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My News
Anything about me. Weather I: Got a new haircut, got a new item, got a new bf, got a new (something) Or (Something) happened, this will be anything I expeirence, etc.
Gold shop items: (Goes underneath premium items)

Pillow's Brown Mismatched Socks
Pillow's Black Mismatched Socks
Pillow's Pink Mismatched Socks
Pillow's Blue Mismatched Socks
Decoberry Gear Headband
Decochoco Gear Headband
Deconilla Gear Headband
Decolove Gear Headband
Chocolate Chip Dipped Stockings
Choco Chocolate Dipped Stockings
Strawberry Chocolate Dipped Stockings
Cherry Chocolate Dipped Stockings
Chocolate Dessert Skirt
Strawberry Dessert Skirt
Berry Dessert Skirt
Vanilla Dessert Skirt
Strawberry and White Chocolate Gown
Strawberry and Milk Chocolate Gown
Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Gown
Strawberry and Cerise Chocolate Gown
Olive Floppy Deerstalker
Cream Floppy Deerstalker
Mint Floppy Deerstalker
Cocoa Floppy Deerstalker
Chestnut Floppy Deerstalker
Slate Floppy Deerstalker
Crimson Floppy Deerstalker
Heather Floppy Deerstalker
Rose Floppy Deerstalker
Posh Mack Jocobi Vest
Lush Mack Jocobi Vest
Grey Mack Jocobi Scarf 1.4k
Lilac Mack Jocobi Scarf
Gray Patterned Xiaoxia Stockings
Purple Patterned Xiaoxia Stockings
Pink Sweet Xiaoxia Dress
Teal Sweet Xiaoxia Dress
Black Sweet Xiaoxia Dress
Cream Rose Scarf
Pink Rose Scarf
Blue Rose Scarf
Purple Rose Scarf
Teal Lacy Cincher
Black Lacy Cincher
Red Lacy Cincher
Orange Lacy Cincher
Red and Yellow Patterned Headband
Pink and Violet Patterned Headband
Blue and Green Patterned Headband
Black and White Patterned Headband
G-LOL White Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Primrose Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Champagne Maiden Skirt
G-LOl Azure Maiden Skirt
Yellow Fishnet Stockings
White Fishnet Stockings
Red Fishnet Stockings
Purple Fishnet Stockings
Orange Fishnet Stockings
Green Fishnet Stockings
Blue Fishnet Stockings
Black Fishnet Stockings
Brown Knitted Chullo
Gray Knitted Chullo
Blue Knitted Chullo 2.2k
Pink Knitted Chullo 2.2k
Big Grey Bow
Big Pink Bow
Big Purple Bow
Big Cream Bow
Big White Bow 899 gg
Big Magenta Bow
Big Blue Bow
Big Black Bow
Tufted Cream Peony Hair Clip
Tufted Green Peony Hair Clip
Tufted Pink Peony Hair Clip
Tufted Blue Peony Hair Clip
Purple Basic Headband
Pink Basic Headband
Orange Basic Headband
Green Basic Headband
Red Basic Headband
Black Basic Headband
Yellow Basic Headband
Blue Basic Headband
White Basic Headband
Aqua Ribbon Cinch
Blue Ribbon Cinch
Purple Ribbon Cinch
Green Ribbon Cinch
Pink Ribbon Cinch
Red Ribbon Cinch
Gold Ribbon Cinch
White Ribbon Cinch
Black Ribbon Cinch
Purple Butt Bow
Blue Butt Bow
Red Butt Bow
White Butt Bow
Scarlet Humble A-Bowed Winter Coat
Black Humble A-Bowed Winter Coat
Cream Humble A-Bowed Winter Coat
Blue Humble A-Bowed Winter Coat
Black Bunny Shepherd Shroud
Pink Bunny Shepherd Shroud
Lil Fluff'n Panda Cub Coat
Icy Blue Winter Angel Coat
Black Coat Winter Angel Coat
Cinnamon Cream Angel Coat
Peppermint Winter Angel Coat
Black Tenebrous Mohawk Hat 2.5k
Red Tenebrous Mohawk Hat 3k
Blue Tenebrous Mohawk Hat 3k
Pink Tenebrous Mohawk Hat
Charred Firestarter Beanie
Crimson Firestarter Beanie
Aether Firestarter Beanie
Freezerburn Firestarter Beanie
Sweet Death Witch Hat
Star Witch Hat
Earth Witch Hat
Strawberry Witch Hat
Rose Twin Ribbons 700g
Plumeria Twin Ribbons
Pansy Twin Ribbons
Daisy Twin Ribbons
Red Skull Pincushion Fascinator
Cream Skull Pincushion Fascinator
Black Skull Pincushion Fascinator
Lady Captain's Azure Hat
Lady Captain's Antique Hat
Lady Captain's Gothic Hat
Lady Captain's Pastel Hat
High Socie-tea Par-tea Hat
Royal-tea Par-tea Hat
Mint-tea Par-tea Hat
Dain-tea Par-tea Hat
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Knit Cap
Kiwi Smoothie Knit Cap
Apple Smoothie Knit Cap 3k
Orange Polka Dotty Bow
Grape Polka Dotty Bow
Cherry Polka Dotty Bow
White Skull Claw x2 x1 2k
Red Skull Claw x2
Black Skull Claw
2k & 2.6k
Baby Pink Sweetnote Hat
Soft White Sweetnote Hat
Baby Blue Sweetnote Hat
Watermelon Party Pirate Hat
Berry Party Pirate Hat
White Raven Feathered Belt
Black Raven Feathered Belt
Ghost White Shredded Skirt3k
Midnight Black Shredded Skirt
White Bao
Violet Bao 20k
Mint Bao
Pink Bao
Gold Bao
Red Bao
Black Bao
Baby Blue Bao
Bao 20k
Blue Baby's Breath Bow
Pink Baby's Breath Bow 1k
Orange Baby's Breath Bow
Purple Baby's Breath Bow
White Frilled Hat 4.5k
Lavender Frilled Hat
Black Frilled Hat7k
Blue Frilled Hat
Pink Frilled Hat
Candy Pink Sweet Lace Knee Socks 4k
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Powder Blue Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Pure White Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Midnight Black Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Alice Bow
Pure White Sweet Lace Alice Bow
Powder Blue Sweet Lace Alice Bow
Candy Pink Sweet Lace Alice Bow 2.8k
Midnight Black Sweet Lace Alice Bow
Candy Pink Sweet Lace Headband
Pure White Sweet Lace Headband
Midnight Black Sweet Lace Headband
Powder Blue Sweet Lace Headband
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Headband
Ornate Violet Blossom Hairpin
Ornate Teal Blossom Hairpin
Ornate Pink Blossom Hairpin
Ornate Blue Blossom Hairpin
Ornate Yellow Blossom Hairpin
Spring Sakura Blossom Hairpin 4.9k
Orange Blossom Hairpin
Apple Blossom Hairpin
Ocean Blue Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Berry Purple Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Blood Red Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Jet Black Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Cool Starter Windblown Scarf
Warm Starter Windblown Scarf
Neutral Starter Windblown Scarf
Cool Glitzy Starter Headband
Neutral Glitzy Starter Headband
Warm Glitzy Starter Headband
Black Serafuku Skirt
Blue Serafuku Skirt
Brown Serafuku Skirt
Light Blue Serafuku Skirt
Navy Serafuku Skirt
Pink Serafuku Skirt
Purple Serafuku Skirt
Red Serafuku Skirt
Teal Serafuku Skirt
Yellow Serafuku Skirt
White Kawaii Hair Bow
Soft Pink Kawaii Hair Bow
Soft Blue Kawaii Hair bow
Orange Kawaii Hair Bow
Red Kawaii Hair Bow
Black Kawaii Hair Bow
Light Blue Knitted Beret
Black Knitted Beret 3.5k
White Knitted Beret
Pink Knitted Beret 3.5k
Green Knitted Beret
Vintage White Pillbox Hat
Vintage Yellow Pillbox Hat
Vintage Pink Pillbox Hat
Vintage Black Pillbox Hat
Vintage Black Silk Scarf
Vintage Pink Silk Scarf
Vintage Blue Silk Scarf
Vintage Yellow Silk Scarf
Vintage White Silk Scarf 10g
White Polka Dot Skirt
Black Polka Dot Skirt
Pink Polka Dot Skirt
Blue Polka Dot Skirt
Fashionable White Frames
Fashionable Black Frames
Fashionable Pink Frames
Fashionable Blue Frames
Yellow Dark Elf Skirt
Purple Dark Elf Skirt
Blue Dark Elf Skirt
Gray Dark Elf Skirt
Red Dark Elf Skirt
Yellow Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Red Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Blue Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Purple Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Silver Elven Armlet (x2)
Golden Elven Armlet (x2)
Bronze Elven Armlet (x2)
Jade Elven Armlet (x2)
Egyption Gold Braclet (x2)
Egyption Gold Armlet (x2)
Egyption Gold Anklet (x2)
Egyption Silver Armlet (x2)
Egyption Silver Bracelet (x2)
Egyption Silver Anklet (x2)
Moira's Red Studded Collar 3.5k
Moira's Blue Studded Collar
Moira's Purple Studded Collar 3k
Moira's Black Studded Collar 3k
Purple Handcrafted Flower Hairpin
Blue Handcrafted Flower Hairpin
Red Handcrafted Flower Hairpin
Sweetheart Gold Earrings 700g
Sweetheart Silver Earrings
Purple & Pink Retro Astro Stockings
Orange & Blue Retro Astro Stockings
Blue & Purple Retro Astro Stockings
Pink & Orange Retro Astro Stockings
Midnight Ripped Black Party Dress
Ripped Ghost White Party Dress
White Tropical Dancer Skirt
Black tropical Dancer Skirt5k
Violet Tropical Dancer Skirt
Aqua Tropical Dancer Skirt
Pink Tropical Dancer Skirt
Aqua Tropical Dancer Headband
Violet Tropical Dancer Headband 1.8k
White Tropical Dancer Headband 2.1k
Red Tropical Dancer Headband 2k
Sweet StitchDress 6.5k
Strawberry Petal Stockings
Blueberry Petal Stockings
Minty Petal Stockings
Red Serafuku Tie
Pink Serafuku Tie
Blue Serafuku Tie
Green Serafuku Tie
Orange Serafuku Tie
Brown Serafuku Tie
White Serafuku Tie
Navy Serafuku Tie
Black Serafuku Tie
Teal Serafuku Tie
Purple Serafuku Tie
Yellow Serafuku Tie
Light Blue Serafuku Tie
Pink Granny Cardigan
Wine Granny Cardigan1.6k
Navy Granny Cardigan
Porcelina Cream Prim Booties
Porcelina Blue Prim Booties
Porcelina Pink Prim Booties
Porcelina White Prim Booties
Porcelina Black Prim Booties 4.5k
Porcelina Mint Prim Booties 3.7k
Audrey's Yellow Strap Heels
Audrey's Purple Strap Heels
Audrey's Pink Strap Heels
Audrey's Blue Strap Heels
Audrey's Red Strap Heels
Audrey's White Strap Heels
Audrey's Black Strap Heels
Blue Slate Rivet Heels
Carmine Red Rivet Heels
Coal Black Rivet Heels
Faded Violet Rivet Heels
Forest Green Rivet Heels
Golden Yellow Rivet Heels
Rust Red Rivet Heels
Snow White Rivet Heels
Teal Rivet Heels
Worn Leather Rivet Heels

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