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My life and my stories, which i wish were me life smile
Chelsee: what's up Ryan?!
Ryan: nothing but Madison is killing me trying to get me to go on a date with her. (Sigh)
Chelsee: she never does give up does she? She is like a bad rash that never goes away. (Laugh)
Ryan: soooo.... what are you doing later?
Chelsee: I am going to the movies with myself and I
Ryan: do you mind if I know what movie and time?
Chelsee: well it starts at eight, and it is at Moneray down town. (Ring ring) hold on, phone.
Phoner: hello this is River and I was wondering if I could see you at the movies at eight, my favorite movie is playing, The First Kiss.
Chelsee: well I guess
Ryan: who was that?
Chelsee: no one special. It was my mom, so do you want to meet me at the movies at eight fifteen?
Ryan: well if you really want me too. Sure.
River: so hi
Chelsee: hi River, if you mind can I use your jacket it is cold in here.
River: sure (River put arm around Chelsee)
Ryan: hi, Chelsee and River?
Chelsee: didn't I tell you my boyfriend would be here.
Ryan: your boyfriend
River: your boyfriend, I did not know an arm and jacket would turn her on to me
Chelsee: yeah my boyfriend do you got a problem
Ryan: well no but I thought we were coming alone, I bought a giant thing of popcorn, and a large drink with two straws only
Chelsee: you did that for me, Chelsee get a grip. (ring ring) oh mom again got to go home and think about this, me liking best friend that's Ryan!!!???
Ryan: what you doing with my girl to be
River: I did not know she even liked me?
Ryan: really
River: well I am going to watch the movie bye bye
Ryan: Chelsee....... do you need a ride
Chelsee: sure I guess Chelsee just tell him how you feel, come on girl
Ryan: you are home sweet home, your home at least
Chelsee: why did you get out of the car too?
Ryan: this is Rivers car I stole the keys from his pocket when I gave him the popcorn
Chelsee: oh (speechless) he did that for me
Chelsee: why did you buy the big tub of popcorn and two strawed drink?
Ryan: for myself and ah I
Ryan: so what are you doing later?
Chelsee: nothing much
Ryan: so did you and River like the first half of the movie
Chelsee: about last night, I feel really bad knowing that you wanted to see me
Ryan: like you did not know
Chelsee: well I…
Ryan: you wanted me to come out and poor my heart out?
Chelsee: well not exactly, but sort of
Ryan: of all the people, how could you Chelsee?
Madison: so what you all up to? Hi baby cakes
Ryan: hi Madison
Chelsee: why need me, when you have her
Madison: yeah we are most perfect couple in the world
Ryan: so Madison why don’t you go get a fudge bar for each of us
Madison: ok honey bun
Chelsee: so you got rid of her, did you, and you guys do make a perfect couple. (Run away, crying)
Madison: where did she go?
Ryan: who knows?
Madison: I am glad we got rid of her she was like a…
Ryan: two ton, double burned fool, I know you say it all the time
Madison: telepathy that means we are made for each other
Ryan: go home
Madison: after you
Ryan: no, you first (grind teeth)
Madison: no you, ok, I will go first, call yah
Ryan: to bad I changed the number for the nineteenth time
Ryan: so why do you like Chelsee?
River: who?
Ryan: the girl you went to the movies with
River: oh, that chick
Ryan: so you do not even know her name
River: it is Chelby, maybe
Ryan: I need to call Chelsee, and tell her
River: no, I need her, she is a total babe
Ryan: 18153836768, Chelsee you there, call me
River: she did not even pick up how pathetic
Chelsee: I did not pick up because I am right here and I lost my phone
River: what did you here honey?
Chelsee: too much
Ryan: I just wanted to tell him to be a good boy and tell you
River: than why didn’t you
Ryan: I saw her so I let her
Chelsee: you little, no good, liar. River lets go dancing
River: ok you can not always win Ryan.
Chelsee: Ryan you are so strong, but I don’t feel safe with you. so i think it will be better if i am with River

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat May 30, 2009 @ 06:15pm
What is the point of the "River you are so strong, but I don't feel safe with you" line?
I like the new parts... We should make more sometime... Kk? well kk. I gotta go... Bye.... CALL ME!

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