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The Journal of the World!!! I'll write about my friends, school, and other junk most people won't want to hear...

Angel Kazuma
Community Member
Music Contest! (Rules, guidelines, and prize listings)
heart Yes, I've decided to do a contest! heart
1st Prize: (at this current decision I have reached) 10k in Gaia gold
2nd Prize: 3k!
3rd Prize: An item from my inventory worth up to at least 3k when sold at the Barton Boutique.

Current people wanting to participate!:
heart dontwannaberight heart
heart The Ninja Shadow heart

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To be fully uploaded later, I'm still working it out.

Okay, so basic rules:
1. I will upload/edit/uptade this journal at a (hopefully soon to be) given time to start the contest, so everyone can be prepared for it. ninja

2. I will give you either a song title, or a small snippet from the song, and make you guess the missing words that I will erase, and replace with underscores. (these things --> _____). The number of underscores will determine how many letters are missing.

2.5: Plus, some songs have missing letters in the title at the when I buy them, to be replaced by a " ' " (Example, a song ending with the word Nothin' ) So if you end your answer with Nothing, rather than Nothin', it will be wrong. Also, some titles have parenthesis. ---> () I will include/blank out words in the parenthesis if they are in the given title. (Example: the title of one song I know is: Do you know (The Ping-Pong Song) )

3. I will also take lyrics from a song, and use google's translator, and put it in another language. Your answer will be the translation back to English, and not only give me the translated phrase, but also provide the song title and Author, and what language I turned it into. twisted

4. For the song list, I will be using my iTunes playlist, so if you've recently glanced at the list of songs on my iPod, you have an advantage. 3nodding This also includes lyrics to comedy skits. (Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook, and other comedians) Also, if we've been in contact recently/daily. (Example, my friend Sebell with our RP) This also gives you an advantage, because since I'm a girl, I talk about music and interests often. 3nodding

5. Small note, I can bet half the songs on my iTunes you haven't heard of, so....you might have to use Google to find out what the song is.

6. A few questions will make you guess what Genre it is. (Rock, Pop, Alternative etc...)

7. Some questions I will give you the name of the song (some words in the title will be blanked out) and you must give me the album name. If the song is on more than one album, you must give me the album it first came out on.

8. MOST important rule! You must be on my friend's list to participate. I will not hand out the prize(s) to random users.

9. I will take down my Playlist on my profile when the contest is about to start, so you can't get clues from there. wink

Once you have answered all the questions in the music contest journal, PM me your answers. I will decide the reward at a later time.

*IF I see that two or more people's entries look exactly the same,
(same number of spaces/indents/punctuation/spelling errors/font size, & entered within a 1 minute interval of each other with 2 or more of the above qualifications),
they both will be disqualified, so make sure to alternate skipping lines and stuff to make your entry legible and different from everyone else's.

*You must comment me on my Profile, or send me a private message, stating that you want to participate. I put this at the bottom, because most people don't read all the rules. evil

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