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Cleo's Journal
I'll place some of my work here from the Wrestling e-fed that I am in.
My Latest Work
This is my latest RP for my match this week... I hope you enjoy it.

Act 1: A Night on the Isle of the Gods

*The scene opens on the isle of the Gods as the moon rises higher into the sky. The songs on the birds had faded away for another day, while the beautiful lone nightingale sang her song, making it seem as it was echoing across the island. As the camera pans over the lush darkened jungle, all that could be seen is a lone figure standing on a rather large marble balcony overlooking their domain. The air was warm, and the long light blue sheer curtains danced in the wind, surrounding the figure as they stared off. Torches were lit keeping the pathways lit for servants that still moved through the darkened jungle as they made their way to the temples for the last meal of the evening for the Gods that resided on the island. As the camera panned closer we can now see that the figure was Cleo, dressed in a very simple but elegant shimmering white and gold dress, that seemed to cast a radiant aura around her from the torches that were lit in the room behind her. She took in the smell of the ocean air, and sighed. It was always so fresh and clean smelling, while the sound of the waves could lull one into a deep state of relaxation, as they watched the waves roll in onto the shore below. The sweet taste of the pomegranate still lingered on her lips from the evening meal, while the smell of the fresh breads, and roast pig still lingered on the air coming from the kitchen below. She walked along the balcony, with the long train of the dress flowing behind her, as if she was a graceful peacock with her tail feathers down. Her long hair blew in the wind, as she walked along with bare feet along the cold marble balcony. She smiled to herself slightly as she thought back to the night before at the arena. She had thrown a challenge out to anyone who would take it, only to have Jimmy Hawkins come out and try to gain a win over her. She had locked on the serpent’s coil and waited to hear that cracking sound. She heard it alright, and was surprised that no one else did. She turns slightly only to see Stacy behind her. She turns only to see her, with a piece of paper in hand, and sighs.*

Cleo: What is it Stacy?

Stacy: You just got a message from Mr. McCain at PWE. He said you have a match this week ma’am.

*Cleo sighs. Slick hadn’t said one word to her at the arena. It was like she never existed, that they never had anything between them. She hated him, yet she still felt something for him. It would always be her curse. She would let herself fall in love, only to have it ripped from her. The only one that had stayed with her through everything was Max. She missed him terribly, and yet there had been no word from him. She sighs, and leans against the railing of the balcony. She knew she had to focus on the match that was coming up and nothing more for the moment.*

Cleo: Who’s it against Stacy?

Stacy: Jason James and Scythe Bloodline ma’am.

Cleo: Two against one huh?

Stacy: No ma’am… it’s a tag team match.

Cleo: So he came crawling back did he?

Stacy: No ma’am. It’s not Mr. Williams… It’s Mr. du Lac.

*Cleo smiled slightly, and knew that her and Seph had a chance against two that were further down on the chain.*

Cleo: Good. Seph and I…

Stacy: It’s not that Mr. du Lac ma’am…

Cleo: Then what other du Lac is…

*Her eyes go wide, as she realizes who Stacy was talking about. She had seen him briefly on Wednesday night, and kept walking. He hadn’t noticed her at least she didn’t think he did. This wasn’t right. She would’ve taken anyone, anyone at all, but him. She slams her fist into the cold marble, and flinches slightly.*

Cleo: Anyone but Sothren! Anyone but him! Hell I would have taken Chastity Pride over him! Damn it!

Stacy: But I thought the two of you…

Cleo: Watch how you say the next part Stacy… That was a very long time ago, and it’s a time I would rather forget.

*As Cleo heads back into her personal chambers a young servant boy runs up to her and falls to his knees in front of her. Cleo looks a bit surprised and looks down at him.*

Servant: Your majesty! Forgive me, but I have urgent news.

Cleo: Speak then.

Servant: The Goddess in the temple, she has spoken. As I leaving after the feast of the Gods, I heard a voice. She has summoned you your highness.

Cleo: Thank you…

*Cleo walks away slightly and looks back at him, as he got to his feet.*

Cleo: What are you waiting for?

Servant: To be dismissed your highness.

Cleo: You are dismissed. Stacy, I want you to make sure everything is taken care of around here while I go and speak to the Goddess…

Stacy: Yes ma’am. Tell Necra I said hello.

*Cleo just sighs, and walks off towards the front door. Servants fall to their knees as she passes, only to get up and continue what they are doing once they leave. She reaches the front door and heads outside into the fresh night air once more. She hears a rustling in the bushes beside the stairs, only to see Alexander coming out, and stretch, before walking over to Cleo. He was going to follow her whether she liked it or not. She started along the very well lit pathway that would take her to the temple of the great Goddess Nephthys, as she starts to think about their match. She hated Sothren but he was a very good ally in the ring. They were well suited to take care of anyone that stepped in the ring with them. They complemented each other in the ring, with her beautiful technical moves and his willingness to nearly kill anyone that he stood against, with some of the moves that he had. There had been many a time when the two fought side by side, and destroyed anyone that had stood against the Darkside. Now she had that chance again. With Slick gone, what choice did she have? She needed a partner, and Sothren was one of the best.*

Cleo: First off I must say congratulations Mr. James… I’m impressed with what I saw on Wednesday night in your match. I mean Toa didn’t stand a chance against someone like you did he? But the question is do you think you can stand against someone like me? Sothren even? You see the two of us when we are together are deadly, and we will show what it is to fear. I didn’t even realize that he had returned to the ring, but now that he has, there is no hope for you my dear Jason James… I’m not much better when it comes to facing an opponent. I take it you’ve seen what I can do… Trust me I won’t go easy on you, or your partner for that matter. I know there is something different about you, that you are half angel and half demon… that’s an interesting mix, I have to say. But what does it matter? No matter if you were human, full demon, full angel, vampire, werewolf, Sothren and I will still stand in victory over you.

*She makes her way down the long pathway, through the quiet of the jungle. The sound of the crickets, and the chirping of frogs that lived in a small glassy looking pond could be heard as she walked by. The sound always seemed to calm her, when she heard it, and tonight was no different. She thought back to Wednesday night and smiled. She had seen the match between Sothren and Koofie and she had to smile. The Slit wrist Serenade was beautiful, and was very effective from what she had seen. When Sothren worked it was like watching an artist carving or making something on canvas that was total beauty. It still thrilled her deep down to even think about it. She closed her eyes, and focused on the match that was coming. She could she the blood, hear the screams and pleas for their opponents and couldn’t help but smile.*

Cleo: As for you Scythe I don’t know that much about you yet. This is your first match in the PWE and I pity you. You don’t know what you are in for do you? I have to say it’s a shame that you have to face us for your first match. Your career is going to end rather quickly and violently I might add… I mean you saw what Sothren did to his opponent this week right? It wasn’t pleasant was it? Hell I know when we step in that ring, the two of us are going to enjoy every moment of it. The blood, the pain, the screams of horror but most importantly the sound of bones cracking… When I place you or James in the Serpents Coils, there will be no escape, and all you can do is hope that I don’t hold on long enough to hear that “CRACK”.

*Cleo just smiles as she continues along the pathway. The night was beautiful and the stars shone brightly above her, and the full moon seemed to light her way even more.As she made her way down another path, and soon saw the giant temple that was sitting in front of her. The front of it was lit with torches that had been lit when the sun had set, and seemed to cast eerie shadows on the hieroglyphics of the great Goddess Nephthys, and other characters that were portrayed in the scenes. Cleo heads inside as the scene fades to black.*

Act 2: A conversation with the Goddess

*The scene reopens on the interior of the temple, as Cleo makes her way toward the main chamber where the servant had encountered the Goddess. The cold stone felt good on her bare feet as she made her way deeper and deeper into the temple, casting her shadow along the walls as she walked. Her thoughts kept going back to the match ahead this week, and had to smile to herself, as she did.*

Cleo: Jason, Scythe I have to say I’m a little disappointed in you two though. You didn’t think to make the first move. I thought you would have said something about how you are going to take care of us big bad baddies, and show us that you are better then us or something along that line, like everyone else does. But you two are different then the rest, I mean Jason you’re a creature that shouldn’t even exist but does, just like Sothren and myself. Scythe you are nothing more than an outcast from a family that never accepted you. You are alone in the world trying to find things to fill the void, to find the love of a sister that didn’t even look at you when you were at her side. Come Wednesday night, Sothren and I will make you wish that either of you ever entered the ring. The Golden Queen and Mr. Murder together once more… this could be fun after all… see you soon boys.

*Cleo laughs as she reaches a set of heavyset doors. She pushes them open and walks into the main chamber where a rather large and beautiful statue of the Goddess Nephthys stood behind an altar. Cleo walked on silent feet as she neared the altar, only to see the scrying pool to her left hand side, and a skeletal hand waving over to her. Cleo walks over to the pool and looks down, only to see Necra on the other side.*

Cleo: You summoned me Necra?

Necra: Summoned is such a harsh word… I merely asked to see you that’s all. The servant ran out before I could even finish what I was saying… they are so jumpy.

*Cleo sighs as she looks at her daughter on the other side of the pool. The world on the other side was so lifeless, so colorless. The perfect place for Necra to design the winter line, Cleo thought to herself. She shook from the thought and leaned over the pool.*

Cleo: Well I’m here. What did you want to see me about?

Necra:Nothing really, the message isn’t really for you.

Cleo:Who’s it for?

*Necra shakes her head and shrugs. But she had an idea of what it was about. The images that she had seen reminded her of another time, and yet there was something familiar about it all. As she stared off the visions started once more.*

Necra: The white knight and the black knight will clash once more. The bringer of light, and truth will appear. Two mighty eagles clash in the sky, one of gold while the other is black as night. The hero that is sought will be found, darkness will fall, while light and hope rise once more.

*Cleo looks down at her, as Necra’s eyes glow. It was a gift from the Gods that they had granted her. Cleo had her own gifts but didn’t use them often. On the other side, Necra could use her powers freely, without worrying about almost dying afterwards. Necra grabs her mother’s arms and almost drags her into the water. The ends of her long hair dip into the crystal clear water, as Necra’s face turns almost skeletal as she rises slightly out of the water.*

Cleo: What do you ask of me?

Necra:(Raspy Voice)Take what you have learned to the Fallen One… He will know what it means… and one more thing my sister Isis… Did you ever get that Sinking Feeling?

*With that Necra let’s go, and Cleo is flung back and lands on her butt on the marble floor behind her. She looks at the pool and gets to her feet, before turning around and heading back out of the main chamber, as a laugh is heard echoing over the island, as the scene fades to black.*

Act 3: A flight back to the States

*The scene reopens on Cleo in her chambers packing up a few bags. Stacy and a few of the hand maidens run back and forth gathering up everything that they can, filling the bags that were open on the massive bed in the middle of the room. The words that Necra had said, still rung through her mind, trying to figure out what they meant, but just couldn’t wrap her mind around them. It had to be something major for Necra to have called her. Cleo was still shaken from the form that she had taken, but it was nothing that she hadn’t seen before. That’s what happened when you were either a prisoner of the dead, or finally succumbed to the depths of the Underworld, and come to the mortal realm. Cleo hadn’t spoken a word since she had returned from the temple, and wanted it kept that way.*

Stacy: Ma’am, the boat will be here in a bit. A storm just passed, and the water was a bit rough when they started out. Are you ok?

Cleo: I’m fine… I just had a very strange visit with my daughter that’s all.

Stacy: You just looked a little spooked.

Cleo: I’m fine Stacy. I just… I’m not sure. The prophecy that she gave wasn’t for me, but for Seph. That’s not the first time…I have to see him as soon as possible.

Stacy: What about your match ma’am?

*Cleo looks at her and sighs. She was ready for whatever Jason James and Scythe had to throw at her and Sothren. They weren’t like the rest of the PWE, they were Darkside, and they wouldn’t give up until their opponents were unconscious or dead. Cleo looked out the window and watched the light from the lighthouse blink out into the night.*

Cleo: Don’t worry about that Stacy. Between Sothren and I, I’m sure that we don’t have anything to worry about. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself though. Anything could happen in that match. Finish packing Stacy the boat will be here soon.

*Cleo walks back out onto the balcony dressed a little bit different. She has on her long golden trench but underneath she wore a tight pair black like Capri’s with gold trim along the bottom, and a tight fitting shirt that didn’t leave anything to the imagination, along with a pair of dark sandals that wrapped around her leg. The long trench coat blew in the wind, as she looked out over the water, and smiled to herself slightly, seeing the lights of a small water craft coming towards the island. It was the boat that would take them to the mainland. It was almost there, and everything was just about ready to go. She was going home. As she looked up at the sky, she wondered if he was out there looking up at the stars above. What had gone wrong? What had she done? Had she pushed too much, loved to much? There was only one love in her life, and he was nowhere to be found. She knew Max was out there somewhere on one of his digs, trying to find trinkets to please his Goddess. She smiled at the thought as the boat finally came into sight, as the scene fades to black.*

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