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Neve just started to awake now and he got up and stretched than shook his fur out than looked at her and at the frozen waterfall. "it looks like the blizzard just pasted over us when we slept and relaxed here. Should we head back to estate now or are you not ready yet my dear Ylva." he said with a peaceful smile on his face as his tail continued to sway as he waited for her reply to what he said to her.

Ylva got up after Neve and stretched herself some more. She came closer to Neve and nibbled his ear playfully. "Yes, we can go back to the estate" she said with a smile. "I'm sure the lands now are with even more snow around after that blizzard"

" So very true Ylva, alright lets head out than Ylva." he said to her as he went outside the cave as his tail swayed happily. The snow was deeper now than they first got to the lands. " Well it looks like we will be getting a work out today as we back to the Estate, but this deep snow can get you use to the weather here Ylva." he said as he started to walk through the snow at a normal pace since he was in any rush to get home right now.

Ylva nodded and followed him. She was a bit apprehensive with all that snow but shrugged it off. She went through the snow with him and the cold actually felt her good although she was not sure if she could handle so much snow around her fur until they reached home. After a while walking she suddenly sunk completly in a hiden hole due to the deep snow and dissapeared from sight. She started feeling a bit frustrated but did not wish for help this time. Last time had been enough for her and so she struggled to get out.

Neve just watched her as his tail swayed, " do yo need any help Ylva or are you going to be headstrong and force yourself to get out of that snow sink hole my dear? I won't mind giving you a paw Ylva if you want it." he said to her as his tail continued to sway happily with interest and wonder what her decision was as he waited he sat down in the snow with wonder in his yes and they were up a little earlier so she wouldn't freeze her tail off when they traveled back to the estate where the maps were.

"If I'm going to be the mate of the great fenrir wolf the least I can do is get out of this sinkhole!" She growled as she struggled to get out. It took her quite some strength but she managed to jump out from there to a safer ground. She sighed in relief and wagged her tail gladly. "See? All good!" She trotted back to Neve and smacked playfully her tail on his face.

He just laughed nuzzled her " we ll than my dear lets continue are way, back to the estate now Ylva. I will be much bigger than I'm now in my wolf form when we become one body and mind on are loving honeymoon when we get married when we both are ready for that wedding our own personal one" he said with a smile on his face as his tail swayed. " So I will be the size of the true fenrir once everything is completed in our relationship, but I get a feeling that my god size wolf will come sooner than I plan it to I bet." he said to Ylva and started to walk through the snow once again towards the estate of his family.

Ylva laughed back and followed Neve towards the estate. As she followed him her mind started to wonder. He said he was going to be much bigger. Would she also get bigger or just stay the same? Would she be able to carry his offspring like that? Then again they still had the human form. She blushed in thought and shrugged it off when she realized she was too absent in mind.

he just smiled and walked through the snow enjoying the scent of the new fresh air that told him spring is on it's way, it also worried him a bit as well since he was getting feeling that his grandparents will make the marriage come faster than usual, but he already knew that it was the marriage his grandparents arranged all on their own like they did with his parents marriage to make the clan expand much faster than it usually did. his tail swayed with interest and uncertainly in returning to the estate, but he headed towards it anyways. " umm walking isn't getting us closer are you able to run a bit Ylva. I totally forgot that the estate is farther from the waterfall and mountains as well." he said to her as he continued to quicken his pace a bit.

Ylva nodded as she quickned her pace as well following Neve. "The snow is a bit thick but I can handle it! " She replied, confident she would succeed this time in keeping up to him. She felt that it would be just a matter of time until she would be able to completely adapt to the place.

That's good to hear Ylva, but running is our only way to get back to the estate so lets go Ylva lets see what is your limit when you run with great speed. Shall we my dear." he said to her as he dashed off at top speed once again with his tail swaying, but kept pace equally as he continued to run just in case she need any kind of help from him in the running state and see how much stamina she can dish out greatly, but he already know a wolf from a forest has a harder time to adapt to a brand new environment with snow that is un familiar under their paws.

Ylva ran the fastest she could behind Neve, following him to the estate. She managed to keep the pace but soon she felt the hardness of running in deep snow. She did not know anymore what was the hardest. Running long beneath the hot air and dry ground or in the cold through the snow. Both felt her terrible and for a moment she wished she was running in a regular forest but of course that life ended for her. She kept running steadily long enough before starting to pant and slowly diminished her speed.

" Well I guess you need to catch your breath Ylva we should just walk at a slow pace now since we are pretty much a little closer to Village and the estate, but yeah we can get break in between since nowadays night will become a little slow and I really don't have to get home in a flash since we have leftovers from the night before and the same morning before today." he said to her and smiled as his tail swayed.

Once she heard Neve saying they could walk because there was no more hurry she stopped running, panting. "Sorry... You really must think terrible things of me..." she said with a slight growl in the end. She hated not being to fully keep up to Neve although she knew it would be just a matter of time to it.

"no I have no terrible thoughts about you Ylva, I know you aren't fully use to this environment so I have no reason to judge you Ylva since this environment is still new to you, but you did a great job trying to keep up with me Ylva." he said to her as he continued to walk through the deep snow once again with his tail swaying as he walked.

Ylva ran one last time to get near Neve and then walked beside him. "You sure are understanding.." she said. She then playfully nibbled on his ear. "How much in a hurry are you?" She asked, willing to have some more fun with him as what they mostly did in the cave was sleep.

" Well I'm just not judgmental towards others if I was the one that brought you her out of the concert world of humans and you body isn't use to this weather at all. I'm not in a super hurry, because I think my grandparents problem planned something out that will be some sort of surprise, But I have no clue what they planned out when we weren't there yesterday. So I rather waste time since it won't be very cold at night nowadays." he said to her as his tail swayed happily with joy on his face.

"A surprise...?" Ylva wondered but had a suspicion on what it would be... it should probably be something related to their wedding. She then was glad that he wanted to waste time. As such she ran a bit and put herself in front of Neve with her rear up and her front close to the ground with her front legs apart inviting him to play. She wagged her tail a bit. "Then let's waste some time doing something fun" she said happily.

Neve barked and got play stance and jumped around since he was bigger he wanted Ylva to start the playtime with tail wagging happily and smiled happily as he barked at her and got ready to pounce playfully on her he was very excited to play since he had energy bottled up from the night before since all they did was chat and nothing involving activity with each other as he nodded at her question about a surprise at home.

Ylva leaped forward and ran and jump around Neve. She then jumped on top of him and bite his ears playfully before running away and jumping back on him. She then rolled on the ground waiting for Neve to join her. "I know you're big but don't worry. I know you won't hurt me" She said as she was laying down with her belly up,

Neve tail wagged and pounced on her playfully and nipped her ear with excitement and smiled as he jumped back and barked playfully at her and jumped side to side with excitement and joy. " I'm just heavier than you, but since I'm bigger when I pounce on you it won't crush you Ylva." he said as his tail continued to wag happily with total happiness on his face.

Ylva rolled around before jumping side to side and then back on Neve and pulled on the back of his neck with her mouth, trying to drag him down. "Yeah... the bigger the better.. makes you fluffier to fight with!" she said as she wrestled with him and she wagged her tail happily since she was having fun.

Neve' tail was also wagging in happiness as well showing that he was also having fun playing with her and he was fully ignoring his surroundings plus the time since he really didn't want to have the surprise that was waiting for them at the estate. The weather was also very lovely and enjoyable to him so he felt great and continued to play with her happily. " Yes my fur will be much more fluffier than now my dear Ylva." he said to Ylva was his tail still wagging in enjoyment.

Ylva laughed. "Good!" she kept playing with him for a long time until she laid down on the ground panting, and rolled over on the snow, and threw some at Neve. "Maybe it's time to head to the estate? we've been alredy here for a while.. " she said. Deep down she did not wish to go back but they could no stay half way there forever.

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