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An Angel looked down from Heaven and saw a Devil.
She thought he looked beautiful.
A Devil looked up from Hell and saw an Angel.
He thought she looked breakable.
Religious? Me?
Hell yeah....i am very very religious.... I may not exactly believe in God, like the whole he's the most powerful being in the universe, but that there is a God.....I mean i want to believe in something, or i'd be lost....

Like i believe in ghosts, i've had lots of experiences so i mean i kind of have to believe. I also believe in angels and demons.... i don't think i've ever seen either, but there have been times when i could have sworn i had a little guardian angel on my shoulder whispering something into my ear.....

And i don't mind believing in angels or demons either, i mean the whole idea of having spiritual beings and the like. I get lots of my ideas for stories from what i believe.

So really, i can size everything down to a few things... if there are people out there who have read the manga The Demon Ororon you'll know what i'm talking about.

I believe there is a main devil, i believe he has followers and beings out to get him. I believe there is a God, but the thought and idea of him as dwindled so much that he really no longer exists. I also believe in the fallen and i believe in the Hierarchy..... (just a little Heaven talk for you all who don't know what i'm talking about)...... I believe that there are half angels and half humans on Earth, as well as half demon and half human......What i do not believe is that there is a half demon and half angel, because that would be the Second Godhead, or the apocalyse as we now know it..... Because as some of you know it is forbidden for an angel to fall in love with a demon.....(which is another reason why i love The Demon Ororon).....it betrays all the rules and it's just a great story anyway...though i dislike the ending i say Ororon should have lived to be with Chiaki....that would have been the ideal ending..... but no he had to die....so sad..... <sniffle sniffle>

Anyway... so here are my beliefs, you can like them or not, it don't matter to me, but this is what i believe and we all have to believe in something.....

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Dark Arashi
Community Member

Wed Sep 28, 2005 @ 10:02pm

Demon Ororon? Hmm, that sounds familiar! heart

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