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Siryn's Random thoughts and verbal creations (also known as rants) This is the stories that play in the back of my mind. The worlds I disappear into when I can't stand this one anymore. I hope you find joy and humor in them as I have.

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Thoughts ebb and flow,
As you wonder where to go.
The black cat screeches by,
Screaming a demon’s lullaby.
The white rabbit, now grown in time,
Speaks nonsense in wordless rhyme.
Hands spread for balance lost,
Into this world you’re tossed.
Wallow in the crimson white,
Pray to dead Gods to fix your plight.
Stumble past bodies in decay,
Wolves in the moonlight bay.
The grumbling of earth’s breaking heart,
The Cheshire’s oath to rend you apart.
Hands catch you as you fall,
Enchanted by the siren’s call;
Your name, long lost, and now you wonder,
As into the darkest depths you plunder.
Nameless as the fears of old,
Searching for the faery’s gold.
Eyes fever bright in heat,
For something you will never meet.
Curled upon an ancient alter,
Death descends and will not falter;
The hollow shell of what used to be,
Is all anyone else shall see.

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comment Commented on: Tue Apr 28, 2009 @ 05:27am
Deep. But at the same time, something about it makes it hard for me to connect to it. It's as though I were reading a description of a product in a catalog -I am NOT addressing your poetry but my current level of comprehension-.

Ignoring my brainless criticism up there, here it is: The whole poem is weird, as a whole, it's like two or more situations were thrown onto the same thought process; while not a problem to think, it's sort of difficult to know whether you're talking about something you experienced or about the general experience, either regarding us or regarding naught... I really don't comprehend it.

But as before I said, don't take it too deep right now, for I have a dead brain and it's not working -_-'''

comment Commented on: Tue Apr 28, 2009 @ 07:32pm
I've returned, and now I have a real brain in my head...

Understood it. And love it ^^.
Love "pray to dead Gods to fix your plight', I so identify with it...
ALSO wanted to know, who's the white rabbit? Is it a metaphor that translates into 'desire to reach?' or into 'desire to grow?'

BTW, I interpret stuff differently, thus my weird comprehension of some of your work... ^^

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User Comments: [2]
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