Ugh, I'm really freaking out as the title states. I watched a movie trailer called 'The Fourth Kind' yesterday and I haven't slept. I'm freaking out thinking ghost are after me! It's not funny but highly scary. I know alot of you will say 'oh wimp!' but I'm a very paranoid child. I was a scardy-cat since I was about 6 and I thought I seen a ghost girl in my attic. So yea it's been like that since I was little. I think it's also because I use to watch scary movies when I was little like IT The Clown, Children Of The Cornfeild, Freddy , SAW, Grudge, ect ect.
Ever sine that I've been very scared of the paramormal. Yet it's stupid I use to stay up every Saturday night to watch 'Ghost Hunters' with my family. It was always before bed so I couldn't sleep.
Then after the ghost faze I started to play 'Silent Hill' which just brung it back. Man, I really need to lay off this stuff!
So maybe if someone else is scared like me, they should send me a message and say there just like me! Thanks everyone for listening.