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The Journal of the World!!! I'll write about my friends, school, and other junk most people won't want to hear...

Angel Kazuma
Community Member
Damn it, I had to read my friend's journal...I got tagged! D:

Random Akatsuki quiz......D:<

1.Who do you like the most in the Akatsuki?
Hidan, because his scythe kicks a**.

2.If you were able to work for one of the Akatsuki members, who would it be?
Hidan. Oh my gosh, it'd be so fun. Killing people for the fun of it, either that or they got on our nerves, plus, I could nag and swear at other people, and it'd be okay. biggrin

3.Do you have a favorite pairing? (Doesn't have to be romantic, just as partners would work)
Pein/Konan. Friends since childhood, and if naruto doesn't kill Pein in the next chapter, they should live together. xD

4.What is the reason you love the Akatsuki?
They're the main villains, that's why. Every story needs a group of people trying to rule the world.

5.Do you remember your first impression of Itachi?
Sasuke's emo older brother.
He slits his wrists while he paints his nails.

6.Do you remember your first impression of Kisame?

7.Do you remember your first impression of Deidara?
Sasori's lackey/b***h. xD

8.Do you remember your first impression of Sasori (as Hiruko)?
Awesomeist person I'd seen yet. Especially when he nearly killed that one guy with his poison coated tail...

9.Do you remember your first impression of Sasori (his true appearance)?
O.o...No wonder he didn't have a girlfriend. He probably chopped off his man-hood.

10.Do you remember your first impression of Hidan?
Oh my gosh, that's a guy I'd like to hang around. Immortal, kills who he wants, plus, the swearing. But then he sounded like a f** when he got his head chopped off and was all like, "Kakuzu-chan, help me? Pretty please????"

11.Do you remember your first impression of Kakuzu?
Money-hoarding, self-centered, uncaring masked man....oh, how original. Plus, all those tentacles and stuff, WTF?

12.Do you remember your first impression of Zetsu?
Fertalizer-man! Then he ate that guy, and it's just......WTF....

13.Do you remember your first impression of Pein?
Eh, at first, I liked his concept, but then all the flashbacks came, and he was a little emo brat who thought the world was filled with pain....

14.Do you remember your first impression of Konan?
Holy crap, FINALLY. A decent girl in the show who isn't useless.

15.Do you remember your first impression of Tobi?
xD. Hilarious.

16.What do you think of Orochimaru?
*barfs* Michael Jackson anime style....Holy crap.

User Image

17.What do you think was the reason Sasori joined the Akatsuki?
"His parents died when he was young, leaving him in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo. Lacking the love of parents, Sasori left Sunagakure when he got older and joined Akatsuki."
Copy&Paste, beotches.

18.Do you want to join the religion (cult) of Jashin?
Eh, if I'd already ^%#&ed up my life enough, and I knew I'd be going to hell.....I'll think on it.

19.What do you think of the Akatsuki carrying out their missions as partners?
Tobi's scared of the dark, and wants to be with someone.
Orochimaru wants another person around to distract the kids with candy.
Itachi is emo, and needs someone there to make sure he doesn't slit his wrists enough to die. Etc with the rest....

20.In your opinion, who looks the youngest in the Akatsuki?
Tobi looked youngest, until he revealed who he was. D:
R.I.P, innocent Tobi.

21.Who looks the farthest from a human being in the Akatsuki?
Zetsu/Kisame. Plant and Animal man!

22.If you were able to save only one Akatsuki member, who would it be?
Hidan--Wait....He's still in that hole, isn't he? Eh, I'll go dig him up tomorrow.

23.In your opinion, who do you think has the saddest past?
Pein was all alone as an orphan, but then again I'm sure no one loved Zetsu as a kid...I dunno.

24.Who do you think has longer hair, Itachi or Deidara?

25.If you were to recieve Konan's hair piece, Itachi's necklace or Hidan's necklace, which would you choose?
Hidan's necklace. It's cool like that. I'd hate to have a flower in my hair, and Itachi's emoness might rub off on me.

26.Which side of Zetsu do you think is the main body?
The white side. It's the calmer one, therefore, most likely in charge.

27.Do you think Kisame's skin color is genetic?
He steals konan's blue hair dye every few days to keep blue.

28.How much money do you think Kakuzu has saved?

29.If a non-Akatsuki character from NARUTO would join the Akatsuki, which character do you think could stop the Akatsuki from losing members?
Eh, everyone else has their own flaws and would die anyway. Kakashi already bit the big one, so there.

30.Now tag 4 Akatsuki lovers.
*tags you*
There, no go outside, and stop staring at the computer screen.

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