Chapter 22: {Todays mod, a better home in Windhelm [X] Also wahmbulance }

Some hours had past and the two assassin were still in the large bed, enjoying themselves. Evelyn had raided the kitchen just moments ago and brought a large plate of food. They have just been laying back on large pillows, eating. She also managed to grab a large bottle of wine. Which they have just been drinking out of the bottle. "Hmm you think this is what they mean by living the high life? Because if this is it, I can get used to it." Artemis rises his brow at her, they have been laying here naked for some time now. However neither one seemed to be in a rush to get dressed. As long as she kept the fire going it wasn't half bad. "Just throw in some bad music and we'll be right at that line." She laughs softly at this as she takes a bite of an apple dumpling she found. "Yeah that sounds about right. Back home, we don't have Jarls, we have counts. There's this one fellow, can't think of his name but he's in charge of Leyawiin. It's as south as you can get before hitting Black Marsh. Anyways, for some reason he paid this poor b*****d to play this..." She pauses, trying to remember what it was. "I don't remember what this thing was, but it was so huge the poor guy couldn't play it properly. But...he was still into it. It was widely rumored he was a bit off in the head. I don't think he's in charge anymore.." Artemis just shakes his head slightly, eating some grilled leeks. "Guess it's better then one noble who thought it was a great idea to keep a bear as a pet...I don't think they ever found his body or the bear." He coughs slightly as he tries not to chuckle. It never fails to amuse him how stupid some nobles are. They think money can save them from everything.

It was late into the night, they hadn't left the ship. Artemis had always done what he could to stay away from that sort of thing. It was such a waste, he saw what it can do to people. He saw what it did to the halfling Dondon and he can't help but shutter. There's a reason gluttony and greed are a sin. Something Evelyn doesn't seem to have a problem with. There's a line line between relaxing. Which is what they are doing at the moment. And just being pure lazy. He quietly munches on his snack, thinking back to everything that's happened to him. It's surprising how much he's changed, he wonders if most of that change is mostly due to Jarlaxle. But it's a mix, between the dark elf and everything else he's been through. "I've never spoken of Drizzt." Her head turns slightly. "He was a dark elf, much like Jarlaxle, a Drow. Our paths first crossed when I was chasing after Regis. We were fighting when the ground under us gave out. Trapped, we were forced to work together, but in the end I tricked him, stole his figurine of a panther, as well as captured Regis. I wanted a rematch..." She sits up slightly, turning her body to him. "In all my life, I never met anyone that was my equal in battle. But Drow are a race of warriors, they have countless years to perfect their skills. Our paths crossed again, in my homeland. He almost got the better of me because of his friends.." His mouth twitches at the thought. "I wanted to prove something...maybe it was just pride. But I got the fight I wanted and even then the people around me interfered. I don't even have proof he's really dead. Maybe Jarlaxle just made it look that way so I could 'move on'." Her head was on her hand, keeping her eyes on him as he spoke.

"I hate to say it, but I think it worked." He scowls, but she's not wrong. Seeing Drizzt's life blood was enough to knock some sense into him. He still wanted to prove he could kill the elf on his own, but that chance had past. There really wasn't a point anymore. He had nothing to prove. Artemis is willing to admit he was wrong on some points. But that doesn't mean he has to say it out loud. "I wonder if I should count Miraak as my rival. He was Dragonborn like I was, he just followed a different path. Then again I didn't even know about him until two of his cultist came after me. Not the wisest idea to attack someone, near a ton of guards.." She still couldn't believe they were that blind to what was around them. "Still, if things hadn't gone the way it did, I wonder what I could have learned. I probably would have known sooner about the whole immortal thing. But I'm okay with not being stuck in Apocrypha." She's more then okay with not ever going in there again. She's slowly starting to feel tired as she lets out a low yawn. Much to her surprise he leans over a touch, his arm pulling her close. She blinks but leans against him as she closes her eyes. "The way I see it, there's nothing to prove anymore." He glances down at her but she says nothing else as she falls asleep against him. He clears off the bed before he ends up joining her. Though he would wake up every once in awhile if the boat starts to sway to much.

When morning came, she lived up to her promise to burn the ship down. Only after making sure they had found anything worth taking. They even stand back and watch the ship sink into the water. The guards couldn't really do anything to safe the ship. Not that anyone seemed to bothered by the loss. Once the ship was gone they turn and start to make their way south. "I wonder what the others found." She pulls out a large diamond, looking at it through the sunlight. "Wonder what we should do with it, I know most of it will go back into the vault.." She rubs her chin a bit. "Maybe we'll build a proper guild hall, like on the outside of Riften." It's just an idea, but they made the sewer their home, as odd as it sounded. They walked for a few miles before decided to travel the rest of the way on horse back. She knows well enough it's going to be awhile before the others make their return. Still she can place what she found in the vault for the time being. As they start to get closer to Windhelm however she slows down a touch. For the last few minutes she's been feeling strongly off. Soon Arvak stops completely as she places her hand on her head. Her head is spinning like crazy and she feels ungodly hot. Like she's running a fever. It rare for her to get sick, but this is something else. Maybe it was different now, who can say, but it's slowly getting to her. Artemis turns back just in time to see her fall of her horse. Arvak jumps back slightly as it turns and gives her a slight nudge. "Evelyn!" Artemis jumps down from his own horse as he ruses over to her. He places his hand on her, but quickly has to pull away. It takes a bit of effort but he slowly gets her back on the horse. He tugs Arvak as he leads the horse to Windhelm.

When they got close to the city, a few guards see them and rush over to help. "What happened?" Artemis gives him a helpless shrug. The guard picks her up, looking her over. "We should get her to the temple." She jerks slightly as her eyes fly open. "Wha...where...?" She looks up to see a guard holding her. "Put me down..." He quickly does so as she shakenly stands on her own. "Dragonborn, are you well?" The guard stays close, while keeping his hands to himself. "I'm....fine..." She feels her body sway. "Think I'll make my way to my house..." Artemis lends his shoulder to her as they slowly make their way to the main gates of the city. She just points the way as he walks down the narrow alleyways till they reach a large house. He gets the doors open as she points upstairs. Artemis just holds onto her tightly as they make the slow journey up the stairs to where the master bedroom was. He slowly lays her down and she passes out the minute she touches the bed. He's unsure of what to do here. She's still in her Nightingale Armor and everything. It takes him a moment to figure out how to get the armor off her body. He had to be careful, her skin was so hot it almost burnt his own. Once he got the armor off he heads back down to the main floor of the house. He finds a large water barrel and gets a bucket of cold water. He makes the trip back up the stairs and finds a large cloth he could use. He soaks the sloth and lays it on her head. It doesn't stay wet for long as he frowns. Her fever is beyond what he's capable of handling on his own.

He has no idea how to help her, but she doesn't seem to be destressed by whatever is happening to her. He just sits there, maybe she'll get over it herself. He has no idea how she normally deals with fevers, but in time it might just burn itself out. All he can really do is stay close and make sure she's okay. And for the most part she seems fine, just really out of it. After a few hours, the only thing he can really do is just let her sleep. So he takes this time to go explore the house. He's never seen this one, but it's big. The second floor has a lot of space, a nice looking bookshelf. A few mannequins displaying armors, and weapons were hung up. There's not much to the upstairs, so he makes his way downstairs. Next to the water barrel he found is a garden and a table next to it to make potions. Several different flowers were in bloom. There's a back room with it's own space for smithing. An extra guess room and a door that lead to a small hot spring outside. It's a nice house, it's not as fancy as the one she has in Solitude, but it's a close. Seems she spent a good deal of time here with everything she keeps here. Though she's never spoken of it. Then again she rarely talks about all the places she has. She just leaves it up to surprise for some reason. He glances at the kitchen as well as the large dinner table. Once he fully explores the area he goes back up to check on her. At some point in her sleep she managed to kick off her pants and remove her tunic. She's now only sleeping in her smalls.

In spite of what little she's wearing, she looks comfortable at least. She's still sound asleep for the most part. She remains that way for a few more hours before she slowly starts to come around. Her eyes flutter as she looks around. She doesn't really remember where she is at the moment. She lets out a tired groan as she runs her hand through her hair. She feels awful, she just wishes it wasn't so damn hot. She looks around slowly to see Artemis close by. "Where are we?" He rises his brow at her. "You're home in Windhelm.." It takes her a minute. "Hjerim...right..." She licks her lips, Gods she could use a drink of water. "Could you maybe get me some water?" He still has some nearby and offers her a cup. She takes it slowly and takes a long slow drink before handing the cup back to him. She slowly lays back down. "I'm not going to lie...I've never felt this bad before.." He frowns slightly as he leans forward in his chair. "Should I go get you a priest?" Her eyes flutter, as if she's trying to stay awake. "I' fine. I doubt there's much they can do for me.." As weird as it was, she's almost sure she's not sick. But that leaves the question of what really is going on if that's not the case. Something only the Dragonborn go through, she can't help but laugh at the irony. More crap she doesn't know. "I'll live, if I don't drown the bed in my own sweat..." It's a bit gross but she can go take a bath once she's feeling more up to it.

When she ends up falling asleep again, she feels like she's flouting. It's a strange feeling, but it feels, free. She's unsure where she is, but it's feels like flouting on water. It's relaxing, soothing, almost hypnotic. Her dreams always make little sense when she's not feeling well. Yet it's different this time. She's not even really sure she's dreaming or even what's going on. The next time she wakes up, it's morning. She jerks a bit as she slowly sits up, looking around the room. Artemis is sound asleep in a chair. He didn't even realize he had fallen asleep until he feels a gentle hand on his cheek. He snaps awake quickly, tilting his head up. Something seems off about the woman. Her eyes are on him, but there's this strange faraway look to them. He frowns a bit, but before he can ask if she's okay, she knocks him to the ground, chair and all. He flails his arms as he hits the ground, letting out a low grunt. His hands hold her sides as he tries to get up, but her own hands are all over him. She kisses him deeply, he to surprised to think of what to really do. But she waste no time removing what little clothes he was wearing. She throws the chair to the side, keeping him on the floor. He has no idea what's going on, but it's hard to fight against her. She has him pinned as her hands roam his body. He lets out a low sound as she grinds against him. She pulls away from the kiss, giving him a chance to watch her. She looks like she's in control, so he kind of goes along with it.

Her skin is so warm to the touch as her lips travel his neck, to his collar bone. He shutters as she leaves love bites against his skin. He lets out a low gasp as she sides herself onto him and soon starts to move against him. It's not the first time he's made love to someone on the floor. But he oddly finds he enjoys this far more then he ever did with Calihye. Maybe it's because he cares more, or that his mind is more free from the flute. Either way he's not about to ask questions. It's a strange feeling to completely trust someone as much as he does. But Evelyn is on the top of that list. He pants deeply as he places his hands on her hips. He rocks against her, leaning his head back. All the while her soft lips travel over his neck, making him shiver from her touch. Even when she reaches her climax, she doesn't pause. She just seems to pick up the pace slightly. It was intense, making it hard to hold back but against her quick rhythm and everything else he quickly loses himself in her. But even then she hardly seems to slow down. Whatever kind of energy she has, it's also effecting him so he finds himself hard once again, ready for round two. This goes on, for several more rounds before she slumps against him. By now it was high noon and they were both just laying on the floor. She was sound asleep again as he just lays there, wondering what in the world that was all about. After a minute or so he slowly gets up, placing his hand on her shoulder. She jerks awake slightly, her eyes fluttering. It takes her a minute, but she slowly sits up.

She has no idea how she ended up on the floor. Let alone on the floor naked. She's just happy the floor has a nice soft rug on it. She shakes her head slightly as she rubs her temple. "My head is spinning..." It takes a moment for the feeling to pass before she turns to him. He's just watching her, quietly. "I feel like I missed something.." He slowly gets onto his feet, offering his hand to her. She takes his hand and he helps her up as well. "You said you had a hot spring?" She blinks at this as she slowly nods. "Aye, on the main floor." She turns and leads the way. There's a door off to the side that leads outside. On the wall of the stairway is a shelf full of drying cloths. She opens the door and quickly gets into the hot water. He joins her, looking around the small area. It was blocked by the surrounding wall so no one could peak. So no need to worry about anyone seeing them. He leans back in the water, still keeping a close on on her. She still seems out of it, and has no idea what just happened just moments ago. He wants to ask, but he's not even sure where to start. So for now he just lets this slide, after all he normally left it to Jarlaxle to sleep with dragons. So this was a first for him, maybe there's something more then he knows about. She's never had a lover before, so that might have something to do with it. A sudden urge that struck her while she just wasn't feeling to well, who knows. "Are you feeling any better?" She glances up at this. "Aye, kind of...a few minutes in the hot spring will help." He agrees and just lays back, making sure to keep an eye on her every once in awhile.