch the waterfall freeze. " my clan members, know once the blizzard passes by it is nearing the end of winter and spring will be coming in these lands once again Ylva, So more unique flowers will bloom in this spring season." he said to her as his tail continued to swayed.

Ylva lowered a bit her ears as she smiled happily when Neve licked her. She listened close to him and nuzzled him. "I can barely wait to see those unique flowers bloom!" she said to him, swaging her tail. "I would show you my homeland but compared to this it's really nothing special"

" Me neither Ylva they will be very beautiful and unique as well my dear, plus I won't mind since it was your homeland and land you were born in, and I already know you weren't a true wolf so i won't expect much in that land. It is good to at least check out your mate to be lands even if it isn't that fancy, I will still love to see it whenever we have time even if I have to travel through the human lands once again I won't mind." he said to her with his tail wagging peacefully and happily.

Ylva laughed as she shook her head. She could not believe Neve was really willing to see the place where she was born. "Alright... Whenever we have the time we'll go to my homeland... if I can remember how to go there... maybe seeing a map would help.. you don't have any around do you?" she asked curiously.

" well we might have a map of all the lands, not just our clan lands, but we will have to go back to the estate after everything settles down after the blizzard in these lands ." he said to her as his tail swayed happily and laid down his head on the ground as he enjoyed the time he was spending their time together as he just enjoyed the sound of the wind whirling through the lands of his clan lands as his tail swayed in total enjoyment being with Ylva by his side in the cave .

"Alright!" Ylva replied gladly and laid her head also on the ground. Soon she felt the air getting much colder due to the blizzard and just tried leaning more against Neve. She wasn't in fact that cold, but she used it as an excuse to be closer to him. She curled her tail around her and relaxed, enjoying the sounds of nature.

"okay, we will look and see if we can find your home land, I wonder will your parents be old or still young or decease my kind never changes how they look until they start getting very old and I already lost count how old my grandparents are by we can still die like normal humans when we become super old like my great grandfather, my parents, and my grandparents as well and they leave the clan and die somewhere else that's why my great grandfather is the the guardian of the Fenris Mountain.

He died up on the mountain's peak and my parent's wolf souls are the guardians of the forest and i don't know where my grand parents go to die maybe in the forest as well, and when I'm ready to die I will have to join my great grandfather's burial ground since I took up the Fenris title and alpha as well. My great grandmother chose to die near the lake in our lands that always been Frozen before the waterfall and the river and it is frozen still even in the summer and spring in these lands.

I'm guessing something happened there without any kind of knowledge of every generations of the leaders of the Fenris clan, it might been tainted by some beings or creatures touch." he said to her than just pulled her closer with one of his and she was very close to his chest since he was bigger than her. he just watched and listened to the sounds of the beautiful sounds of nature.

Ylva listened closely to him but also at the same time feeling his beating heart as she was leaning against his chest. She stood silent as she listened to him before replying with a sad tone of voice. "My parents are probably still alive, just a few years older. Where they are I don't know. But one thing is certain, they aren't in my homeland anymore because I did look for them the day they left me, and the following day, and the following years. If you by any chance would find my family, I could not care less, I'm done with them" she told, humphing in the end.

He just smiled at her as his tail swayed, and nuzzled her lovingly. " my dear Ylva I was just wondering that's all.

I'm not going to search for them, since my family is yours as well and you will be my future mate so, I will always be by your side for the rest of our lives and the future generations of the Fenris clan and we will also die right next to each other on top of the Fenris Mountain with my dear grandfather who will also be your great grandfather in law as well, so I will never leave you alone my dear Ylva so won't ever be lonesome Ylva and once we become lovers and permanent mate once we breed you will become like me and we will have the same lifespan since the wolf that bit might be the immortal wolves called Lycans or werewolves, my kind are full wolves who created a human form in their minds so that's why are clothes don't rip or tear when we change to our wolf forms like werewolves, and a half breed like you my dear can learn our tactics to change without any anger or the full moon and since you already know how to change form without any contact of the moon.

My clan is a clan of peaceful wolves who can get very aggressive if strangers get near their newborn pups and the mother's den or if a strangers tries to rob our kinds Ice crystal diamonds and the pups from our clan as well.

Just like humans did to take Frost away, but I get a feeling it was an inside job." he said to her as his other paw that wasn't near Ylva dug into the cave ground deeply leaving deep scar in the ground. " if I figure out he helped the humans to get their filthy hands on Frost they will be Exiled from these lands no matter who it is." he said as his claw made the first scar deeper than before than later he settled himself down and kept his head on the ground.

Ylva paid attention to what Neve said to her and smiled in the end. "It makes me happy to be part of such a nice family as yours" She said, licking Neve gently on the corner of his mouth. "I want to help you find the culprit.. and bring justice to Frost" She kept licking on his face to sooth him. "In fact.. I promise to help you.. and support you in your quest.. and I'll defend you if needed! I'm really not such a bad fighter and I hope you accept my help"

" well I'm glad you will be part of this family they will take care of you like a huge family would, So it is perfect for you to have a huge family to support you greatly in the clan, Including me. My clan members always tried to make me focus on other things instead the negative things in these lands so I will need all the support I can get, it's not like I'm gonna search I just hope frost is okay and safe that's all and I bet he will be happier out of these lands since my clan members from many generations acted like he never existed in these lands in his life." Neve said to her than licked her back as his tail swayed.

"I may not know Frost but from what you told me about him, I am sure he is safe" Ylva told him hoping to reasure him, although she wished she was not giving him any false hopes. After she licked Neve a bit more she yawned and laid her head on the ground. "Don't know why but I am feeling a bit tired..." she muttured. "Hope I deal with the weather of these lands soon enough" she chuckled.

Neve smiled and slowly closed his eyes as he spoke. " yes so very true, I bet he can find ways to escape from a human owner. Since we are polite and nice even we have very strong souls and physical strength as well. You will get use to it just don't leave these lands and come back you be totally freezing your tail off, but since my fur is very thick I can get warm normally, but if I leave I be boiling hot. I just think cold when I'm out in the human lands, but it doesn't work all time." he said to her as his tail swayed.

Ylva chuckled again. "Yeah.. I don't doubt it... and don't worry.. I don't plan in leaving the lands so soon and alone... " she said before taking a deep breath and exhaled the air relaxingly. "I'm taking a nap.. you are really cozy..." She muttured before dozing off to sleep in the warmth of her future mate.

He smiled at her happily as tail swayed "okay that's good, I don't a wolfsicle as my partner he said jokey and laughed a bit. " Ylva enjoy your nap, I think I should reat as well." he said and lifted his head licked her behind her ear sweetly than laid his head down and took a rest as well as tail stopped swaying and wrapped around him and Ylva as they rested in the cave together in the Warmth of each others bodies.

After a while Ylva woke up and yawned, opening wide her mouth. She then stretched herself and looked around to see if Neve was still close to her. She wondered how long they have slept there. It seemed to have been a long time but maybe it had not been that long at .

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