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{{My Mind}} my mind was like a locked gate. since drugs, its been open and pouring thoughts into my mind.

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The October Murder
His mind was slipping through his grasp
Everyday went by and he seemed further from reality
He had a wife of 5 years
And yet he barely knew her now.
She would go out at night with her ‘friends’ she called them.
He would stay inside the house
Going from room to room
Trying to find his grasp on reality.

On one particular night,
The air was thick with the smell of October
Almost intoxicating.
His wife was out late again
With her
And he was waiting for her.
Waiting in the living room, sitting on the couch
With an ax and some rope.
He heard a car pull up into the driveway.
It was her.
He didn’t bother to look up as she entered the door.
“What are you doing up?
Its nearly midnight.”
She said as he looked down at the ax in his hand
He couldn’t help but crack a smile.
“Wha...what are you doing with that ax?
And the rope too.”
He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle
Her heart seemed to skip a beat.
“Sit down would you darling?”
He said as he looked up at her
A crazed look in his eyes.
She sat
She dared not to disobey him in his current condition.
“I want you to close your eyes and don’t move”
She stared at him blankly with a hint of confusion
She shut them tight and let out a quiet scream.
He got up from the couch and walked over to where se was sitting with the rope
Leaving the ax resting against the couch.
“Now stand up woman”
She stood, eyes still shut.
He grabbed her arms and tied them together behind her back
Then he pushed her down on her knees
And tied her ankles to the rope on her wrists.
She was now on the floor
His wife began to weep
Her tears streamed down her face
Dripping to the carpet floor.
“Oh do not weep my wife.
This will only hurt for a second or two.”
He let out a horrid laugh that seemed to echo through out the house.
She was instantly stricken with fear and tried to move away.
He kicked her directly in the spine, which let out a loud
She was now on her stomach screaming in agonizing pain.
“Now then, we can have you screaming like that now can we.”
He took another piece of rope
And tied it around her head so that she couldn’t talk or scream.
She lay on the floor paralyzed with fear and pain
He walked over to the couch to retrieve the ax.
Her face, now drenched in tears, had a horrified look upon it.
He pushed over so that she was somewhat on her back
“Now then. Seeing as though things are going smoothly,
Im going to take my time on you.”
He snickered
“Now don’t move. I wouldn’t want to hit your beautiful face on accident.”
He let out a howl of a laugh as he brought the ax above his head
And swung down on her right arm first
Immediately detaching it from her body
The blood sprayed across the floor and onto his face.
Her eyes, now red from the weeping, were wide with pain and fear
She knew this was the end.
He brought the ax up again and swung down to detach her left arm
The blood now pooling around her armless body.
He couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his wife, armless know, on the floor
Silently screaming
“There’s no hope in screaming darling.
No one will hear you; in fact you came right when everyone else went to sleep.
I thank you for this.”
He swung the ax again down on her right leg
Then left.
His wife now lay dead on the floor,
Nothing but a torso and her head attached
In a pool of blood with her arms and legs beside her
Her eyes still wide open frozen from fear.
He laughed again, blood dripping from his face
He then tossed the ax aside to the floor that was covered in blood
He went to the backyard to fetch a bottle of gasoline.
Once he came back into the living room, he doused the room
With what was left in the tank; he walked around the house covering the walls.
The house now reeked of gasoline and blood
He walked back into the living room and examined the expression on her face.
He smiled
“Oh how beautiful you are.”
And he took the ax once more and swung down on her neck
Severing the head from the body.
He threw the ax onto the couch and picked up his wife’s head
“Oh the beauty in your face.”
Her face, frozen in a scream with her eyes wide
Tears stained her face.
He removed the rope from her mouth
Letting it drop to the bloody floor.
He wiped the tears on her face away
And closed her eyes and mouth
So it looked as if it was just a normal severed human head
That was just brutally murdered.
He gave the head a small kiss
Then dropped in on the floor just missing one of her arms.
He went into the bathroom to wash up his face
And to get any stray blood specks off his body.
He went to the car and parked it across the street and walked back to the house
“And now, for the big finish.”
He said as he walked into the doorway.
He withdrew a pack of matches from his now clean shirt
He bent down to the floor
And lit a single match and put it on the gasoline drenched carpet.
Instantly the living room was aflame
Then the rest of the house went with it.
He walked casually to his car across the street
Like it was a normal October night
With the sweat smell of burning wood from the house filling the air.
The man left the town and lost touch with all reality.
Over the next year he started to see things on fire
And heard a woman screaming in his mind.
He took his life 2 years later
On the same night where the air was filled with the thick smell of

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