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A journal.
Mostly a brief insight to my chaotic personality when I was much younger.
Nei yiu or niu ma? 你要尿尿吗 I love hamsters!!!!!!!

... I'm just checking the announcements and oh my...



I cannot believe it. Gaia is letting us have a chance to design our own item?? Wow!! Have you entered yours yet?

Okay, to be honest, I read the announcement a lot earlier today, but I'm still so happy about it. I loveee Gaia!! smile I have entered, and have put a lot of though into mine. I hope you put a lot of thought into yours too! I really cannot wait to vote, and I hope the winner will be a nice person.

So anyway, what have I been up to? I have been learning... Cantonese! And Japanese! And some Turkish and French, and a little bit of English too! It's been great. I am learning Cantonese so I can surprise Julie. Who's Julie? She's my friend. And well... yeah...

I haven't been so nice to Julie recently. I keep poking her, and head butting her shoulder due to extreme boredom, and really bad, lack of social skills. I think she thinks I am annoying. Which I am.

Or am I?

I am having a 'personality check'. I don't really know who I am. One minute I want to be mature, another I want to be childish. My friends all like each other, but they are so different. I find it really hard to fit in.

Cantonese numbers

Here is some Cantonese numbers.

Numbers and Counting
English Cantonese Transliteration

一 yat

二 yi

三 sam

四 sei

五 mm

六 look

七 chat

八 baat

九 gau

十 sap

十一 sap yat

十二 sap yi

十三 sap sam

: :

二十 yi sap

三十 sam sap

百 baak

千 chin

It's weird that Twenty is yi sap, and Twelve is sap yi.

Anyway, I want to be like Tohru in Fruits Basket. I want to be postive, un depressive, and kind hearted. So, HUT! Forward march! 1, 2! 1,2! I cannot let my friends down!! Lets transform into... A MANGA CHARACTER?????

I am weird.

Kitty ^^ <-- I keep saying Kitty @_@

I really need to start making sense, and stop going off topic! So! Positive attitude! blaugh Yesterday I went to a Military Music Thing with the school. We went by coach, and I sat next to Bethany. (The tall one) She was great. We was on the... right of the coach. Yep... I'm pretty sure. Julie and Razzel was sitting on the left of the coach. But they weren't exactly left, because Tom and Tara was left. Razzel and Julie were behind Tom and Tara. And the rest were near the back. Expect Mr Charles, our music teacher, who sat near the front, and the coach driver.

The queues were very long and tiring, and we had to go through a metal detector! That was actually quite scary, but it turned out okay. I felt like a fool for worrying!

There was plently of rides at the event, but I didn't queue for any because I got lost. Yup. I got lost, in the music military event. Eek!! I was kind of late of meeting Bethany, and Steven. Steven is a trumpet player, and I think he really likes Bethany. They'd make a sweet couple ^^

Bethany and Steven waited for me at these buses, and I turned up 3/4's of an hour late. Woops. sweatdrop

But the event wasn't too bad - I missed Double Maths, Double English, and Double Triple Science, and I got some really nice icecream! Withhhh a flake!! Yay!! I was going to buy a black glittery hat, but I got bored of waiting, and the queue wasn't exactly orderly.

I didn't like the music at the event. I found it rather boring, and bland.

I got some free stuff at the event, and three stickers. I think there was a buzz of 'collect 'em all' with everyone there. I felt quite pleased with myself because I was the only one on the coach to get a free bag. But I felt quite sad as I didn't manage to get a free Frisbee.

So that is it. The queue's too forever, and so did the coach. It was very tiring, and oh yeah, I owe Bethany 40p, and Mr Charles 50p.

I hope you found this journal worth reading, and I would really appreciate comments please! Even if you skipped it from beginning to end!

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