Chapter 41:

Artemis had sent a letter to his son, telling him what happened. He sends the letter with a crow, knowing the bird would find it's way to the Sanctuary. For now Evelyn was just resting in bed, with a cloth wrapped around her head. She was doing fine for the most part, but promised to take it easy for now. Not like she could really argue with Artemis on that since he would glare at her any time she moved. One morning, he hears the door slam open and his son stumble up the stairs, panting slightly. Evelyn had showed him how to use the teleporting circles around Skyrim. It took him no time at all to return home. But he ran like the wind to get there. Evelyn just blinks at the boy as he rushes over to her and hugs her tightly. "I got father's letter, are you okay?" She lets out a low chuckle. "I'm fine, I already have one person worrying about me.." She points to Artemis, who just looks the other way. Adrian takes a closer look at her head, it's mostly healed by now. "What happened to the dragon that did this?" "The Companions are still trying to hunt it down." Artemis answers, he asked them to go after it. However they lost track of the beast. Evelyn looks up at her son. "Where have you been?" "Dawnstar, found someone to teach me more on Necromancy." She rises her brow, noticing a few marks on his neck. She lets out a low hum at this, but lets it go since he's far to worried about her. "Well I'm fine, really you both need to calm down." Artemis just lets out a low huff and Adrian chuckles softly. "Sorry mum, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.." He kisses the top of her head and heads back downstairs to get something to eat.

"You saw it too right?" Artemis just gives her a slight nod and follows after his son. Adrian fixes himself something to eat and looks up when Artemis follows beside him. "So you've been just studying?" Adrian blinks at this, but Artemis points to his neck. It takes the poor kid a minute before his whole face turns bright red. "" He shuffles nervously as he rubs the side of his neck. It never crossed his mind the burse was there. The only thing that had been on his mind was to make sure his mother was okay. Artemis just watches him. "There's no reason to be so nervous boy." Adrian lets out a low, but nervous laugh. "S-sorry, it just kind of...happened. I forgot the whole thing when I got your letter." Artemis just crosses his arms and Adrian just ends up shuffling again. "I'm not even sure how to even explain it, or if it's even really a relationship..." It was new so he wasn't sure what to really call it just yet. It was just one of those things that kind of happened. Artemis lets it go for now. They had other things to worry about for now. They would both keep a very close eye on Evelyn for awhile, just to really make sure she was okay. After a bit of rest she was finally able to roam the house on her own without much help. It took a lot to convince her husband she was fine. He didn't really show it to often but he did care about her. Things where fine, though she was still wondering what became of the poor dragon that hit her.

A few days pass and the Companions had found nothing. Not even Aela could find what became of the dragon. One morning, Artemis woke to find himself alone. He blinks as he sits up and looks around the room. He gets dressed and heads to the main floor, nothing, then downstairs. He checks the whole house, but doesn't find Evelyn. His mouth twitches and he heads outside, making his way to Jorrvaskr. He runs into Farkas, but he hadn't seen her that morning. None of them had and he slowly starts to worry, not knowing where she could have gone. She normally doesn't wonder off without telling him or at least leaving a note. He ends up searching the whole of Whiterun, but he finds no sign of her. Now he's starting tp panic and ask Drizzt to help him find her. But it becomes impossible seeing how many people come and go from the main gates. He can't rely on Jarlaxle, having hadn't seen him in many years. he has no choice but to find his son and have him join in the look. Adrian had made his way back to Dawnstar to return to his studies. When his father comes out of no where on horse to tell him his mother was missing. Adrian drops everything to go help find her. Adrian decides to check the Collage. Much to his surprise, Tolfdir tells him calming that Evelyn was in her room. Adrian waste no time in making his way to find her just kind of standing there, looking at her bookshelf. Adrian blinks as he slowly walks over to her. "Mum?" She doesn't react at first but after a minute or so her head slowly turns. "Oh hey, didn't see you come in.." She turns her gaze back to her books. "I'm sure I left those notes somewhere..." Adrian bites his lower lip at this as he slowly sits her down.

"Don't worry about it.." He looks her over, something didn't seem right about her eyes. For all his life they were slits like a dragons. But they seemed to go from, normal, to more round, it was a bit strange to watch. "Mum are you okay?" She doesn't answer at first but soon smiles. "I'm fine dear, just need to remember where those notes are....I'm sure they're somewhere...." Adrian frowns at this, something was clearly wrong with her. "Mum just, stay put okay?" He slowly backs away and finds a nearby crow. He writes a quick letter to his father and goes back in to keep his eyes on his mother. Artemis gets there by the time the sun was setting, clearly breathless from rushing. "I've been keeping my eyes on her. So far I've managed to keep her here but..." Adrian had been watching her the last few hours. She would go from one thing to another. Then she would forget she was doing, then go do something else. "I don't even think she knows I'm here anymore...I'm starting to worry...." Artemis watches her, sure enough much like the dragon she's not doing well. She just kind of wonders about, turning, forgetting what she was doing then repeat. However he has no idea how to help her. If this continues there's a good chance she could hurt herself or worse. Artemis grumbles as he tries to think of something, anything to help her. "The Graybeards might know." It's really the only thing he can think of. Getting her there is a different problem.

Adrian knows the story to them and what they do. But he scratches the back of his head. "What about that dragon Paarthurnax?" "I doubt they would let me go that far without her. And I doubt we can convince her to come along without her forgetting." Artemis lets out a deep sigh, it was the only answer he had. "I'll have to try, you think you can keep an eye on her?" Adrian watches his mother and nods slowly. "I can try, if I have to, I'll lock the place down..." Artemis nods slowly and giving his wife one last look before he leaves. He waste no time summoning Blackfire and rides as fast as he can to High Hrothgar. He can only hope the Graybeards will let him pass, he's not the Dragonborn after all. And it's clear the peaceful monks were not a huge fan of someone like him coming into their fortress. Still none of that matters right now. He needs help and it's not like he has a lot of places to go to. It takes a few hours of hard riding to make his way up the mountain to High Hrothgar. He makes his way inside and glances around. It doesn't take to long to find Arngeir, who was not pleased by this. "What are you doing here?" "Evelyn...something is wrong with her.." Arngeir rises his brow at this and looks around. "Where is she?" "At the collage, she's not in the right state of mind. It's also effecting the other dragons.." Arngeir wasn't sure what to think, but nods slowly. "I shall take you up to Paarthurnax, only to make sure he's well...if you are lying..." Artemis holds up his hands. "I swear." Arngeir just nods slowly at this and slowly leads the way. He had never gone up the path himself, but only those with the power of The Voice could get up there.

Artemis was now stuck behind the old monk for what seemed like hours. He made this trip before with Evelyn years ago. It was still just as cold and dangerous. Still he wishes Arngeir would move just a tiny bit faster. Once they finally reach the top they find Paarthurnax. Arngeir lets out a horrid gasp however as they slowly move closer. The dragon had bashed his head against the Word Wall, the blood was long cold and solid. Arngeir slowly walks up to the dragon. Paarthurnax had been at it for what looked like hours. The Wall showed deep cracks from where he kept hitting the stone. Artemis just stands there, unable to move. This was far worse then what they could imagine. The only thing going through his mind is what his wife was going through. Luckily he left her with their son but still. "I-I'm sorry..." He turns and summons Blackfire. He can't waste his time here knowing his wife was in danger. It was late into the night by the time he had made it back to Winterhold. Adrian had kept her in bed, but he was clearly worried. She spent most of the day trying to find something. But at one point she had just stopped and stared at one spot. It took him a good deal of time to get her to move. Once in bed she had closed her eyes and hadn't moved since. Artemis tells him what they found and Adrian rubs the back of his head.

"So we're are at squire one..." Adrian lets out a low sigh as he tries to think on what to do. From what little he knows and from what he saw, this can only get worse. She'll either harm herself or someone else if this continues. Still there's no way to help if they don't even know what's even wrong with her. After a few minutes of deep thinking an idea pops into his head. "We need to take her to the Sanctuary." Artemis rises his brow at the boy. "If it's something that only effects dragons..." He pauses as he tries to gather his thoughts. "Then Orthjolf will know what might be wrong. He's a vampire and if it's something in her blood...." Artemis nods slowly, not really like the idea of leaving his wife in the hands of a vampire. But as of now they really have nothing to go on. Adrian picks her up, holding her carefully. Every once in awhile her body would twitch. They head outside as Adrian gets onto Shadowmere and Artemis follows after his son. They ride as fast as they can to Dawnstar, not stopping once for any reason. It's still very early in the morning by the time they get Evelyn into the Sanctuary. Adrian makes sure she is safe before heading off to go find Orthjolf. Doesn't take long to find the vampire, busy with something. He gives him a rather toothy smile. "You ran off rather quick." "My mother...somethings wrong." His smile drops and heads into her room to give her a look. However even as a vampire he has no idea what the problem might be. But he can tell something isn't quite right. "Hmm strange, so go into detail on what's going on." Both Artemis and Adrian both tell him what they saw. Between the dragons and her. He rubs his chin lightly as he nods along. "I...see...."

He lets out a low hum. "Well, we have two options here. One is to wait and see what happens. If it really is as bad as you say it is..." He bites at his lip. Artemis is finding it hard to remain still. "I'm not about to just sit back and watch her kill herself, or worse..." The vampire turns to him. "Well then there's option two, I drain her blood and remove the problem for good." Artemis glares at this. "She has no desire to become a vampire." Adrian turns to his father. "There's always a cure. She won't have her Dragonsblood, but she'll still have the soul of a dragon." Orthjolf goes back to rubbing his chin at this. They really don't have any other options. It's either just sit and watch and hope for the best. Which would be a bad idea. Or turn her and remove the problem. If her blood really was the issue. Artemis isn't sure what to do, it's rather bleak no matter what they end up doing about this. He even removed Evelyn's weapons just in case. Because he knows Charon's Claw would take advantage of her state of mind. He sits at her side, brushing her hair back. If nothing else there is a cure to vampirism so it's not like it would be permanent and if she gets angry at realizing she was now a vampire he would point the blame on himself. "Do it..." Watching her twitch in her sleep was making his heart race. Orthjolf nods at this and makes his way over to the still sleeping woman. Normally all he really has to do is give her the virus to turn her. But doing that might not work. He has no choice but to drain her blood completely. It's a bit more risky, but there's something effecting her. And it's something in her blood, but the vampire just can't figure out what it is.

Artemis isn't to pleased by this, but moves out of the way. Orthjolf promises to not harm her and does his job. However he barely take any of her blood before he coughs and spits it out. He coughs a few more times, Adrian patting his back. "You alright?" The vampire just nods slowly and wipes his mouth. "It taste terrible..." He turns his head to spit a few more times. "Oh there's something wrong with her blood all right....never tasted anything like it." He shakes his head a bit. He'll have to drain her, but not drink any. While disease don't effect them, they can still taste it. It doesn't taste right, but he can't really place what it is. Then again if it's something that only effects dragons it might be something completely unknown. So he tries again, unable to drink most of it, but he makes sure to effect Evelyn to turn her. It would still take three days for it to set in. All the while the poor vampire has to go sit somewhere and heave. Artemis returns to his wife's side, but watches his son. He rises his brow as he does his best to help the vampire. But Orthjolf just waves his hand, assuring him he was fine. But it was going to take a long time to get that taste out of his mouth. "Can't say I've ever tasted anything like it..." He had to down a whole bottle of brandy. Adrian even hands him a bottle of blood Babette keeps on hand. Orthjolf takes the offered bottle and drinks slowly. "Still doesn't quiet answer what is going on. Dragons acting strange, even killing themselves...." He glances at Adrian. "It almost sounds like Brain Rot...only worse..." The vampire lets out a low hum at this.

"Honestly didn't think any kind of disease could even effect dragons..." Orthjolf shakes his head slowly. "Whatever is going on, it will only gets worse." Artemis chimes in and Adrian nods slowly. "We may have saved mum, but there's countless dragons out there..." "And only one Dragonborn..." Orthjolf adds in as he slowly gets up. "Not many people are left to deal with the beast..." "The Companions will hunt them down....but even I doubt they could handle it." Adrian lets out a low sound. "I just hope mum pulls through..." "Three days she'll open her eyes." Artemis had been watching the both of them very closely. He could tell there was something going on between the two of them. But now was not the time to bring it up. "First thing is first is just making sure Evelyn is back to normal." That's all Artemis really wants is to have his wife back. He already came close to losing her once before to the Thalmor. Adrian walks over to his father and places his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on her. I have no plans to go anywhere." He pulls up a chair and joins his father. Orthjolf would stay for a bit, but he would have to leave after awhile. He still had to get that taste out of his mouth and feed properly. Once the vampire leave Artemis turns to his son. The boy just blushes and look the other way. "We are going to talk about this once she's well." Adrian just looks down and nods slowly.