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My life and my stories, which i wish were me life smile
Landon and Maria

Chapter 1, June 1st
So today was my first day ever at The Awesome Spy Academy, also known as TASA. My parents have no clue that I am here. I told them that I would be with my friend Kish all summer. I am very surprised that they bought that. Kish and I have been friends since, well, forever. Our moms met by our older sisters having the same preschool teacher, Mrs. Jane. Mrs. Jane is also Kish’s mom. Kish moved away two years ago when her dad got a got in California. I wish I could have stayed at her house longer. I flew there and she is going with me to the TASA. What both of our moms don’t know, except for both us are going to be spies, and is that Kish’s dad’s job is to be the principle at TASA.
I can’t wait for tomorrow. That’s when our training will begin. Kish and I were devastated to hear that we only had three classes together, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We both agreed to stay friends no matter what happened. Besides those three classes I have P.T. (physical training), Strategy, and Study Hall. Most of our day is free time where we can do whatever we want.
I hope that I will meet some new people. At my high school kids are pretty brutal. The fact that I am a 5’10” dark brunette with amber natural highlights, gray eye hotty and chose to wear mostly black with hints of color and Converse makes a lot of the girls want you to be like them, but I am not prep at all. Also back at home there was only one guy I liked and four months ago I found out he was gay. Let’s just say I was pretty heart-broken for a while. Being a freshman in college will be fun.
Well got to go to bed. I think I hear our dorm mom coming.

Once again yet another year at camp, every year my foster dad ships me off here waiting for me to choose to stay and never come back. I am so glad that I am eighteen and am done with him. But it is camp and I need to learn how to have fun. I haven’t had much of that lately. I’ve gone here for fifteen years. You would think that they would have given me a mission by now. Sometimes first years get them, if they do and I don’t… I’ll be mad.
Back at home not only do I have a foster dad, but I also have no friends and no decent girls at my school. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me. This book I read, said that girls like brunettes with brown mysteries eyes. But what do I know. The only girl that ever said I had mysteries eyes moved to London. What great luck I have.
Better get to sleep if I don’t want a cold breakfast. Huh. Camp. When will it end?

Chapter 2, June 2nd
Today was a new day I told myself. I could do this. I walked slowly into Mr. Mored’s class room and sat down next to this really cute guy. I looked over at his notebook, but no luck, his name wasn’t on it. The class started and I seemed to look like the only new comer. Mr. Mored walked in and said, “All new students, please come the front of the room.” I was right; I’m the only newbie in Strategy. As if being the only one to walk to the front of the room wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mr. Mored asked me to talk about my past spy experiences. I had nothing to say, so I just said, “This is my first year ever taking up anything spy.” Then I sat down back next to the hot guy and asked him his name. But of course the bell had to ring right as I did. He got up and walked away like nothing happened and like I didn’t exist.
I couldn’t find Kish in the cafeteria, so I finally I just went to her dad’s office and surprisingly I found her there. Apparently Conrad came for a visit and they were having too much fun in the girl’s bathroom and they were both yelled at and Akisha was suspended. She came running to me, crying her eyes out, and she blamed TV. With that said her dad grounded her and told her to leave, and that her bags would be sent home soon. With one last good bye she left. Great. Now I am really alone and I’ll be in a dorm by myself.
The rest of the day went on and I just wanted to die. All the teachers apparently do the whole newbie thing. And no more dream guy. We only have that one class together. This all really sucks. That empty bed makes me want to just give up. I never give up. The only good thing that this camp has done so far is let me look at a hot guy for a total of five seconds. Wow, Kish lied when she said that this camp was great.

Today in Strategy this really awesome girl sat by me. It’s not every day you see a girl like that, in a situation like that. You would think she was a model, but she couldn’t care less what you thought about her. Our at least that was the vibe I was getting from her.
This year at camp really sucks because I don’t even have Conrad. I kind of wish Michael was a spy at this point. Michael is this creep that use to work with me and Conrad at a gas station. To make everything seem fine at this camp they always do have the best food though. Sometimes I wonder what they put in the food. This is a spy summer school after all.
I’m sharing a room with three other people. We got one of the biggest dorm rooms which I would love if they weren’t all on the football team and had their girlfriends spend the night, every night. One time the quarterback said to me,
“So, hotshot where’s your girlfriend? Do you go to her dorm? Because I never see anyone in your league here.” It made me want to punch him in the face, but then I remembered that he was the quarterback and that he had his buddies with him. I love camp.

Chapter 3, June 3rd
Ok. I woke up at five. That was hardly the right amount of time to get ready for my class at eight. As I walked in again that really hot guy is right there. I slowly sat down next to him again. And he said, “Hi. My name is Landon. Yours is?”
Scared to death I calmly replied, “My name is Maria. I am new here, as you saw yesterday.” To my surprise he just gave a little laugh and pulled out a piece of paper. I thought he was going to start taking notes but instead he started writing numbers on it. That confused me until I saw that they were making a phone number. I just about screamed. When he tore it off and handed it to me, I must have looked like a fool because my smile was so big. He then asked for mine. I felt like an idiot not already writing it so I hurried to find a pen but couldn’t. Then he loaned me his. It was still warm from his hand. For a minute I forgot my number then wrote it down and the class started. I never gave him back his pen. Ha-ah.
Lunch has to come every day. I kind of wonder why. But once again I have nowhere to sit. When I saw Landon across the room waving, I started to walk. My walking was a bit faster than usual, but it was worth it. We talked all lunch. We talked about Kish, my parents, his foster dad, and shortly about his huge but not too huge muscles. When the next bell rang, we went our separate ways.
Next I had P.T. I never knew that I could exercise this much. Bye the end of the day my shirt was soaked. I didn’t feel bad though because I was the only one who finished the obstacle course in less than ten minutes. After I had got washed up I walked back to the hall and went to Study Hall. Why we need a Study Hall I don’t know. They should call it doodle and read time.

Today I gave her my number. Then when lunch came we talked for two hours. She knows just about everything about me and I know just about everything about her. Or at least I think I do. Can’t wait till I see her tomorrow. I think I might really like her. I mean I just spent three hours thinking about her endlessly and I just realized I was eating pizza and got all my homework done for Strategy. Wow! I never knew that camp could be fun. I think that I might call her tomorrow and ask her out. There is this really cool place right on campus that she would love. It’s this awesome Italian restaurant that has the best spaghetti ever. I really can’t stop thinking about shimmering gray eyes. Wait. What am I saying? Conrad would kill me. Conrad is my best friend. But I only see him at camp but he stopped coming two years ago. TASA has made it so that I can’t find him. I wonder if he’s in trouble or just being Conrad. Oh and Maria’s friend Kish. She sounds like a nut. I mean there is only one Conrad and one Akisha in the whole agency. I can’t believe that my best friend and Maria’s best friend are dating…

Chapter 4, June 4th
So... Today has been interesting. I walked into Mr. Mored’s classroom and Landon wasn’t there. It scared me. I really like him. If he disappeared for good, I would die. But halfway through the class I heard the terrifying words, “Pop Quiz.” Now I know why he didn’t show up. Well I hope that is the reason why he didn’t come because he scared me half to death.
I thought about calling him just about a thousand times. I figured that he was the boy and that he should call me. I mean girls have no problem showing their feelings; the hard thing is making the guys show theirs. That’s what I plan to do. I am a spy now right; my job is to get info out of people.

So, I decide to talk to Maria, when she comes in for lunch. I have never asked anyone out. Is it bad that I’m nervous that she will turn me down? If Conrad was here he would laugh at me. I don’t blame him; I kind of want to laugh at me too. I mean I am afraid to ask a girl out, yet not afraid to be a spy. Wow, my priorities are screwed up. Here she comes.
“Hey Maria.”
“Hey. Why did you not warn me?”
“We had a pop quiz today. Isn’t that why you were not at school today?”
“Uh yeah and I was also nervous about something else too.”
“Oh, is something wrong?”
“No, nothing is wrong; I just wanted to talk to you.”
“Why would that make you nervous?”
“Do you maybe want to go get some Italian food tonight? There is this great place on campus, which I’m pretty sure you would love.”
“What? Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Um, sure, I would love to. Pick me up around eightish?”
“Sure, sounds great. See you then.”

I can’t believe that just happened. Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear. Oh my gosh, why am I talking like some boy crazed girl. I think that I saw a prom store a mile off campus and I’m sure they would have something. Besides every student get’s a free dress for prom. I can re-use this dress for prom I guess. I’ll probably be going with the same guy anyways.
I can’t believe this place. It’s huge, like bigger then my house. On my way over here I decided that I want a nice red dress. Nice meaning a little, but not too little, strapless, simple dress. With this red and white handbag that I already have. I am usually never this girly. I walked over the rack of short red dresses and I found one exactly like I planned. I’m glad it’s free or I would never even be able to try it on.
Today my mind was completely spaced out. It was going over every little detail, like how I would wear my hair, or what shoes to wear. I hope this is more of a formal-casual date then a just casual date.
Once we started to play dodge ball, because it was Friday, I got hit in the back of the head. Next thing I knew I was in the infirmary with Landon leaning over me, looking a little more concerned than usual. I felt terrible, our date started half hour ago. Of course it was only four when I went to P.T. and now it is 8:30. Great, that must had been some hit. Then he said,
“Maria, are you okay?”
“Landon, I’m so sorry. I ruined our first date.”
“Don’t you dare apologize for this? They found your dress with your stuff. It will look amazing on you.”
“You like it? Good.”
“Maria, I love it.”
“Well I kind of want to go back to my dorm. I’ll see you tomorrow in Strategy.”

Chapter 5, June 5th
I am not tired at all. I slept for a lot extra yesterday. I hope Landon isn’t mad that I canceled our date. I guess it wasn’t my fault but still, stupid me got distracted and failed to be the best soon-to-be girlfriend ever. I hope him seeing my dress wasn’t a bad thing. Because now he won’t get the WOW I was kind of going for. Now he will just get, oh, Maria. I like the first one way better. Considering what I did to him I think I should call him. I just got out my phone looked down. It is nine o’clock. Wow! I must had really been hit hard. I hope my teachers will forgive me, I’m also praying Landon will too.

Maria isn’t here today. I hope that she’s okay. Spies never sleep in after eight, at the latest. I hope that she isn’t mad at me or herself, it wasn’t her fault. The dress she bought is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see her in it. She gives me hope in having a good future. My foster dad has never cared and now I have someone who believes in me. And makes me talk like a complete idiot, kind of like how Michael was after getting his first kiss when he was seventeen. Wow. I don’t miss Michael at all.
“Landon, I just want to apologize for all of this. I ruined everything. I know, I know it wasn’t me, it was just the girl throwing the ball.”
“Maria, I would never blame you, even if you did do something terrible. So do you maybe want to catch a movie tonight, on campus?”
“Landon, I would love to. Now there is only one question.”
“What’s that?”
“What movie are we going to see?”
“What do you want to see?” I had no clue what to say,
“Um, do you want to go see The Final Days?”
“Isn’t that a chick flick?”
“Yes. So?”
“Okay… I will pick you up at?”
“The movie times are four or nine. So I will see you at nine. Pick me up at my dorm.”
“Okay, well bell’s about to ring. Bye.”

So I am being devious. Oh no. I wonder if he wanted to go in a dark movie theater so he wouldn’t see my dress. Oh, or maybe it’s for the same reason I chose a stupid chick flick. I love spy’s devious minds.
I spent the rest of the day in Study Hall and then my closet. I decided to wear the red dress. For a while I was questioning wearing it. But I have no money to buy a new one, so the red one will have to do. I have to admit that I do love that dress. It only took me about an hour to decide that. By then it was five. I still had four hours. I got changed and then went to the hallway to walk to the bathroom to do my hair. On my way I saw this girl curled up on the floor crying her eyes out. I ran over. I recognized her from Study Hall. Then I remembered, she wasn’t there today.
“Sydney, are you okay?” she looked up at me.
“Do I look okay?” She continued to cry. Then she looked up at me again and pushed back the tears. “Maria, this just sucks. Do you know Brock, the captain of the football team?”
“Yes.” I said. “What the heck did he do to you?” by now I was yelling and about to cry myself.
“That jerk got me knocked up.” Then she curled back up and began bawling again. This time so did I. Then I got up. She said,
“You aren’t leaving me are you?” I looked at her.
“Sydney, does he know?”
“Are you kidding me? If I told him he would dump me. I think I might just have an abortion or give it to the foster care.”
“Sydney that is not the way to handle this. You are going to get up, go tell him, and then go tell the principle.”
“You are asking me to walk into a death trap!” she began sobbing again. “Maria, I’m sorry. I can’t do it.” I looked at her very seriously,
“Fine Sydney, I will. Bye.” As I left she just stared to cry again.
Where to find Brock was hard. By now it was six thirty. First I checked the field. He was no where to be found. Then I remembered one day in class I heard Sydney talking to him. He said his dorm was 267 in Parrot Hall. I started marching. I got up to the front of the building and looked up as I was walking. Of course I step into a puddle of mud. Then I looked at my slightly mud splattered dress. It not only had mud on it, but it also had smeared eyeliner and tear stains. Great.
I walked to the door and I had to type in the dorm number to page them to open the door. I typed in 267; to my surprise the person to answer asked “Who is this?” I calmly replied.
“Let me up. NOW!” they listened. The door clicked open and I started climbing the steps. He was on the second story. I could tell that this was a good dorm. Once I got to the room I knocked very loudly. The person to open the door wasn’t Brock. It was Landon.
“Landon, what are you doing here?” he looked at me and smiled, then looked down at my dress.
“I live here and what are you doing here? Also, what happened to your dress? It’s not as I remember it.” I laughed sarcastically,
“Is Brock here?” Landon opened up the door a little more. Behind him was Brock on his bed with some random girl.
“Maria, this is why I never invited you over or anything.” Then Brock looked up,
“Maria, the new girl? Hey do you want to come over here, there’s plenty of room.” I gasped. What a pervert. Landon looked at him like he was about to grab a gun. Then I grabbed Landon’s arm.
“Landon, its okay he’s a pervert that got Sydney pregnant.” Brock looked back up at me.
“No I didn’t.”
“Really, tell that to Sydney and her test strips.” Then the girl in the bed with him got up, right in front of us, put on her clothes, and left stomping. Landon looked at me with his cute puppy dog eyes.
“Brock,” I said, “you have to do something. Go talk to Sydney; she’s curled up in our dorm’s hallway.” Landon continued to stare at me. I took his hand and led him out of the building. He just kept looking at me. Finally I looked up at him; he reached down and kissed me. I was so furious, I pulled away. He looked back at me with question in his face.
“Maria, what’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong? I just found a girl curled up on the floor pregnant and the guy doesn’t even care.”
“Oh, it’s Brock. We’ve shared a dorm for years now. This will be his fifth child.” My mouth dropped.
“What?” I was yelling again. Landon took my hands.
“Maria, you know I would never do that to you. It’s Brock; I know what you’re feeling. I’ve found two of his other girlfriends on the floor bawling too. You just have to calm down. We will go tell Kish’s dad, the principal and he will get her tested again at the school hospital, and from there everything will be taken care of.”
I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to be mad but he handled it so well and it let me know that he himself would make a great dad. Not that I was looking that far ahead. We had not even had a date yet. He was still holding my hands and then he looked at me. He walked me to Kish’s dad’s office.
When we got there we explained everything to him. He looked up at Landon and he thanked him for once again helping with Brock’s problems. He then nodded at me.
He waved his hand to the door and we left. I was so disappointed. That would have been our second date. We got outside of the building and I looked down. Landon had never let go of my hand. We walked for a while until I got to my building. There was one light right above us. He looked down at me and he slowly bent down and kissed me. He let go of my hands, waved, and left. I just about screamed. I was so excited; I walked up to my dorm, put on some pajamas, and laid in bed. My goal was to sleep, but that never happened. By the time five o’clock came around I fell asleep. At five thirty my alarm woke me up.
Chapter 6, June 6th
So I have eaten breakfast every day so far this year. I just realized that I have never seen Maria eat breakfast. That’s why today I was so surprised when she walked in, in a cami and pajama pants.
“Well hello there sleeping beauty.” When I said that it sounded kinda sarcastic.
“Look, it’s my handsome prince that kept me up all night.”
“Sleeping beauty, I was not in your dorm at all, remember I left. Is there someone else that you have mistaken for me?” she smiled,
“No, you kissed me and that made me so… let’s just say I couldn’t sleep.”
“Oh, so you do like me.”
“Of course I do Landon, why else would I had tried to go on two dates with you.”
The rest of breakfast went on that way. When it came time for strategy, we walked there together. I felt like our hands needed a break so I didn’t hold her hand. I think that that bugged her. During Strategy we had to pick a partner to do an in class experiment with, of course I was with Maria. The experiment went well. It was an interrogation course. In the middle she asked me,
“Have I ever seen you before this year?”
I had to be honest. “Yes.” She looked confused. “I was at Akisha’s house, undercover, I saw you, you tackled me, and you sat on me for a while, I’m Fay’s brother… AKA Akisha.”
“Nice joke Landon. But how did you know all that.”
“Maria, I’m not kidding and you know it.”
The rest of the class was learning not flirting. It was kinda sad. I like when she flirts with me. She’s so cute when she does.
Right now I am supposed to be running the mile. I decided not to, just like how Kish or Landon never mentioned that they were brother and sister. Oh no, here comes the coach. Her name is Coach Raigna; she is really cool, young, and understanding. She looked at me then asked what the matter was. My reply was rude and mean but I got her to go away. I sat down on the grass and started to cry. At the same time I wanted to punch both of them in the face.
Considering how the rest of the day was. I was happy to get to peaceful study hall. At lunch I ditched and sat by a fountain. Landon never found me and I’m glad. I need some time alone. The whole time I just doodled on some notebook paper. They were all of emo girls with an axe. With five minutes left of Study Hall some random guy walked in and handed me a piece of paper. I read it. It said:
Dear Maria,
It has come to our attention that you have been a bright, shining student from the very begging. We were very sad to send home your room mate. We were hopping that you could rub off on her. Your grades are very good and you seem to be a kind girl with a lot of wanting to learn. We have selected five students this year to do something incredible. All you need to do is go to room 115 in the Strategy Building when this class ends.
The one who chooses

I was so excited. When Study Hall was over I ran to the right room. Like the letter said, there were only four other students. There was the same guy who gave me the letter. He looked at us and said,
“Congratulations, you have been selected to go on a mission. You all will go to separate cases. Real cases. You are aloud to bring one other student from this school to go with you. It may not be another person in this room. Natalie, you will go to Chile; Nancy, you will go to London; Blake, you will go to France; Micah, you will go to Japan; and Maria, you will go to the head quarters for the Extra Velocity Intellect League or Excellence, right here in Ohio. You will all get more information later.”
He left the room quickly with us there to gossip. Natalie and Nancy were twins so they talked and Blake and Micah knew each other so they conversed. I was there alone. So I left. I decided to call Landon and apologize for the way that I acted.

“Hey Landon.”
“Maria, I really hope that you aren’t still pissed at me.”
“No I’m not still really, really angry at you. I just over reacted.”
“Well I’m glad to know that. What’s up?”
“Guess, what?”
“What?” he said that like he does everything, sarcastic.
“I got a mission!”
“You did?”
“Yeah. I can bring a partner. Do you want to go with me?”
“Maria, I have to go, but not with you, I don’t want to be your partner. Bye”
The phone went silent.

I leave tonight. I wish Landon would talk to me. I sent him fifteen texts and still haven’t got any reply. I wonder what’s up with him.

So she asked me to go with her and she keeps texting me. I feel so bad she probably has no clue why I am giving her the cold shoulder. But I really hate that she got it and that I didn’t. I think I will try to get her to forgive me. Saying sorry to a girl when you make her angry just seems like the right thing to do.
“What do you want now? To tell me that missions are stupid or that you never want to see me again?”
“No, actually I was wondering if I could still go with you.”
“Well sure, but it is a four hour ride to Ohio. I can tell you the rest on the way there.”
“I will see you in a few then.”

So, I am really on my way. And right next to me is a passed out, extremely hot guy who will be with me the whole time. I think he’s about to wake up. “Oh, hello sunshine. Did you get some sleep?”
“Why? Were you watching me sleep?”
“No, I have been writing in my diar- um, journal.”
“Oh really? I have a Journal too. Yeah. My mom bought me one when I was a freshman and it just kind of stuck. I like rereading the funny stuff in there.”
“Ok. Well you got your sleep. Now can you let me get mine?”
“Sure. Um. Where are we going?”

So, she was watching me sleep. That creeps me out a little but it also says that she likes me too. I can’t wait till we get there. Wherever there is. I just can’t stop thinking about her. She is right there and I just want to give her a kiss on the cheek or something. I hope that this won’t distract me from performing my duties as a spy.

Chapter 7, June 7th
Wow! We both have to share a room. This agency seems to be more like a dating service, but oh well.
After we got done unpacking we headed over to E.V.I.L.E. When Landon and I realized that it spelled evil with an extra ‘E’, we just about fell on the floor laughing. We were pretty sure that no one else there saw it so we just left it alone.
It was a huge office, with mostly desks and computers, but at the other end of the room we saw the boss’s office. No one told us where to go so we decided to talk to the boss. As we walked we saw someone dash to the coffee machine. They were acting pretty strange so I nudged Landon. After we got halfway to her I realized that it was Kish! “Kish!” I yelled.
“What are you doing here? I thought that you got kicked out of spying.”
“Well… actually those aren’t my real parents. My real ones disappeared right after I was born. On my last mission I was put in a foster home and Kyle and Lisa, my foster parents, decided to adopt me. Mrs. Jane and Mr. Brandon were just fake parents to keep TOSA from figuring me out.”
“What? And what the heck is TOSA?”
“TOSA is this other spy agency that is the rival of Extra Intellect Velocity League of Excellence. They have been trying to ruin us for years. So what’s up?”
“Well, best friend, I was sent on a mission my first year, and I chose to take Landon with me.”
“Whoa! He is really hot ha-ha and wow, a first year mission. What do you have to do?”
“I don’t know, I think that I am supposed to talk to the boss.”
“Ok. Well I got to go, I’ll text ya. Bye.”
Then she just walked, more like dashed, away. I wonder what is up with her. I thought that she always told me everything. Then I looked up and saw what my friend just called hot, right in front of him, and I blushed. It must have been weird for him too, because he also blushed when he looked down at me. He didn’t really have to look down. He is only like four inches taller. I am 5’10” and he is probably 6’2”. 5’10” is normal for a female spy. After that we heard someone call, “Maria, Landon, did you make it?” With that heard Landon went running and I had to try to keep up.

So today when we went to the agency not only did Akisha call me hot, but I saw Mac. Mac is one of my old friends. Back when I was little and went to TASA, he was my dorm dad. He was like a real dad to me too. Since I never really had a dad, he was always there. When I saw him I started to sprint. I think that Maria had a hard time keeping up because I had already given him a hug and talked about his dog by the time that she got there. Then I had to spend another ten minutes explaining how we knew each other.
But Mac seemed a little distracted and like he needed to say something. So I let him talk. He said, “Maria, Landon, I’m sorry but your mission has been canceled. I am sorry but it ended up being a wild goose chase.” I felt so bad. Maria started to sob, but to both our likings she ended up in my arms, just needing to be comforted. I was not upset like her, but I did want to punch Mac for being the one to tell her that. Then Mac said, “Wow! What a situation you got here. Kid you better get yourself a new girlfriend but first get out of my place of work.” I was surprised that he called Maria my girlfriend, but yet Mac acted a lot weirder.

Right now I am in my bed. It is kind of weird because Landon has one three feet away. I felt like a fool today the way I just crashed in his arms, but I had good reason to. Whoa. He just got out of the bathroom and he was all wet, and shirt-less, but not pant-less. He caught me staring and asked, “What?” all I could think of was how amazing he was, and finally he just got in bed and he got out his Journal.

So I just got out of the bathroom and Maria was staring at me. I feel bad cause what happened today. I feel like it is my fault. I wonder what’s up with Mac.
“Hey, Maria.”
“So, about today. I feel really bad what happened. I feel like it’s my fault. I have no clue what’s up with Mac. I don’t know why he would act like that.”
“Yeah, I know the same thing with Kish. Kish usually can talk for hours.”

Then he came over and sat by me on the edge of the bed. My heart was pounding so fast that I thought he could hear it. Then to my surprise he bent over and gave me a kiss. I just about screamed and melted all at the same time. Then he went back to bed and turned off the light, just leaving me in the dark. I wonder if we’re on to something. If we are I wonder if it is the mission or just coincidence.

So. Right now I am under my covers with a flashlight. Maria crashed about ten minutes ago. Speaking of Maria, I just kissed her. The thing is, is that after I did she just was staring like when you’re in a classroom and your teacher is talking rubbish. You know, that stare. I have no clue how she feels, but she didn’t push me away so that was a good sign.

Chapter 8th, June 8th
“So Landon, what should we do?”
“I think that we should do some investigating and some sightseeing. The spy agency did give us a full paid card with two million on it. We might as well use it. Why don’t you invite Kish to the beach?”
“Is that just some lame excuse to see me in a bikini?”
“Of course not, but Lake Erie is really close to here.”
“But she was acting weird, why would she want to go to the beach with me?”
“I think that she would go if Conrad went.”
“So it’s settled, I’ll give Conrad a call and tell him to invite Kish to the beach.”

So I called Conrad and he loved the idea of the beach. When I told him he couldn’t actually go, he got a little worried that I was trying to steal his girl. So I had Maria get on the phone. That was a little weird because she had to pretend to be my girlfriend. She had a very convincing act. When Conrad asked where we were and Maria said ‘a hotel’, he started to laugh very hard and he asked to talk to me again. He was concerned; he didn’t think I would do that kind of thing, but I couldn’t tell him what we were doing, so he insisted on going with us. He wouldn’t let his girlfriend be put in any danger at all unless he’d be there to protect or defend her.
So, then we packed our swim suits and we left. It took about two hours, like I planed, to get there. Running into Kish and Conrad wasn’t too hard; you just had to look for the girl in the rainbow bikini kissing the tall blond. We just walked right over.
“Oh my gosh, Maria! What are you doing here?”
“I thought that we would surprise you.”
“Well consider me surprised. Oh, and this is Conrad.”
“Yeah, I think Landon knows him.”

“Conrad?” exclaimed Landon, “Is that really you?”
“Ah, yeah. What’s up Landon?”
“You know same old same old, just fighting crime as a spy.”

So, today is very interesting. Landon and I haven’t talked about the kiss or kissed again. I wonder if he was drunk or something. Wow! I hope not.
The rest of the day went on us just talking. I soon realized it was the real Kish after all. She was just paranoid because apparently something weird is happening at EVILE, but no one but the boss knows. She told us that she has seen someone in his office before talking to him, but she could never tell who it was.
Kish and Conrad just left. They had to get back or the head quarters would know something was up and they could be in big spy trouble. Oh, my. Landon is walking over here. He just got out of the water. And once again he caught me staring but this time he just said, “You look amazing.” All I could do was smile. Then he sat next to me and once again he gave me one kiss. But this time he did kiss me again, and again. After ten minutes had passed we decided to head back to the hotel and get some sleep for the day coming up.

So, today I took on one of my biggest fears, I kissed Maria over and over again. I’m pretty sure she likes me now. Well either that or she is so delirious with this case that she would have made out with anyone. I love her, but I don’t know how to tell her or when the right moment would be. I wish that I knew what she was thinking. It drives me insane that she can just be there writing in her Journal then start smiling like an idiot. Not that I would ever call her an idiot. It’s just a phrase. Tomorrow I will ask her out to dinner. I think she need some time to relax before we continue with this case. I think k I saw a fair about a mile down the shore of where we were today. That would be fun.

Chapter 9, June 9th
This case is driving me insane. I really need to take a break, but I don’t know if I could. Plus Landon would probably kill me is I asked. He is really dedicated and that’s one thing that I like about him. He is so passionate and I just know he’s sweet and that he cares.
“So, today do you want to take a break and go to the fair, then maybe dinner?”
“Really? I would love to.”
I know that he was happy because he had a huge smile on his face. Then he said,
“Kay. I think I saw a fair by the beach.”
“Kay, thanks Landon, I need it.”

Well, she likes the idea of fair then dinner. I’m so glad. Oh my Gosh! I have my Grandma’s necklace with me. I think I’ll give it to her tonight. Well, we got to get going.

Today was amazing we rode the zipper twenty-three times in a row. Then we went to the Ferris wheel. To our surprise we stopped at the top. While we were up there, we just talked. It was nice. We talked about us, not US, but about our lives. Wait he’s coming with our meal. Well if you consider two cheese dogs and a French fry a meal.

I just brought us lunch. She seemed to like the fair’s food. I loved it, but the hot dog meat was more questionable than usual. I think we might leave and head for the restaurant. Earlier I called Conrad and asked where the best place to eat was. He said it was a place called “Restaurant de a French.” I’m pretty sure an American made it, based on the not French title.
It’ll be weird taking off my grandma’s necklace. I’ve been wearing it under my shirt for years because she was the only caring person I’ve met from my foster family. She also passed away five years ago. It killed me. Maria has filled that place in my heart. Wow, that was really nerdy, no matter how true it may be. ..

“Where are you taking me?”
“You’ll know in three hours.”
“It’ll take three more hours?”
“Yeah, but someone said that it was worth it.”
“This someone being?”
“No one.”

Oh wow. I think I love him! He’s taking me to this place three hours away. I think I’ll hold his hand. I did and he let me! Yay! I’m so glad him car is an automatic and not a stick-shift.

“Landon thanks for bringing me here. It looks amazing.”
“No problem. And we still have two million left.”
“Yeah, Right!”
“Um, Maria.”
“This is my grandma’s necklace. I’d like you to have it.”
“What? Please let that be a good oh.”
“No, it is a good oh. It’s just really… Sweet.”
“Well we just had dessert and you look tired. Let’s go to a hotel.”
“Okay and I am.”

So, that went well. Right now I’m driving because she’s tired. I wonder why she wanted to get to the hotel so quick… I wonder how she feels about US.

I really like Landon. I don’t know how far I want to go. He’s a boy so he’ll probably go as far as I want him to go. That also scares me because I want love not lust. There’s a big difference.

Maria is so beautiful in her silk cami and shorts. She’s looking at me and she’s sitting with her back against her head-board.
“Landon, Can you come here?”
“Yeah.” I then went and sat next to her on the bed.
“I love you.”
Whoa. “I love you too.”

I then reached over and kissed her. Before I knew it, we were making out on her bed. I didn’t want to make her do anything, she would regret so I said, “Hey, we need to get some sleep.” She looked at me puzzled. I felt bad. She probably thought I was just using her. But either way she got up, tuned out the light, and laid back down in my arms.

Chapter 10, June 10th
I woke up with my legs entwined in his and my head on his left arm. Apparently he’d been up for a while. Then we both got up and started to get ready. I started to make ice coffee when I saw we had no ice, I went to get some.
Last night I am glad Landon stopped me. That was way serious way fast. I wonder what my dad would say. Crap! I haven’t called my parents this whole week. Oh look the ice machine. But first, “Hey mom, it’s me Mar, AH WHAT!”

I went looking for her because she’d been gone for a while. I found the ice machine but no Maria, What!? I just found her phone. Her phone was wide open and everything. She has been on a call with Home for fifteen minutes. I hope it’s not because she hated me or something. But why would she leave her phone on?

Okay. So I’m in a trunk. I can tell from the spare tire. I’m glad Landon’s a spy or I might never be found. I bet he’s already coming or is looking for clues.

So, I decided to go to her parents’ house to here the message she left them.
“Hey, is anyone home?”
“Yes, and you are?”
“I’m Landon, Maria’s boy, I mean friend who is a boy.”
“I’m her mother. Paul, get over here.”
“I’m Paul, Maria’s dad. I’m sorry but she isn’t here right now.”
“I know. She was with me at the hotel, and then she disappeared.”
Then Paul looked at his wife and said, “Cary will you go make us some cookies?”
She smiled at him and replied, “Okay Paul. Nice to meet you Landon.”
Next Paul continued to talk, “Landon, why would you take my only sweet daughter to a hotel when she was at her friend’s house.”
“Well, I’m a friend of Kish, I mean Akisha’s boyfriend and when I came to visit we decided to go to the beach.”
“Oh so it started with you two being half-naked and then in a hotel. Well I feel a lot better now.”
“No, no. it’s Okay it was her and Akisha in a bed and me and Conrad in a bed.”
“Okay. You’re gay. I’m okay with that. Maria told me Conrad left Akisha for someone else. I didn’t know that was you.”
“NO! Conrad’s Kish’s boyfriend I’m Maria’s boyfriend!” oh crap.
“Oh, Okay. Well son welcome to the family.” He then hit me very hard on the back then continued to say, “If you hurt my little girl, I’ll find you and I’m always packin’. Get it?”
“Yes sir.”
“Landon, Paul cookies are ready.”
“Cary, Landon is Maria’s boyfriend.”
“Oh how nice Maria’s first boyfriend. Come in Landon make yourself at home.”
After I came in we had some cookies and talked for a while. For the longest amount of time Paul was staring at me Cary told me that I could call them mom and dad. I don’t think Paul liked that idea.
After we were done eating I asked if I could listen to the message from Maria. Cary looked at me then said follow me. The message said, “Hey mom, It’s me Mar… AH WHAT!” then a guys voice came on. “Come on Michael, we need to get her to Base Camp.” I knew that voice. Then I said thanks, ran out to my mustang convertible then drove away.

“OH my Gosh, someone take this thing off of my face!” I yelled, then I heard someone walk to me he took off the mast. I knew him from somewhere. “Mac?” he then looked at me like I just told the world that he was a Barbie collector. He just kept looking at me. Then another guy walked in the huge vacant room and said,
“That’s the wrong one.” I could tell Mac knew I’m who he wanted but apparently his partner thought they were getting someone else. Then the same guy said, “Boss I thought that we were getting Akisha. After she broke my heart I wanted revenge. Stupid Conrad had to steal her.” I then yelled,
“You’re idiots, why would you want Akisha, she’s my… I mean I’ve heard of her. You know how all spy people know each other.”
Then the guy, not Mac, said, “You’re a spy oh, I’m so sorry, I’m Michael. Sorry about the commotion, let me untie your hands.” I didn’t ever realize that my hands were bound. Then Mac got out a gun and said,
“Sit down Michael.”
“Hi Mac!”
“Landon! You found me. Help he has a gun.”
“Yes dear, I can tell.” He said sarcastically, “Mac what’s wrong with you? This is my girlfriend.”
“Your girlfriend?” I didn’t know he thought I was… Yay!
“That’s what I told your parents.”
“Yeah, I’ll tell you later.”

“So Mac, what made you want to kidnap my girlfriend?”
“You betrayed us. We told you to go back to TASA, but no, you had to get into things.”
“So something is going on at EVILE?”
“Uh, no, you just didn’t trust us.”
“Why do you care? You know I’m one of the best and smartest, yet I never got a mission until she invited me.” I heard Maria gasp. I never told her that part.

I feel so bad. I was all bragging and all hey want to go. Wow! I feel so bad I forgot I was tied up on a couch, next to a guy named Michael, who is trying to look down my silk pajama top, because I had only done my make up by the time I was kidnapped. Great! Michael is barely appealing. Like almost hideous, but almost cute. I wonder if this is the creep that worked with Conrad that Akisha talked about. Well they have the same description… EW! But thankfully he wasn’t looking at my hands behind my back because I got them untied.

I looked over at Michael, who I knew from working with him and Conrad at a gas station, was looking down Maria’s Shirt! I yelled, “Michael, you freak, that’s my girl friend.” Then Maria jumped up and side kicked the gun out of Mac’s hands while Mac was looking at me. She was awesome. Then Mac said,
“Well Landon, are you going to pick the people you’ve know forever, or this random girl who is just trying to get in your pants?”
With that said Maria’s face went so mad and serious, but yet she just about laughed. I knew she would never ever be like that. That’s also what I told Mac. Mac just watched me go over to him, with a rope that I found on the ground, and I tied him up, threw him on the couch with Michael, and walked to Maria. I picked her up in my arms like if we were newlyweds and we left.

“Oh my Gosh! Are you okay? That was awesome. Why didn’t you tell me you never had, had a mission? Landon I love you! How do you know my Parents?”
‘Maria, it’s okay, we’re okay. I love you too. I was embarrassed that you got a mission before me. That’s why I said no when you called me, but I wanted to be with you so I went. Finally, I met your parents when I needed information. Its okay, your mom loves me and I’m here so we know your dad didn’t kill me. Though he wanted to know why we had a hotel room together.”
“You told him? What did you say? I bet you told him we slept together. We did, but not the way he would imagine.”
“I said after we had a day at the beach, you and Akisha had a bed, and that I and Conrad had a bed.”
“Oh my Gosh… Why? Well at least my mom likes you. Does she like you or love you?”
“I think love, but who doesn’t?” that was a bad choice in words because she then slapped my head.
“Well. Why don’t we find out what else you spilled, over cookies?”
“You bake?”
“No, but my mom does.”

The rest of the car ride was a little awkward. After my jitter fest I was relatively quiet. But also when I was done, he had put his arm over my shoulders. When we arrived my dad was grilling in the front yard and my mom was reading her favorite romance novel again. While sitting on the swing. My dad was surprised to see me in a black mustang convertible with the arm of the guy he met earlier on my shoulder. My dad wasn’t just surprised though, he flipped out. He came walking over with knife in hand.

“Hello honey and Landon.” When he said Landon his smile disappeared.
“Hey daddy. What’s up?”
“Well tonight and tomorrow I will be in Columbia… on uh business. You know, what you guys do.” then he smiled. I didn’t know if he was a spy or having more fun than he should be when he’s not with his wife. I was hoping for the spy answer. Then my mom walked over to us.
“Hey kids. Don’t think of me as creepy, but let’s see a kiss.” My dad jumped.
“Cary you don’t really mean that!”
“Yes I do Paul; I want to be sure this is serious and not just someway to buy our love.” Landon just looked at me. I looked at my parents and they both nodded. My dad nodding a bit slower than my mom. Then Landon leaned over and gave me a nice kiss on the cheek. My dad appreciated that it wasn’t a real KISS. My mom looked at us, satisfied and told us to go on in.
Landon and I watched out the window as my dad left. After he was gone and my mom was done waving, she ran in as fast as she could.
“Kids that kiss you did out there had no passion. Are you two afraid to have sex?”
“Mom! That is none of your business and I thought that you wanted me to get married first!”
“Honey, you’re only a teenager once, and I never knew you listened to me. I want to see a real kiss then I will go. Please.”
“Mom you’re screwed up.” Then before I knew it Landon was kissing me. For real this time like my mom wanted. When we were done, which was really quick, my mom looked at us and said,
“You two make the best couple. I’m going to go stay at a hotel tonight. You guys can do whatever you want. Okay?”
“Bye kids.”

“Your mom is interesting.”
“Her and my dad’s love life, ew, isn’t very good so she reads romance novels and now she wants me to be in one.”
“Well aren’t you?” I said while grinning.
“Well this is real life not a book Landon.”
“But we are in love, hint romance, and we are on this long mission, long meaning novel. To da, we are in a romance novel.”
“Landon, you’re a freak. A freak that I will love forever.”
We both just laughed then I once again bent down and kissed her. The stuff her mom said made me think. Are we a bad couple, should we be sleeping together, or is her mom just as crazy as Akisha. Maria looked at me, almost shocked; she looked like she saw a ghost behind me. So I turned around quick and saw Conrad and Akisha in the window.
“Oh my Gosh! You guys just about killed me!” I said and they had already walked in by then.
“Hey Landon what’s up?” said Conrad, all calm like.
“What’s up? You just gave me a heart attack. What are you guys doing here anyways?”
“Well Landon,” said Kish, “We saw her mom’s twitter post that you guys were home and we thought that we would come give you a visit.” Maria looked shocked.
“My mom has a twitter?”
“Duh, Maria, I’ve been following her for the last two years. How do you think I know that she doesn’t know you’re a spy?”
“Fine, but what are you two doing here?”
“We thought that you two could use a break and go party.”
“Kish it’s a great idea but all we’ve been doing is taking a break. We need to figure this out.”
“Maria, please just one more night of relaxing and then you can work your butt off.”
“Kish just this one time okay, I don’t want you to think of me as just some lame girl who happens to be your best friend.”
“Okay, let’s go shopping then off to the party.”

So we’re on our way to this store that Akisha says has great party disguises. When she said that it made me wonder, how many times has Kish had to go undercover to a party? Then I thought, oh yeah, I just found out she was a spy like a month ago.
We just arrived. Well, Kish was right. This place has awesome party clothes. Not little kid party clothes, but like clubbing clothes. Then I thought where in the world is this “party” that she’s taking us to. Kish right now is running around showing the boys where the guy stuff is, she is way too happy right now. Great here she comes running,
“Maria come here, go to the changing room I know a dress that would look great on you. I’ve been eyeing it for months but it would look better on you.” I just did what she said. Two minutes later here she comes walking up with this black dress with random light pink slashes all on at different angles, it was a one shoulder and it was as long as my finger tips. When I came out of the fitting room, Kish was already in this black sparkly dress that had a halter top.
The boys were at the other end of the store trying on shirts. When they came to find us, Conrad had picked a blue shirt that had eight buttons down the middle. Landon's shirt was a plain gray shirt and he was wearing dark jeans with some torn spots. When Landon saw me his mouth dropped. I found it hilarious. I soon saw that Conrad was looking at Kish too. Then the thought popped into my head, how are we going to pay for these. Landon must had read my mind while staring at me because he said,
“Maria, don’t worry about the money, don’t forget how much we still have just about two million on our spy card.” I just smiled. Kish and Conrad both looked at us. At the same time they said,
“You guys have two million?” Kish continued to say,
“We could buy the whole store!”
“Kish, I know.” I said. I had never really looked at how much we had.

We are at a store buying outfits for tonight. It is totally crazy how many clothes are here. When we met up with the girls Conrad and I were really amazed they looked beautiful and I caught myself staring. Conrad still won’t tell us where we’re going. All I know is that it’s about an hour or two from the school. I don’t know how many people are going or anything. It kind of stinks. I think that we are about to leave.
“Let’s go guys.” Yelled Conrad, though he yelled it he sounded very excited.
“Yeah, you guys. Let’s go to the hottest party in all of Ohio.” By now those two were scaring me, yet Maria and I still let them drive us there.

We just arrived at this huge venue. It was a house that was bigger than the White House. Everything was black, white, and silver. It looked like the house of a celebrity. Somehow Kish and Conrad got us in. I don’t even want to know how. As I looked around I saw a bunch of people our age. When I saw the beer I got really scared. Parties can go really wrong if you add beer, and the police. I said,
“Whoa, great party now let’s go home.” Conrad smiled,
“Maria. It’s okay, grab a beer. It’s not gonna hurt you.” He must already be drunk. Kish has told me about his problem. I’m so glad Kish, Landon, and I don’t drink. After we had been there for five minutes, this guy came up to Kish and me with some purple drinks. Before I could ask what it was he said,
“It’s just grape kool-aid, Its okay babes.” Akisha then took our drinks and gave them to me. Then she looked him in the eyes and said,
“If you ever do that again I will hunt you down and kill you boy.” Kish and I sat down on the couch and started to drink our kool-aid. It tasted weird. But after a while I didn’t care. Before I knew it I heard a siren. When Conrad heard it he threw his cup. Too bad everything in it landed on Kish and me.
“Great guys you take us to a party with beer and now look. The cops are here!”
“Maria, let’s yell it to the world. Let’s go.” When Kish said that she seemed a little bit calm, but not to calm.
“Maria. You and Kish go. I will meet you guys at the Super 9 Hotel. I will grab Conrad. GO!”
I had never seen Landon so scared. But Kish grabbed my arm and we ran out the back. With our spy training, mine not lasting longer than one week, we hopped over an eight feet tall hedge and ran. We got to the Hotel Nine but we couldn’t find Landon or Conrad. Kish and I waited for half an hour and then we got a call, from Conrad.
“Hey girls. Do you hate me? Before you answer I should tell you that Landon and I are in jail.”
“What, you’re in jail!?” Right now Kish was hogging the phone. I freaked out.
“Give me the phone Akisha!” I yelled at her.
“Maria here, you can yell at the idiots!” she shoved the cell phone at me.
“Boys, are you okay?” I said a lot softer then Kish.
“Hey since this is Conrad do you want to talk to Landon?”
“Sure but hurry up you are running out of time.” I heard the background noise change.
“Maria, you and Akisha need to come and get us. Now! The sooner the better.”
I then heard the phone turn off. A long fuzzy noise came on. I looked at Kish. She looked… Happy. I got in the car and drove us to the police station. When I got to the door everyone was looking at us weirdly.
“Hey Coppers!” said Kish almost too perky.
“Hey little girls, what brings you two here. Are you going to turn yourself in?”

Great, Akisha and Maria just walked in and they don’t look very good. I think that I am the only one who is sober. The cops look highly suspicious of there state of being. And yet Akisha continues to talk.
“We just came to get our friends. We were with them and then we weren’t anymore.” She smiled.
“Oh, so you know these fellows and you were just at a party with them?” After hearing that I gasped and got ready to slap my head,
“No, they were coming to get us from the party because we were, well Conrad is drunk.” I quickly said.
“No you silly sweetie pie we were there and then the cops came so we ran for it. Duh.” This time she and Maria smiled. Then Maria thought that it was her time to talk.
“Don’t listen to her, she’s a nut job. What really happened was we had grape kool-aid, then we heard a siren, I’m guessing from the TV show Cops, then we ran past the pool, and um, over the hedge, and then to Hotel eight. And now, we’re here. Kishy left a lot out.” It was the cop who smiled this time.
“Oh you poor things. Why don’t you go sit down in that room next to the boys.” Of course the idiots went in. After the door closed Akisha went from twirling her hair and laughing to a straight face, with raised eye brows.
“Get me out of here!” we all just watched. “You idiots, I’m a Baptist! Let me out of here! I am also Closter phobic.”
We just kept staring at her. Her eyes were getting bigger and bigger. She started taking short, deep breaths, then she sat on the floor with her arms around her knees, and she started to rock back and forth. To add to all of that she then started to scream. The police men had seemed to have enough. The fat one opened up the door and said
“Come here” softly. She walked out and she acted ditsy again. He had her sit on the bench outside of the room. Maria just sat on the floor and twittled her thumbs. The rest of the night Conrad, Akisha, and Maria just slept.
When it came to be eight o’ clock, a guy in a dark jacket came in. He secretly talked to the fat one. I soon realized that the fat guy was the sheriff. The Sheriff soon came over and unlocked our doors and told us that we were free. We walked outside with the guy in black. Once we got outside Akisha and Maria went over to the bushes and started to throw up. I went over there and held back Maria’s hair, because it is super long. And Conrad went and held Akisha’s for emotional support. When they were done, I’m glad when that time came. We walked back over to that dude. He said,
“Agents, this is not the way to behave. All of you will be coming back to school. Conrad and Landon, you guys will share a dorm in the newly refurbished Thompson Hall. Akisha, you will move back in with Maria. I think that now would be a good time to tell Maria that you did get in trouble for making out with Conrad, but also you had to go back to work at E.V.I.L.E.” Maria looked confused, yet understanding. We all followed his orders.

Chapter 11, June 11th
I woke up a little later then usual and I saw Kish lying in the bed four feet from mine. She was already awake, talking on the phone with Conrad. She looked over and saw me looking at her. She smiled then she said her five minute long goodbye to Conrad. When she was done it was eight am.
“So Maria, what’s the deal with you and Landon?” she smiled again.
“Akisha, I’ve known you forever, how do you think its going. We were in jail last night?”
“Oh yeah, and how am I supposed to know how your love life is?” for a second we both just sat there and laughed. “So, did you get to second base, or just first?” knowing Kish I didn’t know how far away her bases are compared to the rest of us. She saw the look in my eye. That look was confusion. “Did you guys kiss, make out, or what?”
“Well not what and why would you want to know that?”
“Just wondering, so?”
“We made out. Okay Kish. And we have to get to class.” She stared at me then said,
“Okay, and we got to get to class because Mr. Mored won’t wait for us.”

I walked into the room for the first time in a week. It had been two weeks since I first saw Landon. Today when I looked to find him he was a tour table, but Conrad was right beside him. Kish and I found a table right behind them. Conrad was complaining that he shouldn’t have to take this class and that he already took it. Up on the board it said, “TOSA.” The teacher walked in, his beard longer than before, and his classes cracked. He isn’t our youngest teacher. He’s our oldest.
“Hello everybody,” he started, “I’m glad we have two new faces in here today. Our discussion today will be on TOSA, The Other Spy Agency. Does anyone know who they are?” a girl in the very front raised her hand immediately. ”Yes Samantha.” He said like he was expecting for her to be the one to answer.
“They are the evil guys that we are training to defeat.” She said in her I-know-everything-voice.
“Very good.” Conrad looked at Landon, then back at Kish.
When class was over we walked to the lawn, a part of the summer school where it was all grass. We sat down and I asked,
“Why in the world did you look at everyone Conrad?!” he looked back at his friend and girlfriend
“Should I tell her guys?” he whispered like I wasn’t there.
I yelled, “Of course you should! Duh!”
“Okay, Okay, well you see three years ago I went here and like every other person I sneaked out. These guys grabbed me by the arms and told me about TOSA I was stupid. I went there and worked for a year”
My smile broke. “What?!”
“I realized they are evil, and Akisha has been working at EVI LE. Let’s just say we are pretty sure that they fit their description. Landon laughed,” I guess we aren’t’ the only ones who noticed that.
I smiled. “Wait, then who’s good?“ I asked. Conrad, Kish and Landon all looked at each other… again.
“We are.” Kish said
“Well duh, but who else.” They all smiled. I hate their telepathy thing that they do.
“Well,” Akisha began, “My mom and dad, Kyle and Lisa, and bunch of other people, oh, and your mom.”
“My MOM?!” I was defiantly yelling. “Oh and what do you call yourselves?”
“We are GOODE.” Conrad said, “G for good, O for old, the other O for Operatives, D for defeating, and E for Evil. Good Old Operative Defeating Evil. Clever right?” he grinned. This was all too much for me to process. Then I realized Landon had stayed relatively quiet. Then he talked,
“Oh yeah, you mom, she’s with us, that’s one reason why she was so friendly to me. Oh, and your dad, well, he’s the boss of TOSA.” I got goose bumps.
“Really?” I managed to say. He nodded.

So just told Maria her mom knows me, and is goode… haha pun intended. And her dad is evile… pun intended again. She looked a little heart broken. I think one day she’ll know she has to choose, I bet she’ll choose me…, and her mom. Conrad and I are walking back to the girls dorms for movie night. The girls went back half an hour ago but Conrad wanted to go check the board in Strategy to see if we had homework, because he didn’t believe us when we said we didn’t.
“Hey guys!” Kish yelled when we walked in. There were four boxes of pizza and six, 2 liters of soda. Akisha gave Conrad a kiss, and then looked at me. “You better not hurt her.” She glanced from me to Maria. Maria blushed. We all sat down on the floor in a circle, or square, whatever you want to call it. When all the pizza and pop was gone it was three in the morning.
“So, down to business,” I began. “So we know who’s good and who’s bad. What are we going to do about it?” I don’t know if anyone knew what to say. So know one did
“Um Landon?” Maria asked, “So shy don’t we all pay my dad a visit. You know at TOSA. We could say we want to join him. Let’s face it, he can’t say no to his little princess.” She gave a little girl puppy dog face. Conrad started to laugh so hard, he fell over.
“Conrad!” Kish scolded him. “I know her dad it will work. One time when we were six we wanted to go to Disney World even though her mom said no, because of money troubles; her dad went behind her back and took us. I t was amazing, just saying.” Conrad’s look changed, he all thought we were crazy, but had some new confidence. In my mind I knew it could work.
“Kay,” I said, “let’s sleep then start driving.”

I decided to let Conrad have my bed. Landon just laid out blankets on the floor, for us!
“So Landon,” I managed to whisper.
“Huh?” he said as he laid down and then patted the floor for me to lay down too. I did so that I was facing him.
“Is my dad really-” I started
“Yeah, sorry Maria. If he knew me, Kish, and Conrad were Goode, we’d all be dead.”
“Haha Landon.” I laughed.
“Maria, I’m not joking. TOSA agents are assassins. Evile does more torture. It might be a better idea for you to go alone tomorrow…” I swallowed.
“Then I will.” I managed to say. He cut me off.
“No, you didn’t let me finish. You would be better off alone but I won’t let you. He won’t hurt you but he can keep you away form people you love. He can’t keep you form me, I won’t let him” I could tell the tone in he voice had changed from talking to serious I love you too much kind of stuff.
“Landon, if they won’t kill me then I have to go alone.”
“No, I’m going too. Akisha and Conrad will be our outside sources. That’s final.” He looked at me. “This is our last night before we go into this. So I just want to let you know. I would take a bullet for you any day.”
I felt my eyes go all teary and some tears fell. Not because like it’s touching but because It makes me want to cry when I thing about him dieing, especially for me. He bent over and wiped a tear away slowly, then gave me a kiss.
“Landon,” I said, “I’d take a bullet for you too. I love you.”

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