Chapter 21: {A nicer Thieves Guild [X] Also wahmbulance }

Evelyn ends up waking early, tough it's hard to tell being downstairs. She turns her head, seeing Artemis sound asleep next to her. The hard lines that are more custom to frowning are smooth for a change. He rarely cracks a smile, but every once in awhile she gets a laugh out of him which is good enough in her book. But she understands he's gone through a lot. She watches him for a moment, before getting up. The sun was barely up, so she grabs a robe and stands on her deck. She enjoys the early morning, the quite, the simple song birds waking up. Not many people come out this way, so she doesn't have to worry about anyone seeing her. She takes in a slow deep breath, it reminds her of a more simpler time. She gets lost in the moment, when she hears the door open slightly. She turns to see Artemis in only his pants. "Did I wake you?" He gives her an odd look, but shakes his head. "I woke up and you were gone...figured you were out here." He joins her, leaning on the railing. She smiles warmly at him as she stands with him. "I love watching the sun rise. I don't spend as much time camping as I used to. Hell even when I had a home I think I spent more time outside. But it's nice to have a place to call home." He just looks out at the lake, watching dragonflies dart around. Artemis has never had a home, but he's slowly getting used to the idea. He has a place to stay, and he doesn't have to worry about anyone taking it. "Never had a place to call my own. My place was always the road. But this isn't half bad.." She leans over to him, kissing the side of his head. "Aw I'm rubbing off on ya." She turns and heads inside to get dressed.

He scowls, but follows after her. Once they were ready, she leads the way. Near the main gate there's a grate no one uses. She opens it, and heads down. Artemis can't help but glance around before he drops down as well. He makes it down, to see they were in a large sewer. However it didn't have the same smell. It smelt of wet stone, moss, and smoke. The place was well lit and he sees an area has been set up as a bar. The place is full of thieves, all dressed in leather armor. Brynjolf smiles the minute she walks in. "Lass.." She tilts her head at him. "I never pictured you as an early riser." "I'm not, I didn't sleep a wink!" She just shakes her head at him. "Oh Gods...." "He's been to hyper.." Vex says, looking bored as always. Karliah walks over and Evelyn smiles and hugs the elf. "It's good to see you." Artemis doesn't miss how tightly the female elf hugs her back. "I came the minute Brynjolf told me he found Mercer's map." Evelyn nods and pulls out the map. She points out all the places that had been marked off. They then work out who will go where and how many people should go. It's agreed, two people each will span out to each location. Evelyn agrees to go to Irknthamz since she knows where that is. Once it's all settled, the group head out and start to spread out. The guards had never seen so many of them move out like this. Irknthamz was the place that once held the Eyes of the Falmer.

From what she could see, they wouldn't have to go into the old ruin. There was a cave behind the ruin where Mercer had hid his loot. He must have had put it there thinking he would make it out alive and made plans to head out once he won. The gull of the man, she's glad he's dead. They head north, at least this time, they can use horses so they ride off, with her leading the way. Irknthamz was some miles west of Windhelm, getting there shouldn't really be much of an issue. She just hopes that the bandits haven't decided to take over once again. They ride north, using the road that lead to Windhelm. Following the road is the easiest way. They make it half way, when she hears an all to familiar sound. She stops riding as she turns her head up. Artemis pauses next to her, looking up as well. It takes a few minutes before they hear the roar of a dragon. She lets out a low sigh as she jumps down from Shadowmere as she glances around. "I hear it, but I don't see it..." Artemis covers his eyes as he looks to sky. All of a sudden, a huge dragon swoops down from out of the clouds and she's forced to fall to the ground. Once the dragon passes them, she slowly picks herself up. "Gods damn dragon!" Artemis had to do the same thing and even takes a minute to dust himself off. "They're getting smarter.." "You think!?" She waits for it to turn before sucking in her breath. "JoorZahFrul!" Dragonrend hits the beast and the dragon roars again as the Shout forces it to the ground some feet away from them.

Using Charon's Claw in one hand and using a powerful lightning bolt in her left hand. She uses the shocking magic against the dragon as it tries to snap at her. The dragons jolts from the shock as she swings out her sword. Artemis, still using Dawnbreaker was able to cut into the dragons leg, leaving behind a deep burn mark. Another roar echo's across the field. The dragon turns it's head to try and bite at Artemis, but she swings the powerful blade across the dragons serpent like neck. The sharp blade cuts through like butter and the dragon falls over dead. She takes a step back as Artemis does the same. He's still getting used to watching the dragon turn to ash in front of his eyes and her taking it's soul. She wavers a bit as she holds her head and he slowly walks up to her. He holds her steady as she has another vision.She finds herself laying in snow. It reminds her of when she was brought back from Sovngarde. Even the mass of dragons are there, taking flight now that Alduin is dead. However as she slowly rises, she doesn't see Paarthurnax. She sees a large dragon. As it looks back at her it takes her a moment to realize she's looking into her soul. The part of her that was once a living dragon. It seems more at ease then before. The pain is gone, but she can still feel this great sense of loss. The dragon bows it's head to her and that's the last thing she sees. Her eyes flutter a bit as she holds her head, feeling dizzy. She ends up having o hold onto Artemis tightly.

She needs to sit down before she ends up puking all over the place. "Oh Gods why is everything spinning?" He helps her down slowly, even handing her a waterskin. She drinks it slowly, taking her time. It takes a few minutes for everything to stop spinning. "Thanks.." He had the right of mind to sit her on a log. He joins her, keeping his eyes on her. "What did you see?" He knows by now every once in awhile she has visions thanks to the souls she takes. She rubs the back of her head lightly. "Me....well the dragon part of me. I think it's...happy. Well it's in a better place then before at least. Still it's a far better sight then feeling like I'm about to die.." Her poor stomach still hurts just thinking about it. "At any rate, I think it was just a way of saying everything is fine now...which honestly is a nice feeling." She blinks her eyes a few times however. "I'll be fine as soon as everything stops spinning.." He places his hand on her back, which helps a bit. Once everything settles, she slowly gets onto her feet, ready to go once again. Seeing that she'll be okay, he joins her back on the road. Once they find Irknthamz she makes her way to the back of the ruin. It wasn't to hard to find the cave and they head in. She uses a mage light as they walk in. The cave slopes down until they reach the back where a large chest laid. She checks the area for traps before she picks the lock to the chest. The thing is packed with all kinds of loot. From gems, gold, circlets, necklaces, to enchanted weapons. He had it all in this chest. "I wonder how he planed to take this with him...there's so much here."

She sits there for a moment, looking every thing over. From the gems, to even the necklaces. Most of it looks old, no doubt Mercer had been squirreling it away over time. "Gods he must have planed this from the start..." She finds a scroll near the bottom on the chest. It was a slight plan to take this loot to a ship docked in Windhelm. "Hmm, seems he had a boat waiting for him. Wonder if it's still there, might be worth checking out." It was mostly likely one plan out of many just in case things went south. Still she wonders just what else this man had up his sleeve. The only thing to really do now is split the loot and take it with them. Once the chest was empty they leave the cave. "We'll head for Windhelm and check the docks." She makes her way to Shadowmere, quietly waiting for them. She climbs on as Artemis joins her. She blinks as he sits behind her. It was just his way of keeping his eyes on her without saying that's what he was doing. She chuckles slightly at this but keeps her own mouth shut. She turns the horse and makes their way toward Windhelm, which doesn't really take long at all. Once in the city she looks at the scroll Mercer left behind. "Oh Gods..." Artemis rises his brow at her as they walk. "He named the damn boat, The Gray Fox...." He doesn't seem to get the joke here, but that was no surprise. "The Gray Fox was once a well known thief back in the day. Mercer idolized the man...woman, I don't think anyone knew." The Gray Fox was a person that was alive some two-hundred years ago. "I wonder what happened to that cowl.." "Cowl?" "It's said that the old leaders of the guild, wore the Cowl of Nocturnal. There was a time where it was a cured item. Anyone that wore it, their name would be removes from history, even from the Elder Scrolls themselves, that's how powerful it was."

Once they reached the docks, she finds an Argonian named Scouts-Many-Marches. The lizard looks up and smiles when she walks over to him. "Hello honored friend, what can I do for you?" "I'm looking for a boat called the Gray Fox.." He scratches at his chin for a minute. "I remember that ship, they had to move it to Dawnstar, it was getting in the way." Evelyn crosses her arms as her eyes go wide. "Wait, I know which ship you're talking about. There's this huge ship docked there, I was wondering who owned it, but none of the guards had any idea." She smiles brightly as she gives the man some gold. "Thank you for your help my friend." He gives her a surprised look, but takes the gold. "Any time, I should be thanking you for everything you've done for us." She thanks him again before heading off. "I know what ship he's talking about now, some time ago this huge ship was brought in. I figured they must have been holding onto it for it's owner. Seeing he's kind of dead now, it belongs to the guild." She's been wanting to go see what was in that ship for the longest time. Not wanting to waste any time she makes her way through the small city, to a house. Hidden in the garden was one of the teleporting circles Savos had created. Why this spot she would never really know. Once Artemis joins her she holds out a soul gem. Once they were inside the tower, she just quickly uses another soul gem to get them to Dawnstar. Once outside the tiny village she leads the way to the large ship. At first, it looks like all the other ships in the area, only this looks more new compared to the others. The guards don't even stop her from going on board.

The inside is huge, larger then she thought it would be. Artemis follows after her as they explore the interior. The ship was equipped with a large kitchen, stacks of food, rooms for the servants. The bottom haul of the ship was made to hold large crates, no doubt for all the loot Mercer had planned to take with him. They continue to explore until they reach a single room, blocked by a double door. She picks the lock and it's the master bedroom. Evelyn lights the nearby candles to get a better look. It was beyond fancy, a large king size bed, covered in a fine silk. Curtains, fine rugs, books lined the walls. Maps of all kinds, some she's never seen. Empty containers line the room. Seems Mercer never go the chance to outfit the ship. "Well it's fancy, but it doesn't look like he had the chance to bring his loot into the ship.." She pokes through a dresser, only finding a few clothes inside. "Still I can't imagine how much he paid for this thing, the bed alone..." She runs her fingers over the soft blankets. She smirks slightly as she turns to Artemis. "We can keep this you know, use it as our own get away, no one else knows about it." He gives her an odd look as she walks over to him. He doesn't move as she starts to help him out of his armor. He starts to get the idea as he starts to work himself out of the armor. She pulls off her own armor as she throws it to the side. She giggles softly as she shoves Artemis onto the bed, removing everything he was wearing. He places his hand on her cheek as he pulls her in, kissing her deeply.

Staying on top of him, she straddles his hips as she leans her body back. She smiles down at him as she pulls her tunic over her head. The shirt is thrown to the side as he watches her closely. He's not about to stop her as his hands travel up her body. She moves slightly to remove her pants, as well as her own. Once they were both naked, she places herself right back over his hips as she leans down, kissing him again. He runs his fingers through her hair as his other hand travels over her hip. He moans through the kiss as she moves her hips over him, slowly at first. He grips her tightly as he rolls his own hips up, entering her quickly. She lets out a small gasp, but he pulls her back down. In order to keep her balance she places her hand on his chest as she starts to roll her hips over him. His own matching her pace as they move together. He tightens his hold on her just slightly as he bites at her lower lip. He's trying not to be wry about having her on top of him, considering what almost happened to him last time. But he shakes the thought away quickly. He knows for a fact she wouldn't try to kill him. He pants deeply as he starts to lose himself to the rhythm. He leans his head back as his eyes close. He pants deeply as she starts to move faster over him. She leans back as she lets out a soft moan, her climax washing over her in a flood of pleasure. It's not long before he joins her as he holds her in place.

She takes a moment to catch her breath before she lays down next to him on the bed. She chuckles slightly as she looks him over. "Something tells me I should do that more often." He places his arm under his head as he looks at her. "I won't be against it." She smirks as she lays her head on a pillow. Her eyes turn to one of the maps. "I wonder where he planed to go with this ship. I mean he could have gone anywhere and we would have never been the wiser..." Which brought up a strange question. "I wonder who made this ship...I wonder if Maven knew about this.." When the guild had fallen on hard times, they had to rely on Maven to stay afloat. However now that the guild is back on it's feet, she no longer has any control over them anymore. "Well Mercer has been stealing from the guild for twenty-fiver years so he had plenty of time to hire people to not only make the ship. But to keep quiet about it.." She runs her hand over the bed. "As well as buy whatever he wanted for it." The bed was far softer then anything she's laid on. Well it was a nice bed. She shrugs her shoulders slightly. "Belongs to us now I guess, unless you want to burn the thing down. I'm so up to burning this thing." He rises his brow at her. "Later." He was strangely for it. Payback for what he went through with his last trip on a ship. But it can wait, he wouldn't mind using the bed a few more times.