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Thoughts of an Orphan
12/21/2009: Evening
I sat shivering in the cold snow at hq. I was tired--I hadn't slept in a few days. A lot had been happening. I was just about to curl up and rest, but then a human figure showed in the distance. I jumped to my feet, my fire-sword at the ready.

"Who's there?!" I shouted out. My voice echoed. As the figure got closer, I could make out his features. He had black spiky hair, and his eyes looked like mine did before I got eye surgery. I felt I had seen him somewhere…or maybe it was just because he looked a bit like Pein….? I wasn’t sure. A spark of recognition filled his eyes and he opened his mouth to speak.


My birth name rang through my ears. "Who are you??" I demanded, "and how do you know me!?"

The boy took a shaky breath. His words at first got caught in his throat, but when he did speak, he said, "F-Feeya? Is that actually you?"

I closed my eyes and exhaled, "yes but i havent gone by that name in a long time."

“What do you go by now…?”

For some reason I felt I should trust him, so I sighed, “My name is Ratt. Who are you?”

The boy seemed at a loss for words for a moment, but then slowly replied, “I…I am your brother.”

I snorted in disbelief. “Yeah right,” I said, “I don’t have a brother. I happen to be an only child.” This was impossible.

“You’re wrong. You actually have two siblings. Me, and my twin sister Luna.” His face got sad.

“Where is ‘Luna’?” I asked.

“She was killed…two years ago, by a cop. While we were searching for you, there were some cops after us. We started to run away, but Luna was too slow. The cop pinned her down and shot her. But you used to have two siblings…now just one.”

“I’m not sure I believe you,” I informed. “Why don’t I remember you? I don’t even know your name.”

“Oh! Sorry. My name is Raz. And our parents abandoned Luna and I when you were two years old,” he explained.

“How old are you now?” I questioned.

“16,” Raz replied. “And you are 14.”

“…how did you find me then?” I was starting to believe him.

“Old photos, and it seems you’ve got quite the bad reputation so it was easy to ask around. People have heard of you.” Raz grinned.

“And you said…my parents abandoned you guys……?” I was horrified.

He slowly nodded. “Yeah…”

I felt awful. I believe him when he says hes my brother. He showed me proof. I can’t believe my parents would abandon their own children. Why? Why is this world so cruel? Why were my parents so uncaring?? I have yet to learn…

We’re talking about when we met and you say it was easier to fall for me thinking (I'll remember this pause) it was likely I’d be dead by now.


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