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The Journal of the World!!! I'll write about my friends, school, and other junk most people won't want to hear...

Angel Kazuma
Community Member
Music Contest! (currently closed)
Okay, just so you can prepare for the test, here's the format that the test will be!


You CAN use Google or another search engine to help you out, but try not to. wink

All songs below are on my iTunes play-list. However, one was downloaded through Limewire, and not available on iTunes, so you can’t cheat on that song. wink .

Section 1: The Blanks of the Snippet!
(Points Possible per question: 3)

Find the missing words of the severed snippet provided.
Your answer will include: Stating the full title the snippet is from, the full snippet, and the Author.
(include Featuring people if more than 1 person/group is in the song).





Section 2: Who is that by?
(Points Possible Per Question: 1)

Find out the Author/Group by using the given title.
Your answer will include: The Author/Group that made the song.

1. Title:

2. Title:

Section 3: Mierda! Lenguas Extranjeras!
(Points possible per question: 3)

Here the song snippets will have all the words to a phrase in a song, but translated into a foreign language other than English. The first two are Espanol, and the second one, a mystery language. Mwahahaha!
Your answer will include: The whole phrase translated back into English (or to English if it‘s from another language to start), song title, and the Author.




Section 4: What’s that style?
The Song title will be given to you.
Your answer will include: The genre of the given song title.

Section 5: Where’s that from???
The song name will be given to you.

Your answer will include: The Album it’s from. (If on more than one, give the one it was first released on)

The images below are covers to Albums.
List at least 2 songs from the album, to earn a single point you may have lost by incorrectly answering a question! Each correct 2 questions per album is worth 1 point. You cannot list 4 songs from the album to earn 2 points, only 2 songs per.
(I have erased/covered up vital parts on the album covers: The Band Name and Title of the Album. You must solely rely on your knowledge of music to know the album name)

Album one:

Album 2:

Album 3:

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