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The Journal of the World!!! I'll write about my friends, school, and other junk most people won't want to hear...

Angel Kazuma
Community Member
Tagged on an OVER 9000 journal!!! D8
Darn it, I HAD to look at a friends journal. x.x

This test..IS OVER 9000!!!!
Blah blah whatever. I wanna get done with this. D:<

Fav. characters: Madara, Kabuto, and Hidan.
Least favorite characters: Orochimaru. Freakin michael jackson of anime

Lol, I know I'm gonna catch hell for this, but I never watched/read it. o.o

Death Note
Fav. character: L for his intellect, and Ryuk for his style.
Least fav. characters: Misa, a freakin whore!

Fav. characters:Sessohmaru.
Least fav. characters: Everyone else.

FullMetal Alchemist
Eh, another show I never bothered with. ^^'

Power Stone
Um.....nope, don't remember that one!

SGT Frogs
Fav. Characters biggrin ororo.
Least fav. characters: Never really knew any other characters besides Dororo, so I guess everyone.

Silent Hill
Fav. characters: Pyramid Head.
Least fav. characters: Eh, pretty much every other character that's not a villan.

Fav. characters: Kroenen, Liz, and Johann Krauss.
Least fav. characters: Those two evil nazi lovers from the first movie. I can't remember their names for the life of me.

Star Wars:
Fav. characters: Darth Vader.
Least fav. characters: The Jedi. You gotta like the bad guys.

Um.......Not really a comic book fan, so...none. *prepares to get hit with a book*

Fav. Um......O.o....Joker I guess?
Least fav. characters: Penguin.

Mortal Kombat
Fav. Characters: Sub Zero, and Scorpion.
Least Fav. Characters: All the rest

Virtual Fighter
I never got around to playing that one. o.o *is shot*

Never played it long enough to pick a fav. *is stabbed repeatedly*

Ninja Gaiden:
Now I bet I'm just gonna die. D:

Autobots: Bumblebee, and O.P.
Decepticons: Megatron and Starscream I guess.

Transformers Animated(200 cool
O.o......*hides* I've only seen one episode, so...Bumblebee? ^^'

Transformers Movie(2007 and 2009)
Autobots: All the autobots
Decepticons: Starscream. Pretty cool design. smile

Fav. Characters: Cobra, mainly.
Least fav. Characters: Everyone else. Cobra was coolest.

Your own
(Don't do this if you don't have your won characters)
Fav. characters: I only have a few. xD They are Hirouku, Aeden, Dracona, Murdrum, Stitches, and Aero, my idiot scientist, whom my friend decided she wanted. xD
Then for another group, I have Etartimus, Kyio, Kabuto, Ven, Oro, Quantym, Lune, Bay, and Hermit.
Least fav. Characters: Can't say I hate any of 'em. biggrin

Any last comments: Get me out of here!!!!

Tag people now.: I tag you. *pokes you with a sharp stick* NOW GO!

*goes into hiding for a few days* gonk

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