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My News
Anything about me. Weather I: Got a new haircut, got a new item, got a new bf, got a new (something) Or (Something) happened, this will be anything I expeirence, etc.
Concept teams:
Needs: Cleric (HP), Warrior (Attack), Mage (Special Attack), Knight (Defense), Sorcerer (Special Defense), Assassin (Speed)

Tier: Uber
Team 1: Kyurem (Fighting, Rock, Steel) Deoxys (Bug, Ghost, Dark) Genesect (Fire) Palkia (Dragon) Arceus-Electric (Ground) Manaphy (Electric, Grass)

Warrior: Deoxys (Attack form)
Cleric: Manaphy
Sorcerer: Palkia
Mage: Kyurem
Knight: Arceus Electric
Assassin: Genesect

Team 2: Darkrai (Fighting, Bug) Kyogre (Electric, Grass) Thundurus (Ice, Rock) Genesect (Fire) Palkia (Dragon) Arceus-Ghost (Ghost, Dark)

Team 3: Mewtwo (Bug, Ghost, Dark) Groudon (Water, Grass, Ice) Dialga (Ground, Fighting) Genesect (Fire) Palkia (Dragon) Arceus-Fighting (Flying, Psychic)

Tier: OU
Team 1: Dragonite (Ice, Rock, Dragon) Espeon (Bug, Ghost, Dark) Gastrodon (Grass) Conkeldurr (Flying, Psychic) Forretress (Fire) Blissey (Fighting)

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