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A journal.
Mostly a brief insight to my chaotic personality when I was much younger.
Thursday, 20th March. Depression, Love, & Confusion
o o o (The Contents) o o o

1 ~ Feelings
2 ~ Meeting Razzel
3 ~ Exam mocks
4 ~ Hoildays
5 ~ My current gold
6 ~ Current projects

1 ~ Feelings

So what am I feeling? I've been quite depressed lately, and I haven't been feeling well. I've got a to do - and I'm not getting on with my brother. It's a family thing ¬.<;; I am worried, and I am concerned for my friends. I want to be happy, and I hope I will be soon.

2 ~ Meeting Razzel

Who's Razzel? A friend. How did I met her? High school. Why was it so great meeting her then? She left this school for another. We met in the library. I glomped her xD It was fun! Then we talked with XueLei and Han-Han, then Han-Han and XueLei left, and we talked even more xD Then I was going to walk her home, but it was so windy, I decided not to - she didn't seem to mind. She might be moving nearer to where I live, so we might be able to see each other again! That'll be fun. I miss her - she's needed here, at my high school. But I am glad, she's at a better high school where she can get a better education, and she's having more fun - she's a lot happier and confident.

3 ~ Exam Mocks

Now I live in the UK, and not everybody has had their mocks in year 10 yet, but I have had them last week. And I've got the results of my triple science - C in Biology, B in Chemistry, B in Physics. It's not so bad as it sounds, since they expected D's xd . I am glad I proved them wrong wink For Citizenship I got a D, but I don't really care about that. Meh! And in the other subjects? I don't know. Oh! I got an F in Music, because I can't really do melody well - I am a drummer, I don't do melody xd But no other subjects have given me results yet. More on that possibly soon!

4 ~ Hoildays

Today, I've had school, and this is when MY HOILDAYS start. Not sure about yours! Across the UK, and America, we all seem to have different hoildays xd I know one women in Scotland has kids with all different hoilday beginnings and endings xd I pity them. Some have had theirs earlier, some later, but I'm having mine now. Yay!!

5 ~ My Current Gold.

30, 404 cool I worked hard for it. I will try and earn more soon =D

6 ~ Current Projects

The Green Pocky obsession - I must get Green tea pocky before I'm 15 xd
I'm gonna try and get that 40 k mark by August.
I'm gonna try and sort out that plot in that guild...
I'm gonna try and complete one of the biggest quizes that can be found on Gaia ChatterBox ~ You can find it here I'm currently on question 6

And that's the end I'm afraid. Pretty rubbishy entry, I'll try and do something special soon =D Anyway, bye bye for now ^^

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    oooo the colours~~~~ *stares at the colorful text*

    I hope you feel better and things will get better. Just try not the let the other things pull you down. I had a rough family history and all I could do is be the comedic to get everyone to laugh. Since laughing is a great cure to make ppl happy. Try to laugh more often or I'll start tickling you hehehehe.

    Have fun for yourself too. Hope you and Razzel will make plentiful good memories.

    comment Karuroo · Community Member · Sat Mar 22, 2008 @ 07:17pm
    i has 74k ^_^ and if u need to talk some1 bout your family problems,pm me.i have horrible family problems.

    comment FinalSlaveWarrior · Community Member · Wed Mar 23, 2011 @ 11:55am
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