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A journal.
Mostly a brief insight to my chaotic personality when I was much younger.
... And he said "Thank you".
NEW STORY! Still can't found my Ibne Morti emo One of the best books I've ever written emo emo emo But, encouraged my Real Life Drama, I have been inspired to write another.

At the moment, I'm calling it,'... And he said "Thank you"'.

Now, this is kind of based in real life, but do not presume anything.

So lets go.

... And he said "Thank you".

Just now, at the time of contact with paper and pen, I felt a considerable erge to write down everything, everything bad in all one go. But then, nothing would make sense. All stories need a plot, beginning, and an ending. Even this cursed tale.

So, I guess if I think deep enough, the beginning of it all started with the mother in labor. Quite unoriginal and a bit dramatic I guess, but those shrieks from the mother and the father tells the beginning quite well.

When the baby was born, it was a dramatic mutation. It's eyes were closed, and it started life as Nothing. Born out of the mother's womb, it was transparent, see through. Invisible. Then it evolved and took the human baby shape. But the mother and father saw it all.

I found it quite surprising that the parents tried to raise the child. I saw the mother and father try and go to work at the same time, arguing who would look after the baby. Many times, the baby was left on it's own. The baby continued to discover it's many forms, which frightened the parents even more.

The child was in a play until it pasted 6 months after it's 6th year. The parents would always smile brightly, spoil it, and be generous to it. The child could wish anything it wanted. But then, the play broke, as the child started to have a fever.

The temperature it experienced was incredible! I knew no human could survive the heat it suffered through. But the heat made it turn into a Monster, a Killer. Though the house did not survive, the parents did, but refused to look after it anymore.

The child became a lot more darker then. It started blaming itself, hurting itself. And it grow more powerful every night.


This story has gone a bit strange sweatdrop But, ohhh well xd I hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Until next time, Saynora!

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