My God, it's been one hell of a year since Covid-19 has hit. In the long run it hasn't really changed my life that much. I live in a small town with people that still don't wear mask... >> But for the last almost nine years now I've been working at the same job. The Mc-clown himself. Say what you want it's a job and it's been keeping me safe. Lobby has been closed since last March and been only drive through. But my God the number of people I deal with, CONSTENTLY asking: When are you going to open? It's annoying and old at this point. Not only that but it seems like the last few months have been nothing but news reports of people getting shot. People like me doing our jobs. Like, is it really worth going to jail for the rest of your life because someone askes you nicely to wear a mask. Again it's been a year and people still haven't gotten that simple thing into their minds.

We don't get paid enough for this crap. Honestly I really don't want to leave my house and go. Gee I wonder if someone will lose their s**t and start shooting the place. Again I am glad I live in a very small town so the chances of that happening are low. But ******** is it scary. All people have been doing this whole year is try and do their job. All while taking care of a bunch of adults who want to act like children who want to play in the sandbox. People are more angry, and I've noticed they tend to take it out of people close to them. A.K.A me when something simple happens. Prices to high? Yell at the order taker like its our fault. It's been a lot, and it just feels like the longer this goes the worse it gets.