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Please don't judge. I live life like it is. ^^~
"Our Music Is Your Drug" Episode 2
After they both sat down and started to sign the albums things got crazy. A couple of enemy fans placed there CD's on the table. Neko looked at them. "I sorry you guys must have the wrong band." Neko tried to say polietly. They were upset. "No we have the right day. Orentaldragon is suppose to be here and they moved the likes of you here?" Suki chuckled. "Orentaldragon? They cancled out there have group problems." They seem to get more mad as one of them and pushed over some of the CD's for the fans.
Neko stood up calmly though. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Or I will have to call security." The didn't move. So suki picked up a talkie. "We have some trouble makers stage 1." A bunch of security ran over tied them off and left. Neko smiled. "Sorry folks for the trouble we will presume with the signings though." She sat down.
After they signed all the Cd's they walked onto the stage. Suki grabbed a mike for her and Neko. "Okay thank you all for your great patents we are proudly to anounce that the raffle will start." Suki said smiling. Neko cleared her throat. "The winner of this raffle will get to go our tour with Suki and I."
They both walked over to a big raffle machine. They pressed a button and the raffle started. Everyone in the adience was going insane screaming. "PLEASE LET IT BE ME!" Were words yelling all over.
The raffle came out and the ticket came out. Suki grabbed it. "Okay the winners are..." Neko and suki said this together. "Tobi and Nero CONGRATS! Come onto stage you lucky winners!" Neko smiled. 'I hope there not weirdos."
The two boys walked onto the stage. It didn't seem they were that interested. "Are you Tobi and Nero?" They nodded. "Well welcome to the group." Suki said. Tobi grinned. "Do we get our kisses?" Neko smiled. 'Oh we got the weirdos.' She thought to herself. "Why yes you do." Suki said. They both walked over and kissed them both on the cheeks. "Thank you everyone for coming. We love you all!" Neko said smiling. Suki waved. "We all hope to see you guys again!" All four of them walked off stage.
Nero and Tobi smiled. "You two have very soft lips." Neko growled inside her head. "Thank you." Suki said with a sweat drop emotion. Neko walked away to the table and grabbed a coke. "Well you two are lucky. Which one of you are Tobi and which one of you are Nero?" Nero smiled. "I'm Nero." Tobi grinned. "I'm Tobi." Suki nodded. "Nice to meet you both. You know who we are since you well, entered the contest." Nero nodded polietly. "Yea we do. We've been fans ever since you girls started." Tobi rubbed the back of his head walking over to the food table. "Yup big fans."
Meyuki and Marusaki walked over to them after a couple of minutes. "Well the fans are outside waiting for you to leave." They looked over at the men. "Who are these guys?" Asked Marusaki. "These are the contest winners." Neko said. Meyuki nodded. "Well good job boys for wining." Marusaki seemed annyoied that they were men. "Yea good job..." Nero nodded. "Thank you Mr. Marusaki and Meyuki." Suki smiled. "See they even know your guys names." Neko laughed. Meyuki looked at his watched. "That's good but we need to keep our schedual we need to be at the air-port soon." Tobi looked at them. "What about our clothes?" Marusaki sighed. "Well buy you guys ton of clothing. I mean you need to look good while you're with Idols." Neko nodded. "Okay well let's go."
All 6 of them walked outside with secruity. "WE STILL LOVE YOU NE-KI." "LET US GO SU-KO!" (Notice: Stupid mixed names DX! ) "Sorry everyone maybe another time." Neko and Suki said smiling. Everyone went onto the bus but Suki and Neko. "Thank you for coming today everyone!" Neko said. "PLEASE JUST ONE KISS!" They were screaming. Suki looked at Neko with a 'Hell No!' Face. Neko laughed. "Maybe next time guys!" She said laughing.
Neko and Suki climbed on the bus. Tobi laughed. "Why didn't you give 'em what they wanted?" Neko sat down. "It's agenst my morals. I'm straight." Suki sat down next to her. "What about all those lesbian looking pictures?" Nero asked. "Publicity." Marusaki said. "Well get you guys clothes at the next stop." Tobi looked at him. "When will that be?" Meyuki laughed. "Maybe a day. We have to make our way to the air-port." Both of them looked shocked. "WHAT?!" Neko put a hat over her face. "Night!" She said. (Notice: It's morning. XD!) Suki laughed and did the same thing. "Nighty."

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