Chapter 40:

It was early in the morning, Drizzt hadn't let go of Cattie since they had been reunited. She had been given a new name, but it never felt right so going back to Cattie-brie felt right. They had spent the entire night in one another's arms. He told her everything she missed, his travels, the people he got to meet. How he had been welcomed here with open arms since no one in Nirn knew about Drow. Sure he still got a few odd looks, but it wasn't open hate that he used to get. A few people would ask where he was from. When he told them he grew up underground for a few years. People would just nod and go along with it. No one questioned a colony of elves living underground. They of course spent a few hours making up for lost time. In between those moments he would tell her different things she needed to know about this world and how different it was. He still had moments where he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Having her next to him still didn't feel real. But as she told her side of the story, it started to make more since. She had been reincarnated. She started to figure it out the older she got. Of course she kept this information to herself because the 'parents' she had been born to. Hadn't been that great. She left the moment she had the chance to find her real family. Only to find out there was nothing left. He felt so horrible she had to go through all of that alone. But she was here now, and she was safe in his arms once again.

She was still having a hard time however with the idea of Artemis being so close. Drizzt just chuckles softly, not that he blames her for how she feels. He's had years to get used to it after all. It had taken him some time as well, but they had moved on. He'll never forget what the assassin has done. He wont hold that against the man after all these years. He's no where near as evil as he once was. "I can't believe he's married...and has a son." Drizzt lets out another chuckle as he holds her to his chest. "Aye, I doubt he believes it at times as well. But I've spent time with Evelyn, she's a good woman. Even after all this time people still talk highly of her. She's a hero to the people here." She shakes her head slightly. "It's still hard to believe, but he seems like a good lad." "Adrian is a good man, quiet and tends to keep to himself at times. But he's still learning about the world around him." She moves slightly to look down at him. "He calls you uncle." He smirks at this. "He came up to me when he was five. Asked me if he could call me uncle. I could hardly say no to the boy." She bites her lip but lets out a low sigh. "Artemis is a father...." Drizzt hugs her tightly as he starts laughing. He just rolls her under him and kisses her. He missed her so much, he wanted to spend as much alone time with her as he could.

Elsewhere, Artemis wakes and stretches' out his body. He slowly sits up, looking down at his still sleeping wife. She still had moments where sleeping was impossible. But over the years it seemed to be getting better. She was sleeping deeply, her back to him, her arm hanging off the bed. He trails his fingers over her skin. He could still tell the difference between the old scars and the new ones. They had healed over time but any time he saw them his old anger would rise. Still, he shakes it off. She's fine now, safe and he would never allow anything like that happen again. He leans in, kissing her shoulder before getting out of bed. He washes his face and tries to hunt down where his pants ended up. They really do need to stop throwing their clothes all over. He's made the mistake of grabbing her pants thinking they were his. Only for him to realize they were far to long for him. It takes him a few minutes. Once he was half dressed he checks on her one last time before making his way downstairs. He always tried his best to just let her sleep. Normally he would see oversleeping as lazy. With her however it was a blessing since she would just be awake for months at a time and just be fine with it. That woman worked far to hard at times. He checks the house, to find a note on the table. It was a short note, Adrian had made his way to Dawnstar. Well at least he knew where the boy was. He was capable of looking after himself so Artemis had little to worry about.

Adrian had made his way back to the Sanctuary. He had read a good deal about the Brotherhood. Since he was now a member he figured they would be the best place to go to learn what he wanted to know. Babette was the first to greet him. He wasn't to familiar with vampires. He only came across a few and used his fire against them. He still had his fathers dagger strapped to his side just in case. He knew how to use it, but it was mostly a last resort kind of thing. "So you're interested in Necromancy?" He shuffles as he follows the vampire into the crypts. The old Sanctuary still had coffins lining the walls. "Um...yes, actually." "I'm no expert, my studies was always on Alchemy. However we have a new member that could be of help." The tiny vampire makes her way to a single coffin that was off to the side. She knocks on the lid and it opens to a Nord male. His eyes open, revealing he was a vampire as well. He lets out a yawn as he steps out. "Sister...I believe the sun is still out.." "It went down awhile ago, you need to work on your sleeping schedule." He blinks at this, but shrugs. "This is Orthjolf. He was once employed by Lord Harkon. Not that you would know who that was." More vampires, but Adrian just bows his head. The vampire smiles at this. "A bet wet around the ears aren't you boy? No matter, you're young, which means you'll lean quickly." Babette turns and leaves, she had other things to do that night.

"So, I didn't catch your name.." Adrian jolts at this. "Adrian, my mother is the Listener." Orthjolf tilts his head at this, then lets out a low. "Ahh, Evelyn, she spoke of you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree it seems." Adrian blushes as he looks the other way and the Nord chuckles. "No need to be bashful.." He reaches out, touching his face gently. "You're in good hands..." Adrian feels him shutter at his touch, but doesn't move away as the vampire lets him go. "Lets get you into some proper robes shall we? Then I'll give you a few pointers. I've never taken a liking to magic, but rising the dead is an art." The vampire turns and leads the way, Adrian following after him. The vampire opens a large chest and hands him a pure black robe with a panted skull on it. Adrian takes the robe and changes into it without much thought. The vampire just watches, his eyes roaming over him. "I must be interesting to have not only the Listener, but the Dragonborn as your mother.." Adrian pauses as he fixes his belt. "I don't remember how old I was when I first saw her take down a dragon. But it was something else, seeing her absorb it's soul..." He shakes his head slightly. "She's still my mum though, that's all I see her as. Even if others see her as this grand hero." The Nord lets out a barking laugh. "Aye, no doubt, she's still the woman that brought you into this world. No matter what she's capable of."

Orthjolf takes the boy deeper into the Sanctuary. They kept a few people down below for 'feeding'. They were mostly people no one would really notice missing such as bandits. Adrian wasn't really sure what to think of this, but for some reason it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. Orthjolf picks one of the weaker ones and they head off to a more quiet part of the Sanctuary. Adrian never thought he would be taking notes from a vampire. But he oddly learns a lot for the undead Nord. However he would often get a bit close. He smiles with his fangs, it was a bit strange. Even stranger how it made him feel. As it got close to morning the vampire turns to make his way back to his coffin. "You know, you're welcome to join me." Adrian pauses as he lets out a stutter. "I-um....not interested in becoming a vampire..." He likes the sun and he knows it has a lot of drawbacks. The Nord laughs as he slowly makes his way back over. "Not what I had in mind~" The poor boy, he lets out a low gulp. The vampire tilts his head, then smiles wide. "Ah forgive me, you're young, no doubt you've yet to be with anyone aye?" Adrian bites his lip and nods slowly. "Not to worry, I'll be gentle..." He leads the boy to his coffin. Adrian has no idea why, but he follows, as his his feet had a will of their own. It was a tight fit, but when the lid closed, he felt the Nord make his move. The kiss was hard, but Adrian finds himself slowly melting into it. He lets out a low gasp as the vampire moves to his neck. Adrian moans, he never felt anything like it. But he was enjoying every minute. Orthjolf bites at his skin and he jolts. "Don't worry, I won't take to much. It won't turn you..."

The next day rolls around, Evelyn was standing outside Whiterun. For the last few hours or so she had been keeping an eye on a single dragon. So far it was just kind of circling the area. Even the guards were watching it, wondering what it was planning. However something about the poor thing just didn't seem right. It would lower as if it was about to land. Only for it to pull up at the last minute. She just stands there, arms crossed as she watches, Artemis at her side. "Any idea what's going on?" She shakes her head slowly. "It's either sick, or very confused..." Drizzt soon joins them, bow in hand with Cattie-brie behind him. She blinks as she watches the dragon. It's not the first she's seen, but watching it dive was strange indeed. "Yer the Dragonborn are you not. Shouldn't you be killing the beast?" Evelyn rises her brow at the young woman. "If it was attacking the town, yes. So far it's only crime is that it's just flying around." She didn't make a habit of killing dragons if they were minding their own business. It was a promise she made to Paarthurnax. It soon turns up and heads off, back to wherever it was it came from. They all watch it go as Evelyn shakes her head slightly. "How strange, I do hope the poor thing is okay. I might just follow it and make sure.." Artemis lets out a low sound at this. "Are you sure that's wise?" She just smiles at him. "Aww, I'm sure it'll be fine." He grumbles and looks the other way, trying his best to not blush. She always had to make a big deal over when he worried about her. Cat watches them both, Drizzt wasn't wrong the assassin really had changed. "Alright, I think it made it's way to Eldersblood Peak." Evelyn turns to Artemis. "I'm going to go grab a few things then follow after it." Drizzt nods his head to this. "I'll join you."

She heads home, grabbing Charon's Claw and her Dragonbone Bow. It had taken her awhile to make it. But it quickly became her favorite weapon. Once she made sure she had enough arrows she turns to see Artemis standing at her side. "You're coming with?" His eyes narrow slightly. "Of course." She chuckles slightly as pulls him close, kissing the top of his head. He just grumbles at her slightly. "I love you too, come on." She lets him go and heads out to join Drizzt and Cattie-brie. Drizzt tries to offer her back her bow, but the woman shakes her head. "Keep it.." She had been practicing magic for so long. She wasn't sure if she could still use the bow after all this time. Once the four of them were ready, Evelyn leads the way. She's been to Eldersblood Peak. It wasn't to far from Whiterun. She only wanted to go to make sure the dragon was okay. Seeing it fly the way it did was concerning to say the least. As they walk, Evelyn makes sure to keep clear of the giants camp. Cat turns her head as they walk. "They seem so peaceful..." She still remembers the giants attacking her home. Getting crushed by a boulder, she shivers at the memory. Evelyn turns her head to the woman. "They mostly keep to themselves. If they get to close to the farms the Companions take care of it. But for the most part they don't cause problems." Drizzt leans in slightly. "As long as you don't get close to their mammoths.." Her eyes go wide when she sees one of the beast. Evelyn just chuckles slightly, she had felt the same about them as well.

Evelyn leads the way, Cattie-brie was still doing her best to try and better understand this woman. "So it's true then, you can take the souls of dragons?" Evelyn turns her head at this. "Aye, the first time it happened. I was so surprised, all I remember was feeling this surge of power. Next thing I know a bunch of guards are telling me I was the Dragonborn." She rolls her shoulders back. "I used my abilities to take down Alduin and saved Nirn. I really don't want to think of what would happen if I followed the path Miraak did..." She still has no idea what could have happened. If Alduin destroying this world would create a new one or not. She wasn't one to gamble. They finally reach Eldersblood Peak and she finds the same dragon. It had curled up against the word wall, by the look of it, it was awake. She walks up to the dragon, slowly, holding her hand out. She tries to talk to the beast, but she gets no reply. If it even takes notice of her, it doesn't show any signs. She has no idea what to make of this and shrugs at Artemis. She's about to turn away, when the dragon just freaks out. It lets out a earth shattering roar, and swings it's tail. She doesn't see it coming, until it knocks her to the ground. "Evelyn!" The dragon flaps it's massive wings and takes off. Artemis decides to ignore the dragon and rushes over to his wife. Her head was bleeding, badly. He doesn't have his dagger, so all he can do is use his cloak and slow the bleeding as best he can.

He waste no time summoning Blackfire and rides off with her to get her back to Whiterun. He wasn't about to lose her, not to this. Not after everything they had gone through. He just holds onto her tightly as he rides as fast as his horse could go. Thank the Gods it was magical, he never thought such a thing would pass through his mind. He rushes past the gates and quickly finds the Temple of Kynareth. He finds the local priest and the man rushes over to him. He takes Evelyn and lays her on the nearest bed. He does what he can with his healing magic, closing the wound. It takes a few hours, but she slowly starts to wake up. Artemis was sitting at her side, holding her hand. "You're awake." She winces slightly as she holds her head. "Ow...remind me not to do that again." "Don't do that again." She rolls her eyes at him. "Ha ha..." Her head hurt like hell, making it hard to move. "What happened to the dragon?" "Flew off, for now. If it returns, I'll be sure to take care of it." She chuckles softly as she holds his hand lightly. She would be able to return home after a few hours, but the priest told Artemis to keep an eye on her just in case. She just waves it off, this isn't the worst she's been through but Artemis was going to keep a very close eye on her. Still even as she sat at home she couldn't help but try and figure out what could be wrong with that dragon. It never did respond to her and then knocked her to the ground. The way it was flying and acting, something strange was going on. She just hoped whatever it was, it wouldn't effect her.