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{{My Mind}} my mind was like a locked gate. since drugs, its been open and pouring thoughts into my mind.

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story time
"ya! school is done!!" sara yelled as loud as she could when she and her friend ran out of school. "know, we party!!"

"haha, very funny...you know very well that we both have summer school to do..." Ren, whos highest grade in the school year was a B- , was not the best student, nore did she pay any attention during class. "its starts in a few weeks, and goes on for 6 weeks so we have a few weeks before it, and then mabye a month after it."

"well it was at least i tryed to look on the bright side!"

"...your so weird..."

"oh look who is talking!!"

"ya, i know...we are both weird freaks."

they both laughed for a while, then realised that the school changed the summer school to start the next week...some celibration that was.


"hey, sara. who is that girl over there? i never seen her before." Ren pointed to a girl who had long black hair it looked like she cut it herself, or let a baby cut it because there was big chunks of it missing. she also had on a black jacket that had rips in it and she had long pants on that looked like they were too long for her and they were riped at the bottom too. and her face looked like an angels face. it looks perfect, but she didnt seem happy at all. in fact she didnt have any friends at all.

"oh leave her alone ren, she is not bothering u-" Sara looked at Ren and then back at the girl and Ren was over there asking away of why she looks so sad.

"so!" the girl jumped as if she heard a loud bang," why do you look so sad? with a face like that you should smile more!" Ren gave the girl a big smile,

"......" the girl looked very confused as what to do, but then smiled back at Ren. her smile was like a smile of an angel (one of thoes smiles that could bring back a dead puppy in a second).

"see! you can smile!" Ren gave the girl a big pat on her back, making her flinch a little."so! whats your name anyway?"

"my...my name is Rose..."

"Rose eh? nice name." Ren turnsaround to look at Sara who is still sitting at her desk waiting for Ren to come back. "hey Sara! come over here!" Ren waved her hand to motion sara to come over where Ren and Rose were.

"so Ren, who is this girl?"

"this is Sara, Rose. im Ren. Sara this is Rose."

"hello Rose, nice to meet you." Sara put her hand out meanign to shake Rose's hand, but Rose looked at her hand like it was an animal or something.


"Ren lets go class is about to start soon." Sara said tuging at Ren's hair trying to get her to move.


"hey Ren, why do you keep doing that? People think your really weird when you just go up to random people and talk to them."

"well its better then just leaving them there." Ren and Sara stop at a walk way looking for cars and see a few so they stay put. "hey sara1 isnt that Rose?" Ren pointed to Rose walking into an old house that looked like it was in a fire. "come on, Sara. lets go see her!"

"Ren, we cant just go in someone elses house thinking they will let us in with nopro-" before she knew it Ren was running over to the house.

"hey Rose!! its Ren and Sara!" Ren started hitting the door trying to get it open...it fell.

"Ren!! look what you did!" Sara said running over to her.

"well, should we go in anyway?"

"...fine, at least we should say sorry for the door."

they both walked in to find that there was nuthing really there, an old bernt table, stairs that look like they go for miles and what seems to be a kitchen in the corner. everything was black, not with paint but ashes everywhere.

"...wow...Sara...what do you think happend?"

"oh i dont know, mabe a fire?"

they started to walk around to see if they could find Rose but could not find her down stairs, so they started up stairs.

"hey Sara, look at this." Ren stoped at a wall that was covered in newspaper articals about kids and other people killing themself, and one article about a fire that killed 2 parents but their kid survived but turns out that the kid started the fire because they were tryingt o kill themself.

"w...what are you doing here...?"

Ren and Sara both jumped and turned around to see Rose in the corner, but the looked wet, but only on her arm because it was driping. it was hard to make out because she was in the dark."Rose you almost gave us a heart attack!" Ren said trying to catch her breath.

"Hey Rose, is something wrong with your arm? or does it just have water on it?"

Rose looked at her arm and covered it up and looked back at Ren and Sara, "you should leave."

"but Rose we just got here."

"i know and you should leave know.."

Ren and Sara walk out the house."well at least we will see her in class."


the next day in class Rose was there but she had short sleves on and everyone could see them, everyone could see all the scares and cut on her arms, and on her legs she had on short pants that stoped before they got to her knees and her legs had burn markes on them. Sara was not there that day because she was sick.

"hey, Rose...whats up with your arms? did you fall into a rose bush or something?" Ren sat next to Rose today because Sara was not there.

"..n..no...i did them." Rose didnt look up she just looked at her arm picking at it so it would bleed again.

"you mean you cut yourself? why?"

"my life is meaningless so i want to die."

Rose and Ren didnt say anything for the rest of the day.

Ren walked with Rose to her house, "Ren, do you know they person in our class who has short brown hair? he is tall and i see you talk to him a lot. whats his name?"

"oh, you mean Tim right? well his name is tim. why do you like him?"

"ya..." Rose blushed a little.


Sara was still not there, so Ren started to talk to Tim more and then intoduced Rose to him.

"he..hello...." Rose was really shy and didnt look up very much."m...my name is..r...rose..."

"hello Rose. nice to meat you my name is tim. im one of Ren's friends."

Rose tryed to talk to Tim the rest of the day but didnt really get anywhere. but after a while she could talk to him everyday with out studering at all. they became good friends, untill Rose told Tim how she really felt about him.

"i..im sorry Rose....but i dont like you that way..im sorry...."Tim turned a started to walk away fast. Rose stayed where she was.

"Rose...are you ok?" Ren asked her.

"i...i...." Rose started to cry hard. Ren tryed talkignt o her but it did no good. Ren walked Rose home and made shoure she got Rose to sleep because she didnt want Rose to hurt herself that night.

when Ren was walking out of Rose's room she looked at one of her walls that had pictures of Tim all over it, it also had poems about him that she was too embarised to give to him.Rose really loved Tim, and know her heart was broken.

the next day Rose was not there but Sara was back, and Ren told Sara about what happend the other day with Rose and Tim.

the day after that Rose was still not there, know both of them were worrying.

"hey, Ren. whata is Rose? i want to appoligise again.." even Tim was worryed about Rose.

"i, i dont know where she is. i will stop by her house today."


after school Ren walked over to Rose's house, still there..thats good. Ren walked in, "hey Rose! you here!"'



still nuthing.


nuthing but an echo.

Ren walked up stairs, but stoped when she got to the top..blood..there was blood everywhere. on the walls on the ground on all the pictures of tim and on the poems. it smelled horible in there. like roting flesh. Ren looked around to see if she could see Rose anywhere every if she was dead. she wanted to see the face of an angel once more.

there she was. Rose was in a corner looking down at something. her wrists cut deep everywhere. on her neck was deep cuts as well. Ren looked down at what Rose was looking at. it was a picture of Tim she took. Ren looked at Rose's eyes and they still looked watery like she was still crying.

her heart could not take the pain of how Tim told her that he didnt like her that way. even if he would lie about him loving her, it would be enough to keep her alive.

in the end Ren called the police and Tim showed up when the cops and everyone else got there. "Ren...i have to tell you something...i didnt think this would happen.i should have told her the truth.."

at Rose's funeral when everyone left Ren, Sara and Tim stayed there for a while. "Rose...im sorry i should have told you the truth. i do love you. i was just afraid and didnt know what to do. im sorry." Tim started to cry.

Sara cryed as she and tim walked off.

"Rose...i know your in heaven. and i know you just heard Tim say that he loves you. i hope you rest in peace." Ren left one of the poems that Rose wrote about Tim.

it started to rain. Ren...thank you.

The End

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comment Commented on: Wed Jun 18, 2008 @ 06:31am
That was very good, very sad too. I about cried. crying
your very good with your stories

~LBR~ heart

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