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{{My Mind}} my mind was like a locked gate. since drugs, its been open and pouring thoughts into my mind.

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The Cat
she looked out the window only to see dyeing trees' leaves fall to the ground.

many others were out side raking up the leaves.

but not her

she stay in her house

letting the leaves pile up

she puts her hand on the window

her nails that have grown to about an inch tap against the window

her cat come beside her, rubbing against her leg.

the girl calms herself

"come now kitten"

and she led the cat to the kitchen to feed it

appon entering she smelled something groteque

a dead rat in the corner half eatin

she turns to the cat

the cat puts its ears back.

"look what youve done!"

the cat ran

the girl lost it

feeling engulfed by hatred and she felt filled with burning fire

she burst out a scream

the unstable, single woman could never do such a thing

she grabed a kitchen knife

a long skinny knife that was sharp enough to cut through bone.

she ran into the other room yelling her head off


she darted into the next room

only to find the cat in the corner of the room

shivering in fear of the woman.

the woman aproches the cat

it hisses and scratches the girl.

"YOU SON OF A b***h"

she crabed the cat by its tail

and raised the knife to the cats back and jabed

once, twice, thrice, over and over

she threw the bleeding cat to the ground

she got on top of it staring it down

eyes wild, she ripped the cat in two with her bare hands

leaving a pool of blood on the floor.

banging at the door.

"what going on in there?!"

its the police officer.

but she wont answer

shes far to busy tearing apart the thing once known as a cat

she sits back

and sees what she had done

more banging on the door

she starts to giggle

the giggle slowly gets louder

shes laughing with blood on her hands and blood that has been spraid all over her face

the officer bashes the door open

he gasps as he finds a woman laughing hysterical with her torn cat on the floor

the stench of blood filled the air


she sits in her cage of a room

bars on all windows so is not to escape

she looks down at her feet as she sits on her bed

one slipper had a hole in it.

a nurse

beautiful one

comes into the room

"Medication Time."

the girl takes her pills

the nurse leaves

already she can feel the pills kicking in

making her dizzy and clumsy

she leans to one side

straitens out

then leans ot the other side

she falls back on her bed

she was diagnosed with Bipolar 1

and schizophrenia

they explained to her that she will see things that arnt really there

so as she sits in her room

about to pass out from her meds

she sees something in the corner of the room

a pillow maybe


a shadow?


a cat

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