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Cleo's Journal
I'll place some of my work here from the Wrestling e-fed that I am in.
My latest RP for my other character
Here is another masterpiece from my wrestling e-fed. It's for my other character who is a female mob boss. I worked for about a month on this one, please comment.

Act 1: Defeated, but not out

*The scene opens on the Canelli Estate. Everything was quiet, and seemed almost in a saddened state. The guards made their usual rounds, each keeping to themselves, as if in mourning. The cast iron gates were closed, as if they were trying to keep the world out of the affairs of the Jersey Devil Diva. They had come back from Italy early; Joanne had gone to the arena to see who was all there to get help with the little war against Carson. She had found a couple of fellow TIWF superstars and they had agreed. But her confrontation with Carson had left her mind wandering, about a lot of things. When they had arrived back at the house, she walked inside with her head hung down, lost in thought. What had gone wrong, how could she have lost to Dakota and Ali the week before? It ate her up inside, thinking about how everything had gone down. She had seen the other matches, and her heart sunk as Cleo took two wins, along with two titles. She never could stand Cleo, since the two of them had met in the HWC. That seemed so long ago she thought, but what did it matter? Joanne had held the World Title, the Women’s Title along with a few others that she would rather forget. The night had been a disaster, and now it was time to decide what to do. The camera followed her down the long hallway towards the back of the house. The pictures that hung on the hall were of her, her brother, father, and a woman that seemed to be out of place. This was Maria, Joanne’s mother. Joanne stopped and looked at the picture. It had been almost 10 years since she had been killed. She sighed as she saw her own reflection in the glass. She was getting older, and she knew it. She wasn’t as young as the rest of these new guys coming into the fed. Maybe that was it. She sighs shaking her head, before walking on. The old dark oak wood seemed to shimmer in the dull light in the hallway, as she slowly opened the door to her massive office. As a child she remembered playing on the floor, as her father conducted business with his associates, even making some big deals with some of the other bosses from across the country, even over seas. The camera pans around the room, showing the antique looking desk, and the high backed leather chair that sat behind it. A small table filled with liquor bottles, sat on one side of the room, while the walls were lined with shelves with family portraits, few small items that had been brought over when her grandfather had arrived from Italy, and the titles that she once held. They still shimmered in the darkened room, from the sunlight that poured through the open bay like window that over looked the yard. She sat in the chair, lighting a cigarette, and turns facing the window, letting herself sink into her memories.*

Voice: Hey boss… are you ok?

*Joanne turns the chair slightly seeing that the door was open a bit. There stood Reno, Rude and Scarpaci. The last three people that she wanted to see right now. When she wanted to be alone, they were always there. No matter where she went, or what she did they would always be there. Her match had been no different. They helped her, sure. It wasn’t the fact that they did. She wanted to prove to everyone that she didn’t need bodyguards, or anyone trying to protect her. She was her own woman, not only that, but a mob boss.*

Joanne: Did I say you could come in?

Reno: No, but we know you wouldn’t mind some company right?

Joanne: Yeah I do… You guys are always hoverin’ around me! How do you think that makes me look?

Scarpaci: It makes you look important. I mean you are the Don of Jersey.

Reno: Where are you going with this boss?

*Joanne sighs taking a long drag off of the cigarette that she had in her hand. She gets out of the chair, and walks around to the front of the desk leaning against it. She just looked at the three of them, and sighs. They had always been there, as long as she could remember, but things either had to change or they had to go.*

Joanne: I hate the idea of this little losin’ streak I’m on! I mean you guys… where in the hell were you guys anyway?

Scarpaci: We were at ringside with you. Remember we walked down with you and everythin’?

Joanne: Yeah I know. But you got involved again. I really wish you wouldn’t. I mean it’s makin’ me look like I can’t do anythin’ without you guys at my side you know… My father didn’t have his guys around him 24/7, all of us know that!

Scarpaci: You mean your reputation as a hard a** b***h that can handle anyone, at anytime? The stron’ woman that is behind the head of the Mafioso?

*She looks at him, and walks around the room, pacing as if she were an animal in a cage. Her anger was raging, and she hoped that she could control it. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but it was coming to a head, and she didn’t know what was about to happen.*

Joanne: Yeah! I mean I’m better then all of those guys on the roster, and yet I lost my match to Ali?

Rude: Awww… Boss we all know that you’re just a big softie inside. I mean the front you put on isn’t who you really are…

Reno: Yeah, you maybe tough on the outside but you cry like every other woman at the end of Casino…

Joanne: That’s just it! I’m not the average woman off of the street. I’m…

*She sighs, as she walks back behind her desk, and plops down in the chair. She couldn’t even think straight. She had gone soft, lost her edge, and now it was starting to show. Two matches gone, and not another in sight, is it because they didn’t need her now, since Saturday Night Endurance had been put together with the other show, or just because she had failed once again? She leans on her hands, as she looks at the guys, who are wondering what is really going on. They had never seen her this way, even after all the matches she had lost over the years. Reno gets to his feet, and walks around the desk, taking Joanne by the shoulders and shaking her.*

Reno: What in the hell is wrong with you? You never get like this! You say you’re not weak then don’t be! But you know why we are here! We are not only your bodyguards, we’re also your friends… or at least, we use to be. Do you remember why your father hired Rude and I?

Joanne: Yeah… what does that have to do with anythin’?

Reno: A lot! I still see you as that 16-year-old girl that almost had her a** raped and killed the first night we were on the job! If he hadn’t of tagged along in Rude’s car, where do you think you would’ve ended up? You would’ve been dead Joanne!

*Joanne looked up at Reno, as tears started to form in her eyes. She had almost died that night, but they had saved her. The secret had remained between the three of them for years, and she had always been grateful to them. She started to think about what he was saying and realized that Reno was right.*

Reno: Not to mention the attempted hits on your father, then when your mother died… I know it hasn’t been easy, but your father hired us to take care of you, watch out for you if something had happened to him! That’s why we’re here…

Joanne: My gawd… you’re right. I never really thought of it that way, but sometimes I would love nothin’ more than to do somethin’ on my own, prove that I’m more than a little girl playin’ make believe. The next time you guys go on a run, all of us go… I mean the police are in my pocket around here, and they wouldn’t even think about what we’re doin’. I’m a crack shot, and with you guys at my side we can handle anythin’! We are a family after all…

*She just smiles as she gets to her feet, putting the cigarette out. It was funny but she felt better. It was like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, and she could take on the world. She still had other chances to get her hands on a title, hell to even win a match. She would show them, she would show the world that the Jersey Devil Diva could do anything, as long as she had her friends and family by her side.*

Joanne: Well… enough of this touchy feely s**t, let’s go and get wasted!

*Reno nods, as Rude and Scarpaci get up from where they were sitting, leaving Joanne alone. She smiles and looks out the window, as the rays of the setting sun caught her dark hair, making it shimmer in the golden embrace.*

Joanne:(Thinking to herself)Sure we’re not perfect, hell no one is perfect. But no matter what comes, or what gets thrown in our way, we’ll always be family.

*With that Joanne turns and walks out of the room, only to turn around once again looking at the titles that sat on one side of the room. They were nothing more than memories, but she would make more, and better ones. Her time would come all in good time. She turns back to the hallway and heads out to find the guys as the scene fades to black.*

Act 2: The Next Morning

*The scene opens on a very large, rather odd-looking bedroom. It was the master bedroom of the house, but it looked like it had been redone a few times. There was a bullet hole above where the alarm clock sat, while the walls were scattered with posters of what could be bands and stars of the 80’s. It was obvious that the room hadn’t been changed since Joanne was a teenager. Clothes were scattered around the floor, with her two gold platted Desert Eagles in their holster hanging over the back of the chair that sat in front of an antique looking vanity. Pictures of things long since past and friends sit in the edges of the mirror, and seem to have faded with time. Pictures of friends and family sat on the bookshelf near the window that over looked part of the massive estate. The dull sound of birds chirping outside could be heard through the window as the camera focused on the king size bed in the middle of the room. There wrapped in what appeared to be satin blankets was Joanne, still lost in dream. She tossed slightly, as if dreaming about a memory long since past. She tosses and turns more, until she is thrashing about. She screams and sits upright in the bed, with beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. There comes a knock to the door, and she sighs, looking at the door. It was morning. The nightmare had come to an end once again, but for how long. It was the same one that she had had for the last five years. She gets up from the bed dressed in nothing more than a very skimpy tank top, and a pair of shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination. She unlocks the door and there stands Reno, already dressed in his suit. He looks a little bit surprised to see Joanne dressed the way she was, but just coughed, as she leaned against the door frame.*

Reno: Are you alright? I heard you scream and…

*Joanne just smiles softly. He had always been sweet, and thoughtful of her, no matter what the problem was. The truth was she had had a crush on him since she could remember. Even though she had been involved with someone else when Reno and Rude had first been assigned as her bodyguards. She just pushes a piece of hair back from her face and nodded.*

Joanne: Yeah… bad dream, that’s all. What time is it?

Reno: It’s almost 10. I was coming up to check on you.

*Joanne just smiles and stretches, as the tank top lifts just slightly to show a bit more flesh then intended. Reno just stares at her, as she put her arms back down, and walks back into her room, with Reno following behind. He had always had a thing for Joanne but could never tell her. He wasn’t her type after all. He was nothing more than the hired help. He watched her as she sat down at the vanity fixing her hair. It didn’t matter what she looked like, she was always beautiful to him. He wanted to tell her, but he just couldn’t take that risk.*

Joanne: Thanks… Let me guess, everyone is waitin’ on my sorry a** right?

Reno: Yeah… We’re actually running a little behind this morning. Remember you have a meeting with Ricardo. He’s been asking for this meeting for three weeks, and you put him off one to many times… He called this morning and he did not sound happy.

*Joanne turns slightly, and rolls her eyes. She had dealt with worse, and she could care less about what any of the other heads of the families thought. Between her side career as a wrestler, and her life as a Mob Boss she didn’t have a whole of time for herself any more. But it had always been like that no matter what fed she had been in. Her day would be filled with meetings and other errands that had to be run, but as always... it was just business.*

Joanne: Call him back, and tell him, I'll see him about three. Anyone else call?

Reno: Yeah, Quint McCain called. You have a match this week with Kinder. It's a tag team match. Kinder's with you, and your opponents are Carson and Strong.

*Joanne just stared at him and seemed to smile to herself. This was the perfect time to get a little bit of revenge on Carson for everything that he had said about the TIWF. Joanne had wanted this chance since she had left the arena that night. Carson was full of himself, and brash, thinking he was better than everyone. "That would be downfall" Joanne thought to herself.*

Joanne: You know this isn't goin' to be easy...I know Carson wants to beat me, but I'm not goin' to let it happen... not this time...

Reno: Do you want us there? I mean after the last time...

*Joanne just looks at him, and nods. They were her crew in a manner of speaking. A good Don always had their crew behind them if nothing else.*

Joanne: I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though you three are morons, I need you... After all what's our sayin'?

Reno: We get paid to kick your a**!

Joanne: That's right...Wednesday night, I plan on usin' everythin' I can against Carson and Strong... I know I'll have Kinder with me, but I want you three to keep whoever isn't in the ring at the time occupied.

Reno: Sure thing boss. That's what we do best. I'll let you get dressed and everything. I'll call Ricardo back and let him know you'll see him at three today.

Joanne: Good... I'll be down in a few minutes.

*Reno nods, and walks out of the room. Joanne walks to the closet and pulls out one of her dark blue suits and tosses it on the bed behind her. A white low cut shirt soon follows and lands on top of it. She gathers them up and heads for what appears to be a changing curtain, from the 1920's. It had been her grandmother's and her mother's before her. Joanne had fallen in love with it, and had kept it as an heirloom of the Canelli women. She steps behind it and begins to strip, letting the camera see only a silhouette of her outline. She soon pops her head out from behind on corner.*

Joanne: So it's you and me again Carson. Only this time we'll both have a little bit of help. It's hard to believe that what you came into this fed, you took it by storm. I'm surprised. People like you don't usually rise so quickly but you have. But you do have one flaw, and I've noticed it. It was the same one I've had for years. You think that you can take on the world and never have to face the consequences of your actions. I realized that if you think like that, there are lot of thin's that can go wrong. I've lost two matches in a row, but I don't plan on losin' another one, especially to you.

*Joanne ducks behind the curtain once again sliding the white shirt over her head, fixing her hair over the collar of it, letting her long hair fall down her back. She soon steps out from behind the curtain dressed in her usual outfit without her suit jacket, with her hair still a mess, but she makes her way over to the small vanity set that sat against the wall. She sits down at it, and begins to brush out her long hair. She looks into the mirror and smiles at the camera.*

Joanne: If I were you Carson, I'd walk away, and wouldn't look back. I'm not one that forgives easily, and lately you've become a thorn in my side, along with the rest of us from the TIWF! You see we're not has beens or anythin' else, and Wednesday night Kinder and I are goin' to prove it to you.

*Joanne gets up from where she sits, grabbing the holster with the Desert Eagles off of the chair, then throwing her suit jacket over it before heading out the door and towards the stairs. The smell of fresh brewed coffee floated on the air, as her stomach made a few odd noises. It was late, and she was already starved. The smell of fresh pastries filled her senses, tasting the sweetness of the sugar on the back of her tongue as she closed her eyes taking it all in. It took her back to another time and place when she was no more than a girl. When her mother was living that smell had always been there, from first thing in the morning to the last thing in the evening. Joanne sighed and opened her eyes. It had always been a sweet memory. She walked slowly down the stairs looking back at the camera.*

Joanne: And my dear Mr. Strong, if I were you I would have said no to bein' Carson's partner for this little match, but then again, you were stupid enough to join with him in this little war. You have a lot of talent, you shouldn't be throwin' it away like that. Do you realize who you are facin' this week Strong? I don't think you do. I've held my share of titles, and I've beaten the best, and now Wednesday night when Kinder and I face you and Carson, you'll wish you would've just stayed out of our war. But whatever... it's your funeral... See ya around boys.

*Joanne just laughs as she makes her way down the stairs and towards the kitchen as the scene fades to black.*

Act 3: An Unexpected Call

*The sound of talking could be heard coming from the kitchen as Joanne rounded the corner from the hallway. Reno was right, everyone was up, and waiting on her. She usually didn't sleep that long, unless she had a really rough night. The nightmares still came, no matter what she dreamed about. It had plagued her mind for 5 long years, and it would never leave. The smell of the smoke, and searing flesh, the heat from the steel and the flames that were around them could still be felt on her skin, and she could taste the gas and kerosene that was used during the match. She shook from the thought, as she leaned against the doorframe to the kitchen. Even when she was awake the nightmare still plagued her. The kitchen hadn't changed since she was a girl. It was beautiful in color, and quite large in size. Her mother had created wonderful things in there, and her memory had also lingered there. Joanne could swear at times she could see her, standing at the stove stirring something on one of the burners, and the smell would fill the air, as you passed by. She shook from her thoughts and walked into the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee, and sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen. She took a sip, and swallowed hard. The taste seemed to burn her taste buds as it went down. Someone had made it stronger than usual.*

Joanne: Who made the coffee this mornin'?

Scarpaci: I did, why?

*Joanne stares into the cup and it seems to move slowly, as she moves the cup around. It's like it had settled into the cup itself.*

Joanne: No reason... If I dumped this out of the cup, I bet I could stand on it, and I wouldn't touch the floor.

Scarpaci: ******** you. If you would've been awake a couple of hours ago you wouldn't be sayin' that...

*Reno and Rude just look at each other, and Joanne sighs. Between the three of them they had at least one brain cell. She walks over to the fridge and there on the door, was a list of things to do. The camera catches a glimpse of it, and it reads:

1.Pick up dry-cleaning
2.Shake down Ho's on corner
Shake down Bitches on corner: Rude's Job
3.Pick up milk
4.Go see Red for Payment at Strip Club
5.Get Cat food

Joanne sighs, and leans against the counter. She wasn't hungry after the coffee had destroyed her taste buds. She could hold out. The phone rings in the kitchen and Joanne sighs, picking up.*

Joanne: Hello? This is is her... It's been a while, but I remember who you are... How've you been? I have to say thanks for what you did the other night. Yeah I know. No it's not a problem. I have an appointment at three this afternoon, but the rest... Sure... I'm available now. Where are you? I'll get the boys to pick you up at the airport. Right. See you then.

*Joanne just smiles as she hangs up the phone. She was surprised that she had heard from him this soon. Most of the people that she dealt with always waited to the last minute, but not him.*

Rude: Who was that?

Reno: Yeah, and why are we going to the airport?

Joanne: To pick up someone. You'll know him when you see him. I want you three to go pick him up, and then do the rest of the errands for the day. I'll be fine by myself. I promise you. Now go.

Scarpaci: Sure thin' sis.

*Scarpaci steps out from behind the island wearing nothing but boxers. Joanne closes her eyes, as Reno and Rude turn away.*

Joanne: Don't you ever wear pants around here?

Rude: Man, I thought you were dressed...

Scarpaci: I'm waitin' for my pants to dry. Is that a crime?

Reno: It is when it's out in the open...

*Joanne just sighs, and walks out of the kitchen. They were hopeless, but they were loyal if nothing else. She headed to her office to wait for her guest to arrive as the scene fades to black.*

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    Suspicious Pineapple
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    Sat Feb 14, 2009 @ 02:33am

    Lol its great! I only read part of it, because i dont got much time to read it, but tis very good!

    Necra Queen of the Dead
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    Sat Feb 14, 2009 @ 02:41am

    Thank you... I'll more than likely be adding more very soon.

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