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Please don't judge. I live life like it is. ^^~
"Our Music Is Your Drug" Episode 1
"Neko and Suki are famously known for there touching music. There music hits the hearts of every age. Young, old, teen. We adore there music!" Said Suki reading a news paper. Neko smiled. "Well sweet aren't they?" She said smirking. Suki shrugged putting it down. "I don't know about them but I'm tired." Suki said sitting down on a fluffy chair. Neko leaned on a counter drinking a bottle of water. "I know thsoe stage lights were burning hot." Suki laughed. "I know. Its like they were trying to make Idol soup." Neko joined in her laughing.
There was knocking on there door. "Fans?" Suki said quietly. Neko walked over. "Yes?" She said. There was male screaming outside. "WE LOVE YOU NEKO AND SUKI! YOU ARE FOREVER!" Neko walked back. "Yup fans." She said sighing. "BACK AWAY!" Two people with fimilar voice screamed. "Marusaki and Meyuki?" Neko and Suki said walking to the door. "YES LET US IN NOW!" The said screaming. Suki freaked out and opened the door. The jumped in and closed the door quickly. There clothes were torn up.
"Those fan-boys and girls are crazy..." They said huffing in air. Neko tossed them both water. "Cheer up were on our way." Suki smiled. "Yea so what are we doing next?" Meyuki sat down. "Were going for a signing. This is were the contest from last week ends. You two are suppose to announcer the winners and give them a big kiss on the cheek." Neko twisted her face a bit. "EW!" She said flinching. Marusaki sat next to him. "Yea well let's just hope there not to crazy of fans." Suki sighed rubbing there heads. "I hope so."
The bus driver drove off to the next stop.
Outside the bus there was crazy fans jumping everywhere. "Oh my lord these people are crazy..." Neko said looking out the window. Suki punched her arm. "Don't say that there our fans let's just huff it up and get out there." Meyuki nodded. "Good. Now you now how this town is into that whole..." He stopped for a second and Marusaki laughed. "Lesbo idol so give 'em what they want!" Neko twiched an eye. "Hell no!" Suki looked at her. "I agree but watch the laungage Neko where idols not pro wrestlers!" Neko laughed. "Wish I was!" Marusaki laughed. "Well get going!" Neko took in a deep breath putting her arm around Suki. "You ready Suki?" Suki laughed. "Yea let's go."
They walked out to see bunchies of fan-boys and girls screaming. "NEKO!" "SUKI WE LOVE YOU!" "NE-KI AND SU-KO FOREVER!" The fans were all screaming as Suki and Neko made there way into the mall. Inside they sat down behind a table with tons of people waiting with there album. "Okay will start." Neko said.

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