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My News
Anything about me. Weather I: Got a new haircut, got a new item, got a new bf, got a new (something) Or (Something) happened, this will be anything I expeirence, etc.
Dream Inventory:
White Body Dye
Jumbo Mouse Ears
Year of the Rat

Masquerade x3

The Case of Pietro
Compass of Seidh
Little Lucie
Saint Ciel: Agape

Modus Operandi
Faustine's Bottle
Sdplus #368 Dice
Apple Rendevous

Lady Luck
Keiko's Cake

Band of Bremen

Sweet Porridge

Dainty Porridge

Bitter Porridge
Runcible Spoon

Wanted items from each rig:

(Adventure Time rig)
Vampire Sound
Sugar Royalty

(Astra Metamorphosis)
Petite Glasswings
Cruel Night Wings

(Astra Metamorphosis Deux)
Roseate Monarch Wings

(Animal Quackers)
Sdplus #165 The Sentinel
Sdplus #9 Rina

(Arcana Break)
Velvetine's Reading
Brave Temperence
Devilish Dancer
Starlit Promise
Laced Blessings
Infinite World

(Azrael's Trickbox)
Nightfall Soiree

(Bitter Frost)
The Sandman
Jade Rabbit
Sdplus #253 The Sandman
Sdplus #255 La Dragonne

(Champion Halls)
Artistic Freedom
Dazzling Cheer
Professor Westart
Sdplus #405 Kricket

(Cirque Du Gothique)
La Sanguine
Gothique Harlequinn
Sdplus #230 Valda the Marvelous
Sdplus #220 The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster

(Club Limbo)
Dice Bunny
Madam Goblin Spider
Suited Couture
Lucky Suits

(Code Alpha)
Prized Possessions
Creeping Vine
Lady Chimes

(Cryptic Path)
Benevolent Bakeneko
Little Yeti

(Culinary Coliseum)
Bonbonieru Konpeito
Cupcake Darling
Hip Hop Snake
Maraschino Cherry

(Crystal Overdrive)
Tragic Melody
Yakisoba Shift
Amethyst Diamond Dog
Roseus Diamond Dog
Lethal Yandere
Sour Tsundere
Majoko Mariko
Blue Rubble Stockings
Sdplus #267 Elpis
Sdplus #272 Majoko Mariko
Sdplus #277 Dahlia

(Dark Reflection)
Kanoko's Dark Reflection

(Dark Reflection 2)
Melodious Witchcraft
The Sandman's Dreams
Kanoko's Illusions
Little Sister
Ghastly Triplet
Kallida Kumiho
Margravine of Autumn
Pale Triplet
Sickly Triplet
Sdplus #408 Bloody Mary

(Deja Mood)
Hero Manner
Princess Manner
Rival Style
Monster Style

(Digital Rainbow)
Ebony and Ivory
Hanakage's Dance
Jubilant Flight gift
Kandi Kitten
Lite Rainbow
Raiven Noire
The Loony Hatter
Sdplus #394 Vector
Sdplus #388 Pixel

(Double Rainbow)
Frolocking Pastel
Rosa Romance
Jittery Jill
Verde Vixen
The Dark Ringmaster
Sdplus #304 Jittery Jill
Sdplus #308 Rainbow Lisa

(Emerald Seed)
Oison's Blessing
Purple Tam Beret
Cream Tam Beret

(The Eternal Rivals)
Heartful Punch
Violet Trigger
Wolf of Southtown
Sdplus #284 Dominika
Sdplus #288 Mizuki
Sdplus #90 Pepper and Mint
Sdplus #291 Mikan

(Famestar Hero)
Monochrome Keido
Happy Melody
Keiongaku Style
Yakisoba dare
String Ensamble
Bellissimo Pianoforte
Sheryl Orange
Swan Song
Chemical Love
Metal's Last hope
Peisinoe's Discant
Sdplus #80 Sheryl Orange

(Famestar Masquerade)
Candy POP Dancer
Midnight Rainbow
Ode to the Studio Killer
Sassy Bass
Ace Bass
Cool Bass
Perky Melody
Gothic Passion

(Final Line)
Detective Princess
Little Law
Majokko Dorobo
Big Sister

(Final Reign)
Sdplus #219 Gloriana
Charlemagne's Heart
Her Raiding Majesty

(Forgotten Reverie)
Princess Estelle
Sdplus #401 Keiko
Onei the Dark Unicorn

(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
FMAB Ling Yao
FMAB May Chang
FMAB Winry Rockbell

(Gauntlets & Goblins)
Danseuse Enchantee 399k
Clerical Nurse 258k

(Gee Boi Turbo)

(Guardian totem)
Bad Dog Leash
Clinohumite Diamond Dog
Topaz Diamond Dog
Sdplus #399 Hex the Spider Spirit
Sdplus #346 Thea the Unicorn Spirit
Shika Deer

(Hell Prison)
Dante's Divine Verdict
Fall of the Evening Star
Playful Succubus
Decayed Skullheads
Sdplus #054 Katsumi
Sdplus #103 Azrael
Sdplus #118 Pale Marrionette
Sdplus #238 Judas

(Impractical Gala)
Saber Feidae
Dyrfinna the All-Wise
Froufrou France
Grand Victorian
Luxurious Elizabeth
Sdplus #423 Lady Evangeline
Sdplus #425 Dyrfinna the All-Wise
Sdplus #430 Joey Fuschia

Sdplus #21 Meredith
Shibuya Nobody
Magical Mender

(Lonely Star)
Sdplus #99 Kanoko
Happy Capsule

(Lost Chapter)
Geek Chick
Sinful Scarlet

(Lost Starseed)
Skuzy the Moga
Star Tamer

(Lost Starseed II)
Melodee the Moga
Sweetish the Moga

(Love charm)
Sdplus #5 Vanessa
Vittoria's Intimates
Sweet Pea

(Love charm II)
White russian
Doki Doki Deito
Mod Concentric
Chocaholic Cream Fondue
Chocaholic Fondue

(Love charm III)
Flora's Gift

(Luna's Incense)
Sdplus #97 Mona
Sdplus #192 Daisy
Kanoko's Nightmares
Der Sandman

(Midsummer Swirl)
Nice Style for Work

(Neon Core)
Latrans Trickster
Mod Geisha
Comet Candy
Sdplus #240 Starbabies Biv

Wendy's Care
Furious Lost Boy
Vigilant Lost Boy 55k
Stoic Lost Boy
Button's Tea Party
Sdplus #325 Wendy
Sdplus #326 Tink
Snowy White Lass

(Perfect Tragedy)
Hyde's Bloodlust
Jekyll's Morality
Midnight Club
Cerynitian's Blessing

(Poseidon's Legacy)
Sdplus #46 Mirai

(Puella Magi Madoka Magica rig)
Madoka Magica: Madoka Ultimate
Madoka Magica: Mitakihara Middle School Uniform
Madoka Magica: Madoka Kaname
Madoka Magica: Mami Tomoe
Madoka Magica: Homura Akemi
Madoka Magica: Kyoko Sakura

(Radiant Galaxy)
Cassiopeia's Vanity
Forgotten Zodiac Ophiuchus
Gemini Twins
Lady Lunar
Sdplus #354 Cassiopeia

(Radio Havoc)
Kaede's Hope
Butterfly's Lament
Keionpanku Style
Sdplus #380 The Hazmats Butterfly
Sdplus #382 The Hazmats Mizuki
Sdplus #385 New Waves Deinony

(Revolution Dawn)
Pious Cleric

(Revolution Midnight)
Charismatic Dancer
Petulant Enchanter 815k

(Runic Challenge)
Lovely Lovely Lady
Sweet Frosting
Kaede's Hope
Takkun's Wild Side

(The Screen King)
Princess Harmony
Sdplus #296 Sunny Sally
Her Plundering Majesty

(Trinket Heart)
Soft Lil Leoli
Sparkling Bright Lights 20k
Decadent Frosting
Yo-Yo Mi 10k
Yo-Yo Yu 10k
Blue Babushka
Sdplus #418 Melody
Melodious Cantata

(Seven Seas)
Whim Sea
Her Pillaging Majesty
Sdplus #446 Princess Merina

(Ship Happens)
Ai No Taisen
A New Year
Guertera's Witch
Happy End
Princess of the World
Rapturous Union
Super Level Academy
Sweetheart Admirer
Priscilla the Perfect
Heart VS Mind

(Snow Apple)
Thimble's Tea Party

(Suspicious Package)
Box of Totally Innocent Objects

(Valefor Academy)
Miko Gakko
Sdplus #310 Lady Alzbeta
Sdplus #313 Professor Hana

(Wrath of Gaia)
Solar Mage
Celestial Emissary
Rainy Day
Toxic Kitten

(Cash shop items)
Dark Heart
Cafe Miam 385k
Parcel Post 350k
Gaia Anniversary Flashback 540k
Serpentine Rainments
Luminous Pangea 299 Gaia cash
Dread Ocean
Tamed Twister
Cherry Flare
299 Gaia cash
Paramour's Break 189k
Rosamund's Redemption
Ritzy Dame
Polar Tear
Minty Kisses
Blushing Light charmer
Aamira the Serene
Ultra Satan
Team Aekea Uniform
Team Barton Uniform
Team Gambino Uniform
Love's Warrior
Pistolera's Revenge
Saint ciel: Eros
Rosamund's Revenge 2nd. gen
Sainte Ciel Storge
S-Pop club: Rayna
S-pop club: Odele
S-pop club: Taja
Comet Breaker
Ashen Marionette
5000 gc
Copper Belle
Lovely Lucie
499 gc
Fall 2012 Women's collection
Serene Green
Oolong Wonder
Lady Jayne and the Mummy
Seelie Order
Dancer on the River
Pink Dragoness
Daughter of Snows
Trilune's Covenant
Forlorn Opera Singer
Ankh of Aset
Ravenwood Manor
Custom Cut
Sweet Sunrise
Saint Ciel: Eros
Le Carousel
High Tea
Pistachio Macaron
Sweet Lunarian
Deus Persona
Fall Bride
The Widow
Herr Schwartz
Lover's Anarchy
Flossy Fox
Summer Bride
Summer Groom
Cupcake confection
Spring Bride
Winter Bride

Monthly collectibles:
Dew Drop
Princesse Honoré
Sunset Spirit
Devoted Spica
Prima Proppet
Lady Glaive
Empress Cotton
Antique Pierrot
Juno's Lace
Black Widow
Maleficent Seven
Ascended Demon
Gilt Thorns
Gothic Butterfly

Tourist Hat free event grant
10th anniversary mini Angelic Halo & Winglets
free event grant
10th anniversary mini Nitemare Halo & Winglets free event grant
V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Hairclip
Free event grant
Neopolitan Pandalita
Bloodstone Maiden
HoC: Battlemaster
Bunny Brigade
Merlin's Hat by Dernier*Cri
Rose Porridge Locks
Aquamarine Porridge Locks
Violet Porridge Locks
Lumina Shroud by Dernier*Cri
Gloriana's Chantilly Lace by Dernier*Cri
Roses of Mare Frigoris Gown by Dernier*Cri
Roses of Mare Frigoris Fascinator by Dernier*Cri
Jamballoon by Dernier*Cri
Gold and Black Long Keido Wig
White and Navy Long Keido Wig
Black and Red long Keido Wig
Lunarian's Blonde Bao
Lunarian's Pink Bao
Lunarian's Mint Bao
Gaia-Tan body pillow
Mint Sundae Sweets

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