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An Angel looked down from Heaven and saw a Devil.
She thought he looked beautiful.
A Devil looked up from Hell and saw an Angel.
He thought she looked breakable.
Goddammit you stupid, idiotic losers of the world!

I have spent nearly my entire life being over weight, by no means obese, but I do have a HUGE rack and a rather ghetto booty. So I have been on the end of many jokes. But I'm so tired and sick of this, skinny people doggin' on fat people because everyone can see their ribs and people like me get a descent meal for dinner every night. What the Hell is up with that? I mean I'm a frigging cook! How am I supposed to be skinny and still a cook? This is my career, I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! I love being able to take a taste of anything and know exactly what's in it and if it's done.

This is not the case with other big people, but you know what?! Over half the entire planet's population is overweight, it doesn't make it right or wrong, just rather hypocritical for those who are skinny to make fun of fat people.

It is NOT beautiful to weigh only 90 pounds, and it's not okay to weigh more then 300 pounds unless your body is specifically built for it. But goddammit! What the Hell is wrong with you people who make fun of others to make up for your insecurities.

A bit of advice for you skinny idiots: Don't make fun of fat people to make yourselves feel better, it isn't making you feel better and honestly it doesn't make you even remotely seem beautiful. It just shows those of us who aren't sucked into this crumbling world that you have an ugly heart and are nothing more then a pebble in our shoe of society.

A bit of advice for you fat people: Don't take it to heart that people are making fun of you, for God's sake, if you don't like being fat or overweight, DO SOMETHING about it! For those of you who are fat and complaining, SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm overweight, but shi* I friggin' run a mile every single night! I do push ups and sit ups and I'm going into the Navy and WAS ACCEPTED!!! So stop complaining and do something and if you are fat/big/whatever and you don't care, STOP GETTING INTO FIGHTS AND ARGUMENTS FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING INTO A BRAWL! Nobody thinks you're being cool for it!

Thank You for the support of these fellow Gaians who are NOT stupid and look beyond what people look like and see the true self of the people on the inside:

1. Sexyass_Vampireprincess
2. Demon Desciple
3. [Rogue]
4. Shuichi_Shindou_19

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