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Cleo's Journal
I'll place some of my work here from the Wrestling e-fed that I am in.
My Winning Role Play
I know I said this is where I would put some of the work I have done from my wrestling e-fed... right now I don't really have anything to write about. I don't have a match this week after winning two titles from the previous week. But I will give you a taste of the kind of thing you're going to see here... This is my winning Role Play that got me my two wins and my titles. I was up against a Tag Team as well as another Diva for the titles. So if you have any comments or such, please let me know what you think.

*The scene opens once again on the lush, green beautiful Isle of the Gods. The sun shone brightly through the house, casting it's glorious light into each room. The birds on the island sang their songs filling the air with beautiful little songs, while the scent of the local wild flowers floated on the air filling each room with their glorious splendor. The sound of the servants moving around can be heard, as they prepare everything for their Golden Goddess. Stacy pushes open the golden double doors, only to see Cleo standing out on the balcony with the giant black panther Alexander by her side. The giant cat purrs loudly as Cleo pets his head, scratching behind his ears, as both of them stare at the jungle below. Cleo's hair and dress seem to dance in the gentle breeze as Stacy approaches. Cleo turns around slightly, and looks at her, with a smile on her ruby red lips.*

Stacy: Good morning ma'am. Did you get any more rest after Slick called ma'am?

Cleo: No I didn't. I watched the sunrise this morning. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. It rose above the island casting pinks, reds, and glorious oranges. It was like the sun was casting her magical spell over the earth, kissing it gently with her rays. You know Stacy I did a lot of thinking last night... A lot of things have been running through my mind about the matches I have coming up.

Stacy: I'm sure you have ma'am. I mean these are two really important matches that you have to go through. Are you sure you're going to be able to handle both of them? I know Mr. William's is helping you with the Tag Team match against Azarel and Johnny Gunn, but the one with Katherine you're going to be all by yourself, and exhausted after the first match.

*Cleo just smiles knowing Stacy meant well, and feared for her safety, but Cleo could stand up against anything that they could throw at her. Cleo turned back to the beautiful jungle below her, as Alexander stretched underneath her hand., and licked it, as if thanking her for petting him. Cleo smiled and wiped her hand off onto the balcony railing, as the giant cat laid at her feet.*

Cleo: I'm not worried Stacy. Sure Katherine has a lot going for her, but you know her and I are a lot alike... She's a champion, I was a champion, she's a mother, I'm a mother... she's a country music star that is loved by millions, I'm a Goddess with loyal followers, but the only thing that separates us, is the fact that she has found that special someone that she can hang onto, never let go until death parts them. In a way I feel sorry for Katherine...

Stacy: Why do you feel sorry for someone that is willing to take you out just so she can keep a title that she doesn't deserve ma'am?

Cleo: No. Katherine has everything to lose that's why Stacy. You see when she loses the title to me, that's just the start of her loss. She tries to hide her softness and caring under a hard exterior making people think that nothing can phase her or unsettle her. But I know the truth. She worries about that sweet little boy every minute of everyday, just as I do about my own children. She worries that one day Trent will get bored with her, and find some other little female country singer to run off with... But I really shouldn't be focusing on what she's going to lose. I mean I could be totally off, and she won't lose anything at United. Maybe I'll be the one that walks off with nothing, while she gains everything...

*Cleo just laughs, and Stacy knows that she was just venting a slight bit before her match at United. Stacy knew that Cleo wouldn't let anyone walk away with the title that she deserved.*

Cleo: HA! You should know by now Katherine that I will gain your precious title at United. I don't know if you even care about the title that you hold or not, since you never really EARNED it to begin with. They just handed the title to you didn't they? Tell me was it to appease you, or Chastity? Of course it doesn't matter to me how you get that title, but I'm going to earn that title. I'll use everything I have to take you out in that ring, whether it be with legal moves or illegal moves, whether I cheat to get my win, or if I'm a good girl and use honor and dignity... I will have the Diva's Title Katherine. You know your time is coming to an end, while my time as Champion is just beginning. But your Title isn't the only one I'm after at United...

*Cleo smiles as she heads back into her room,with Alexander following behind. She had always wondered why Necra had kept the beast around. He was lazy, but none the less a beautiful creature to have.*

Cleo: Why don't you go on ahead and see if breakfast is ready Stacy?

Stacy: Yes ma'am.

*Stacy looks at her, as Cleo glances at her. Stacy had been trained well. Most of the time she waited until Cleo dismissed her. Stacy reminded her of one of her other servants from long ago and she smiled. He had been loyal to her, possibly even loved her, and she him. Paladoris... how she missed him. She shakes back to reality and sees Stacy still standing there.*

Cleo: What are you waiting for Stacy?

Stacy: To be dismissed ma'am.

Cleo: You are dismissed Stacy.

*With that Stacy leaves, and Cleo is once again alone, except for the giant cat that sat by her side. She smiled and petted him on the head before walking out of the room, and headed for the open air dinning area, where the servants had her morning feast ready. She walks through the hallways on silent feet, passing servants as she went. They fell to their knees as she passed, and went back to what they were doing after she had left their sight. She soon reached another set of heavy golden double doors, that were open. The smell of freshly made bread filled the air as she walked in, along with other fresh baked goods, and fresh fruit that was sitting before her. She took her place at the head of the table, alone as she normally did, as Stacy poured her a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Cleo took a sip, and it seemed like her taste buds had just exploded with a taste that was meant for the Gods alone. The freshly ground coffee beans mixed with the freshly drawn cream blended beautifully, as it always did.*

Stacy: Will there be anything else ma'am? The figures, and new designs came in over the fax this morning ma'am... I'll just leave them right here.

*Stacy just bows slightly, and backs out of the room, still bowing to the Goddess that was seated. The few servants that remained tended to her before waiting to be summoned once again at the Goddess' whim.*

Cleo: I haven't said a whole lot about you have I have Johnny? I must say that I'm impressed with what I've seen in the ring from you. You've taken on some pretty big names, and come out on top. I'm very impressed, but will you be able to handle me? I know you've never dealt with a Goddess before, just mere mortals time and time again haven't you? Of course I did happen to take a look into your past and I must say you've done some rather bad things... but I'm not one to mention such things... actually I am, but I'm not going to do it this time around. You see, you aren't really a threat to me. You haven't crossed my path yet, but now you have. I don't know what to expect from you really, but I know you'll put everything you have into this match, and so will Azarel. Slick and I will not be stopped no matter what you do though. Just bring everything you have to this match and we'll see who the true Champions really are.

*Cleo leans back in her chair, as she looks out onto the open air deck, seeing one her pure white peacocks strutting around, The beautiful bird had its tail in full fan and was truly exquisite Cleo thought to herself. It had been shipped from a zoo on the mainland for Necra to have. She had remembered the day Max and her had brought it home. Necra was no more than 3, and the creature was bigger than she was. Cleo just smiled at the thought, and she looked back at the camera.*

Cleo: And I've saved you for last my dear Azarel. I've seen you in match after match, and you hardly ever seen to lose when there is something shinny in the way. I mean you took care of the last tag team last match of 2008, and kept those titles once again. This time when you and Johnny step into that ring, it's not going to be that easy. You see Slick and I are very determined to get those titles from you, and walk away the new Champions... We have waited two weeks to get our shot, and now it looks like we are going to get it, at United. I must say you two are an unlikely pair to have teamed up, but then again... take the help where you can find it. Make sure that you shine those titles up nice and bright boys, because we're coming for them, and we're going to get them, even if it's over your dead bodies... See you soon...

*Cleo just laughs, an almost evil laugh, as Alexander walks into the room and lays at her side. Her thoughts kept going back to what she had just said. The words rang true, and she knew her and Slick could handle anything that their opponents could throw at them. Katherine was going to be taken care of, and soon she would be the new Diva's Champion, no matter what it took. She looks out into the beautiful water on the horizon, as the scene fades to black.*

Necra Queen of the Dead
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