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Thoughts of an Orphan
Continuing Life Story 9/20/2009

I was not in disuise. My flame sword and kunai were out, I was in my firey Kokeshi Kimono, I wore black gloves to stop myself from breaking my wrists from the impact of hitting something with my blade, Kuruk was on my head, and Asami's talons dug into my back as she became my wings for flight.

I was on the battlefield.

My target: Kazi Drake.

Kazi flew up into the sky, and so did I with help from Asami. Kazi controls sky and wind, so he blasted a tornado at me.

"Asami!" I shouted, and she moved me to dodge it just in time. I exhaled and gritted my teeth. Her talons were very painful to my back.

"Give up, Ratt," Kazi was saying. "Evil always goes down. You're evil. You'll go down."

"Heh. Depends how you look at it," I said, smirking despite the fact that I was pretty much drained of energy and injured. "In my opinion, people can be neither evil nor good. There are just different people with different opinions and goals. Some may think a person's goal is completely wrong, while someone else might find it totally justified. It all depends on who you are and how you think."

"No, you're wrong. Good people don't kill huge amounts of people," he insisted stubornly.

"You know, Kazi, you aren't very loyal at all. Two weeks ago, you were all 'I am so good, I am on the light side, you are evil, you shall die.' Then, ONE week ago, you were all, 'Heh heh, I've switched over to the evil side. I am evil. Good shall pay. Hurray for the dark!' And now, you are completely good again. Without loyalty, you can't have trust, nor friends, nor any help from anybody. You will always be thought of as a double agent, and you will betraying the very people you once tried to help. It's stupid!" I flew closer. "Kuruk, NOW!!!"

Kuruk jumped on to Kazi's head, almost missing and falling 9,000 feet to the ground.

When Kazi tried to pull my dog off his head, Kuruk just dug his teeth into Kazi's skalp to keep a good grip.

"Ow!" shouted Kazi. He sent a gust of wind at Kuruk, knocking Kuruk off. Kuruk began to fall. He yelped.

"Kuruk!!! No!!!!! Asami, down, NOW!!!!" I commanded.

Asami took me free-falling after him. Once close enough, I reached out and grabbed him. Asami swooped back up.

Once assured that he was okay, I turned to Kazi and yelled, "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HURT KURUK!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE NOW!!! YOU are the evil one!!!!!"

Kazi took out a shirikan and flung it at me. The blade sliced my arm. I gasped in pain and covered the wound with my hand to prevent too much blood-loss. However, I felt relief. Better my arm than Asami's wing.

I shot a bit of fire, but not much due to my current state. I was much too exhasted. Suddenly, I looked down to the ground. Standing below us, watching the display, was none other than Sempton.


"Oh, crap!" I said. "Later, Kazi!" I left my enemy in the air, looking confused.

I was up too high for Sempton to recognize me. But why was he there in the first place?

Suddenly I slapped my forhead as I remembered. I had told him to meet me here on this day at this time. GAH!!! WHY DID I DO THESE THINGS?!

I flew in the opposite direction from Sempton. I landed about a half a mile away from the meeting place. All of a sudden, Tina appeared. I was hiding behind a building wrapping up my arm wound with a piece of my kimono.

"Tina!" I exclaimed. "I've run into some trouble. Could you go distract Sempton for a few minutes? He's at the usual place. Do whatever you have to do!"

Tina looked confused, but nodded. She left.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I focussed on stoping the bleeding. Afterwards, I emerged from behind the building and ran inside a clothing store. I quickly bought a red, crimson dress so that there would be no visible blood stains and put it on. I stumbled over to the meeting spot.

Tina was talking to him, and he was beginning to look annoyed and impatient. Trying to look as ladylike as I could considering my physical exhaustion and pain, I walked over to him.

"Sorry I'm late!" I exclaimed.

He looked up gratefully. "Oh, milady, please don't appologize. I was just early, that's all." Yeah, right.

"Who's this?" I asked, pointing to Tina, hoping she would play along with it. She did.

"Oh, a sales person. She was just leaving," Sempton replied, dropping a very obvious hint.

Tina scowled. "You don't want to buy my weapons?! Fine! I'll leave! But you'll never find a better deal!" She dashed past me, subtly slipping me a grin. I smiled back.

"You look beautiful," Sempton complimented.

I resisted the urge to clobber him or at the very least snort. To me, that isn't a compliment--it's an insult. I try to look scary and intimidating; "beautiful" has never really been my goal.

I gave him a hopefully-real-looking smile and said as sweetly as I could, "why, thank you so very much!"

I mentally cursed myself for not having the red heart box (aka a concealed bomb) with me.

Or a plan.

I had instructed Kuruk to go home. Asami flew overhead, watching us catiously.

I, in my life, have never really talked to very many normal people who had normal problems and a normal life and a normal family (normal family as in NOT DEAD). Of course, Sempton wasn't exactly one of these people--he was a murderer, after all--but he was acting like one, and I was supposed to act like one too.

I tried to think of normal problems to talk about. For me, "the usual" problems and thing to worry about were: getting caught by cops; making sure lycan best friend doesn't accidentally kill me/others; not dying; unnable to figure out how to blow up building; need to train puppy [Kuruk] so he is perfect killing machine by adulthood; clean blood off weapons; make sure spirit falcon [Asami] doesn't accidentally kill Kuruk; friends trying to kill eachother; how to break out of the tight security military prison;; do all this without public getting suspicious.

But normal people's problems? I am clueless. I knew I had to get away from Sempton--have time to devise a plan and nurse my injuries before we meet again. And so I did the only think I could think of.

I pretended to faint. Ah yes, so creative XD.

I opened my eyes about five seconds later. "Milady!" Sempton exclaimed. "Are you alright?!"

I replied weakly, "Oh...I think I'm alright....I'm just tired..." Not a lie.

"Would you like me to take you home?" he suggested. I shook my head and he helped me up.

"I think I'll be alright," I assured him.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I'll meet you here again on the second of October, at the same time," I told him. "My family and I are going on a trip, you see, and that is the earliest time." Also somewhat not a lie.

"Alright, sure."

I walked home.

We’re talking about when we met and you say it was easier to fall for me thinking (I'll remember this pause) it was likely I’d be dead by now.


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