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My life and my stories, which i wish were me life smile
He forced a smile then signaled for me to come lay in his arms. I did. His heart beat was steady. I could feel it. I soon fell asleep.

Chapter 12, June 12th
I woke up at seven and I had only gotten four hours of sleep. Akisha just walked in the room form taking a shower. She was in her favorite Converse and her hair was still wet. Conrad was sitting in my bed silent, thinking, and Landon was on the edge of Akisha’s bed looked at me.
“Wow Landon.” I said like if I were mad. “Were you watching me sleep?” He smiled, I’m pretty sure we both had a flashback of the plain ride to EVILE.
“Maria you need to get ready. You’re gonna see your daddy today.” Conrad mocked. Akisha looked at him. She could have reminded him of his dad, and how he abused him, but she didn’t. I looked back up at Landon and he smiled, then I got up.
It took me longer than usual to get ready because I had to spend half an hour picking out an outfit hearing Kish say, “No not to showy, but we want to show his co-workers some, but not too much.” We finally decided on a tight, pink, long sleeved shirt, and a pair of jeans, and my Converse.
Once we finally got going I got butterflies. We are sitting in the car. Landon was holding my hand for the last time until we see my dad. He looked at me. He gave me a kiss longer than I imagined he would. When we broke apart we were a block away. He mouthed, I love you. I felt like he was about to leave me forever, when really he was never going to leave my side. When we arrived Landon and I got out of the car and waved to our best friends. TOSA, I thought. I looked like a run down McDonalds. “Nice cover.” Landon whispered into my ear. We walked in and the black doors shut loudly behind us. The lights were dim and we walked past the empty booths to the person at the cash register.
“Hello, what can I offer you today?” He asked. I chuckled,
“My dad, you know him Paul ______, I’m his daughter Maria.” His face changed and he gulped, and then he looked down at my chest. I snapped my fingers. “So you gonna keep the boss’s little princess waiting.” I said that a lot harsher than I thought I should but he saw my dad inside of me.
“Maria and Landon, our old friend, follow me.”
We walked behind the counter and he grabbed the edge of the grill and pulled. An elevator door opened and we went inside. With in minutes we were 200 feet below ground in my dad’s office. When we walked in he looked frightened.
“What are you doing here? How do you know?” His voice was very firm and not like my dads at all. I forced a quick smile.
“Daddy,” I said like if he was about to tell me he was getting a divorce, he put his head down, “aren’t you happy I’m here to learn the family business?” He lifted his head and smiled.
“What do you know?” Now he was still a boss of a secret group of assassins, but he was also my dad.
“Dad,” my vice changed quickly to being all business. “I’m a level 30 operative.” (There are 100 levels. 100 being like the best spy ever, like Gilly Gallagher.) He smiled again.
“And you… Landon? I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you still a level 60?”
“Um sir. I am now a level 85, I have been going to TASA, as you know, and I am about to finish my training, but I would like to end my training here and get on to business.”
My dad looked pleased but still concerned that I was dating this boy, any boy. My dad has been trying to grow a beard for some time now. There was just a little scruffle, and he was stroking it like some old, wise man.
“Landon, Maria… Congratulations. You will be considered an agent if you do one thing for me. Maria your best friend Akisha, she is EVILE, we need her removed. If you can do so, then welcome aboard.” I felt my stomach go empty and my head started pounding.
“Okay daddy, it will be done.” I was getting woozy but I didn’t show it.
“Oh, and baby girl, her boyfriend, remove of him too. You guys can now leave.” He waved for us to go out the door. We had done it. Well not the IT my dad preferred to, but still an IT.
Once we got out of his office everyone was looking at us, saying stuff like, “The boss has a daughter?” and so on. As we went up the elevator Landon reached for my hand. I didn’t even know it was still there. The guy at the cash register waved good bye and kept his eyes on my chest. We just got past the register and Landon stopped moving and dipped me and kissed me like if we were in a movie. It was an amazing kiss, like with tongue and everything, not that you need to know that. Then he lifted me up and said to the guy behind the cash register,
“Hey guy, did you see that, now come here.” He obeyed.
“What Landon?” His voice was very disrespectful and a little shaky. The next second Landon swung his fist and that guy was on the floor knocked out.
“Great security they have here.” It was of course sarcastic. He walked over to me and grabbed my hand, kissed it, and then we walked out. I bet my dad has cameras everywhere and probably just saw that. Yay…
We walked for about a mile, and then we saw Akisha and Conrad in Landon’s car, making out in the backseat; defiantly something I could have lived my whole life without seeing.
“Hey Akisha.” I said. I startled her.
“How did it go? Are you in?” She sounded so happy. I gulped then looked at Landon.
“We are only in if we complete a task.”
“What tell me, we can help you?” I didn’t want to break her heart, but,
“Kish just shut up; we have to remove you and Conrad.” Her smiled faded.
“Oh… I see.” I felt terrible, but then her smile quickly returned, bigger than ever.
“What Kish? What is your EVILE mind thinking?” She laughed, and then looked at Conrad.
“Maria, I’ve been planning my death for years. I’m pretty sure I could plan Conrads too. Maria just gets in and we’ll talk about it later.” Kish seemed devious, yet paranoid.
“So Akisha Koshi and Conrad Parker how would you like to die?” I said as Landon started the car. Kish stared at me. Once she blinked then she looked down.
“Maria, we can disappear, quote die, that’s the easy part. You two can’t be in contact with us at all though. You’ll have to wait maybe a year or something.” Akisha swallowed. I think we all did.
“Oh.” When I said this my voice cracked.
As the ride went on, we were all silent. “Oh and you guys,” Kish started as we were five blocks away form the school, “We can’t go to school either.” The car stopped, and we all went forward except Landon. He was gripping the wheel tightly, eyes locked on the road.
“Well sis, where do you want us to go?” He sounded angry.
“Landon,” she exhaled, “do you guys mind spending our last night together in a hotel?”
“Kish, that’ll be fine.” I said
We decided to make it looked like we were going on a road trip to the East Coast. Once we got to the hotel Landon went in and paid for a room with two beds. He came out and go me and we went up to our room. It was on the second story. Akisha and Conrad got on top of a semi and came in threw the window. “We made it.” Kish said as her face hit the ground, after falling out of the window, and into our room. “So,” she paused, “Conrad and I get the bed next to the window for an early retreat, if needed?” Landon looked at me.
“Sounds great. “ I said as I helped her off the floor.
I decided to take a shower. When I was washing off my body, the door opened then shut. “Kish?” I said. I stuck my head out and Landon was brushing his teeth, with headphones on, looking in the mirror. He was my head popping out and he ripped the headphones off.
“Oh my gosh.” He said yet it was calm.
“Is that all you’re gonna say? I’m two feet away in the SHOWER!” I was freaking out. Maria, you look pretty.” He sounded like an idiot. All he could see was my head and that is how it was gonna stay. “I’m not leaving until get a kiss and we talk.” He said. My mouth dropped.
“Fine then hand me a towel.” He did so. While in the shower, that I turned off, I wrapped the towel around me then got out. I slipped, of course, and fell right in his arms. He looked at me and helped me up. He gave me a kiss and held me. It stopped when he put his hand on my butt. I backed away a foot.
“Maria I’m just joking. You should know that. Why don’t I leave, you get dressed, or not, then come to bed.” I slapped his head. It was worth a try. Then we’d make three people happy: me, you, and your mom.”
“Landon! Get our!” I was mad but kinda charmed, but he had that effect.
“Fine, fine, see you soon.” He waved and left me there, standing in the middle of the bathroom, alone. I got dressed and blow dried my hair. When I went into the room Conrad and Akisha were asleep in their bed, and Landon was on ours, shirt-less. He whispered, “Come here.” I did. I went and laid down in his arms. His abs are rock hard, Just to let you know. His body was warm and it made me feel calm. I relaxed more. He moved my hair to behind my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Chapter 13, June 13th
I woke up with Landon giving me a kiss. Waking up to a kiss is the best way to wake up. He was leaning over me. I smiled, and so did he. He got up and went to put on a shirt. I looked over, Kish and Conrad’s bed was made, and they were no where to be seen. “They left when we were asleep.” Landon said as he pulled a blue shirt over his head.
“Why?” I sounded so confused, and I had the right to be.
“I bet so we couldn’t find them, and it was probably easier for them, emotionally.” I sighed.
“Hey you still have me. We should probably wait a while before going to your dad. This wasn’t supposed to be an easy task.”
“Oh yeah.” I forgot it was a task within like one day of getting it.
“Vegas?” He asked.
“What?” I said with a smile on my face.
“Do you want to go to Vegas?”
“Landon, why Vegas?” I was completely confused.
“We have a lot of money and a lot of time.” He walked over to me. “Maria,” he gave me a kiss “please, for me?” I smiled.
“We’ll need discuses for this. So what are we going to wear? I was completely confused, again. The only clubbing outfit I had ever worn has ad memories of jail
“Landon lets head to that store they showed us.” He smiled, remembering me in that dress.
We got there and we bought two thousand dollars worth of clothes. I bought seen dresses, ten shirts, and three pairs of jeans. He bought twenty shirts, three jackets, and five pairs of pants. For our fist day in Vegas, I decided to wear a strapless black shirt where one side was longer than the other and a pain of extra skinny, skinny jeans that were gray with white stitching. Landon picked out a black shirt with a lot of he top buttons undone and baggy blue jeans. He also wore a black leather jacket.
We got changed and went to the club Pengyunn, as you walked in all you could see were bright lights and pool tales. Both of us are great at pool by the way. We walked over to a table with two; either muscular or fat I don’t know which one, guys. They looked at us and laughed. “Hey I bet you five thousand I alone can beat you guys.” Landon said.
“Wow! We got a big one here.” The heaver one said.
“You in or out?” Now Landon was all business. The fat guy picked us a pole and threw it at him. He caught it easily. With the first shot being Landon’s, he took off his jacket and put it on my shoulders, then gave me a kiss. He went, the other two were I n shock all the balls went in.
“You’re cheating!” They yelled.
“Hand over the five grand.”
“Cheater, heck no!”
“Well I didn’t cheat so give me the money.” He was getting mad, they all were. The smaller one walked over with a pole and swung at him. He ducked down and then used his pole and tripped him. He fell back on the other guy and they both went down. Landon went over and kicked them both in the stomach. I never saw that side of him. I saw the kick butt side, but not the mean for no reason side. How could they know that we were spies? A bunch of police men walked over to us. They didn’t say anything, we knew what they meant. We walked out and looked at the club.
“So Maria, what do you want to do now?” I stared at him, we just got thrown out of a club and he wanted to go somewhere and do it again.
“Landon, you’re twenty right?” I was delirious, and I knew it and I didn’t care.
“Yes?” For once it was him who was confused… yes.
“Could you get us into somewhere where there’s drinks?” I smiled mischievously.
“Maria last time that happened things didn’t go that well.”
“Last time there was Kish and Conrad. Now it will just be me,” I paused, “and you.” I was pointing at him.
“Are you sure you aren’t already drunk?” he said like he really thought I was.
“No its just I want to let off some steam. Seeing you yesterday in the bathroom, changed something in me. Well, either that or just the fact that you look really hot with your shirt off.” He blushed. I actually got him to blush, that was an accomplishment in itself.
“Well, I do work out and stuff, so yeah… Where is it you want to go?” He sounded completely fooled… hahaha I did it.
“Well, do you want to go to the Marshmallow Plaza?”
“What the heck is that, some girly place?”
“Landon, it is called that to make the cops drive right by. It’s like TOSA being a McDonalds.” That sounded like a good enough explanation for him. He called a taxi and we got going. Taxi prices are way too high for anyone, but us, by the way. We got there and the outside was all black, and pink, and rainbow. Landon laughed. We walked in and we went to the guys there all in one circle.
“Would you two like to make a Rainbow Unicorn?” One of them said. Landon fell on the floor.
“Maria, this is where you wanted to come to get drunk… Wow!” Landon was laughing way too hard. I felt bad. Then the guy looked at us and pointed towards the bathrooms.
“Go in there.” We did. It was an elevator. We went up. The next floor was all drinking and partying. There were stairs that said Bedrooms up there. I was so amazed. Landon looked at me.
“So, you picked a good place to come.” This time he was serious. It was awesome to hear him be wrong. We walked over to the bar and I ordered an Umbrella drink and he ordered a Light Beer. After that things started to get really funny. I was laughing at everything, and Landon looked really hot, even with his shirt on.

Chapter 14, June 14th
To be perfectly honest I don’t remember a single thing that happened last night. I don’t even know where I am. I am on a bed with the covers over me. Oh my gosh, I’m not wearing a shirt or anything. I decided to try to find out where I was. I looked to my right and there on the bed next to me was Landon.
“Oh my gosh! What did we do?!” I woke Landon up. He looked over at me.
“Oh my gosh! Are you naked?” he sounded completely normal.
“Landon, what happened?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure we just-” I cut him off.
“NO!” I started to cry. Landon sat up, he was naked too. He kissed my forehead.
“It’s okay Maria.” I love him. I truly do but this was a lot to take in.
“I’m never drinking ever again.” I said. He laughed.
I sat up, holding the covers against me, and got my bra and shirt off the floor. Landon was staring. “Landon, look away.”
“Why I’m pretty sure I saw more last night?” I glared at him. He turned around. I got on my clothes and I turned back around. He got up, without the covers, and I saw everything.
“Landon, put some clothes on please.” He turned around still in the same state of clotheness. And he looked at me.
“Want to take a picture?” I closed my eyes.
“Please Landon, just put some pants on.” He did and then I opened my eyes. He was still shirtless and hot. I got off the bed and walked around to him. He reached out for my hand and I looked at our hands. Rings, rings were on our hands. They were on the wedding ring fingers. I looked up at him, with my hand in his. He looked like he had the same feeling I did. “We’re married?” I got chills. Not because I didn’t like him but just the thought of being married.
“I love you.” He sounded so normal and relaxed. I was so jealous of how well he handled it.
“I love you too but-” He let go of my hand, put his hands in his pockets, and then looked at the ground.
“But, you would never want to-” he stopped himself. I reached up and kissed him. He didn’t kiss me back or anything. “Maria don’t, I get it.” He turned around. I have never seen him this sad and I was surprised.
“Landon, I would want to marry you, but not like this. I want it to be special, and I want to remember it, and the other big it, which made it so that I woke up naked.” He turned back around and smiled.
“What do you want to do now?” He asked.
“Get out of Vegas and quickly.”
“Fine with me, but I kinda like what we did last night.” He sounded so guy-ish.
“Landon, if I get pregnant my spy career is over. I am never having…” I couldn’t finish.
“Sex with me again.” I love how he knew what I was going to say, but still the again part grossed me out.
“Yeah… that.”
“Well LA is really close to here.” He smiled at his suggestion. Just seeing his smile made me smile too. We were still standing in the bedroom, next to the bed. We started walking towards the door and it opened by itself.
“House keeping.” An old Chinese lady said as she entered our room. We just stood side by side as she walked in. She took a look at the bed, and then us, “Did you two have fun last night? You were making quite a ruckus. It sounded like you have done this before.” I started Landon.
“Well,” he said, “We better be going.” He waved and she smiled and waved back. We followed the hallways and we ended up outside, in LA, which is where we wanted to go but not that way or that fast.
“Landon, isn’t LA in-”
“California.” He finished my sentence again. It was starting to get a little annoying.
“How did we get in LA, California? We were in Las Vegas, Nevada.”
We called a cab and we had it take us to the Marshmallow Plaza to find out what happened last night. When I told Landon why we were going there he tried to convince me not to. We got there and we walked in and went right in the bathroom and went up to the bar. I asked, “How much did we have to drink last night.” He looked at me.
“He should be able to tell you.” He pointed at Landon. “He only had one beer and you had six umbrella drinks. He just watched you do it." I looked at Landon, he just put his head down.
“Well, why don’t I go in the back so you two can talk.” said the guy at the bar.
“Landon, let me get drunk and then slept with me, and you knew it?”
“Maria, I-” he trailed off.
“No. You wouldn’t jeopardize my career and me, just so we could have sex!”
“You don’t know what it’s like to see you every day. I love you so much, that night before you got kidnapped it was so hard for me to hold myself back! You aren’t a guy!”
“Landon! You should know if I’m not a guy because you slept with me!” By now we were both yelling. Being a guy is no excuse to sleep with someone.
“You want me to leave; I can die too, just like Conrad and Akisha. You know what then you would have no one but your daddy and mommy who are both SPIES! Now that your dad knows, things will never be the same again! Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t gonna tell you till later but you are really great at having sex, WITH ME!” I started to cry. His face loosened a little. He didn’t apologize, he just walked right out. He stared at me as he got in the elevator. He was gone. My crying turned into bawling and the bartender walked out and put his hand on my shoulder. I moved, and then went down the elevator. When I got outside he was there. “Um, we have to go to your dad together. I’m not as good at dying as my sister is.” I nodded.
“You will never be as good as her.” He nodded back at me and then smiled. “What?” I really wanted to know why he smiled.
“I just thought about last night, when you said that thing.”
“What thing? Landon tell me what.”
“It was nothing. It was just I remembered that you said that you thought I was a lot hotter than Conrad, and that night when I first met you and I kissed you for the second time and I didn’t have to. And when you tackled me I thought you would have sex with me right there on the floor with Akisha watching us.” He laughed.
“You remember that?” I asked.
“Duh, you were amazing, and hot. You were amazingly hot.” He started laughing like he always does when he’s happy.
“Landon I will pretend to be happy, and at times I might be happy, but I will never forget you used me. If you were going to use me you should have at least let me not be drunk and let me remember it.” He looked at me like really, I was saying that. “Landon just shut up and lets plan what we’re gonna do until we go to my dad.”

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