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Siryn's Random thoughts and verbal creations (also known as rants) This is the stories that play in the back of my mind. The worlds I disappear into when I can't stand this one anymore. I hope you find joy and humor in them as I have.

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Sinking, Sinking
Falling, Falling
Twist the blade round
Rent apart by the anger in your mouth
Curses flying with such speed
I crumble to dust in the gust of your despise
How the hell had it all gone so damn wrong?
Blood drains from my feet and I fall to nothing
With one last whisper on my cracked blue lips—Luv?
I scream I rant
I claw my eyes from my skull
And rage against this damn emotion
An emotion that grips and rips
And drowns me in its numbness
I cry out, none may help—I alone drown
In my own despair as I die a little when I see you in her arms.
Black arms that you can’t see
The veins filled with lies and lives
Of hearts she crushed
Can you not see what she’s doing to me?
Kill me save me…..Hold me one last time
As the light fades from my eyes.
Staring hollow as the world rushes past,
Unknown to me and to all that I died by that hand.
Sands of time have rot away my mind
There is not memory of you and what you may have done.
Upon my grave you stand and stare
Eyes ever, ever bare!
I scream where you cannot hear
Rage against where I was put and wish only death.

Another recent one.

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comment Commented on: Tue Apr 28, 2009 @ 07:49pm
Either a very painful scar was torn open or I really need to re-learn English... I love the dark pain dripping from your words, the anger and hatred and hurt that dampen, drench your verses. I can feel the pain, yet I can't tell the pain -_-. LOVE it.

BTW, something about this poem tells me it was done in a hurry... I'd say great, it's amazing you can write so well when in a hurry, but there're a few verses that seem to stand alone among the many lines of sorrow. The Black arms one is one of those that seem out of place yet coexists with the rest, if somewhat clashing...
Other thing, Scream where you cannot hear? I really didn't understand the verse, does it mean you shout from your soul, but your mouth does naught?

User Comments: [1]
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