Good evening Gaia! What a wonderful evening as well. It just rained in this homely little state I live in. Current song to listen to at the moment, Guardian Angle by Red Jumpsuit Apparratus. Well, I like it.

Meowbook finally ceased it's evil dictatorship yesterday, overthrown most likely by Gaian complaints. The power of democracy at work people.

On our "Good for Gossip" segment...I hear Lanzer's planning something big for Gaia this upcoming summer season, but you didn't hear that from me.

Tomorrow here will be lightly cloudy and windy with a high in the fifties.

A good anime that to watch right now would be Darker than Black, I find it's storyline very intoxicating and I can follow it. Very actiony and gorey.

I saw Source Code today, that is a movie for people who love sci-fi and a good twist.

That's all for tonight. Good night Gaia.