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An Angel looked down from Heaven and saw a Devil.
She thought he looked beautiful.
A Devil looked up from Hell and saw an Angel.
He thought she looked breakable.
Me?! Racist!? No, I AM Prejudice... I Hate Everyone Equally
Don't think i'm the all seeing bad guy okay.... I have lots of Irish, Black, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, White, Purple, Gray.... Blah blah blah....kinds of friends....therefore... Unlike popular demand.... I am Not racist... I am meaner to my closest friends because i expect them to learn from me as i expect to learn from them. They will come to me with their problems and i won't argue or say their stupid for it, but when i get someone i hardly know coming up to me because i give good advice and they demand it from me..... I REFUSE!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME YOU NINNIES!!!!!???? I REFUSE to give out my vast, extensive knowledge that i have worked so hard to aquire in my experience in life, to someone who hardly deserves it..... scream scream scream

This is why if some of you have noticed that i am normally grumpy, angry, heartless, cold, and/or mean......people in nature are very very stupid and such annoys me to the endest of my capable compacity to be able to handle stupid things.. (Because i hate things that have no purpose.... AKA sounds unnecessary to life, actions... bad deeds)......

So to end all this conflict about my brazen, bold, courageous, prideful, annoying, deceitful, knitpicking nature...... I am not racist by any means, i could care less if someone came up to me and was zebra striped, it's their decision to be whatever color they wanna be or maybe it's not, but i won't judge you..... But if you come off to me as a rude, obnoxious, drama encased fool.... I WILL hate you... you can bet almost immediately.....

Remember class...... I am not racist.... I am prejudiced agaist stupid people and i hate everyone equally......

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