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Jason Benjamin Yun
Women are like math problems, they are complex equations that need to be solved.

Jason Benjamin Yun was born sometime in the 1940s after the war that plagued America. His father, who had been one of the few to survive the attack on D-day with all of his life intact, married a working-class female who carried Jason and birthed him. With an unusually high IQ at birth, he was able to talk two months earlier than most children of proper age. He was able to walk not too long after, and went to a prestigious preschool to test his already growing knowledge. Sadly, both of his parents died of are disease that died with them. Given to a guardian, he attended private schools across the board, and at the age of 16, his guardian died from a heart attack.

Jason had no more people to take care of him, but it wasn't necessary. The mass fortune that had accumulated from some hidden wealth and his guardian was plenty rich. Leaving his home town because of the pain of past, he fled to another state, and enrolled in a regular school, to keep on the down low until he graduated, almost two hundred points in front of everyone else. After graduation, he used some of his fortune to build what looked like a regular nuclear power plant. After the two constructs rose from the ground, he built a large sky needle behind it, his office at the very top. Sky Corp, as he called it, would be "The most revolutionary station for technology yet." As he said it, it was. Creating things long before they came out on market as actual things. After this delve into technology, he researched into Human Cloning.

Sky Corp soon became the leading Researcher and Development station in the entire world. It was plenty of years before anyone else thought of it, and the government caught on. Luckily, a ever growing Jason thought faster, and had contacts on the inside. With a bit of payment, he stayed under the governments radar, until his decaying health forced him to look for an answer for ever lasting life. It came to him as he slept, and thus, the first human clone was born. Jason B. Yun, created a clone of himself, and transferred his heart and brain into the new body, as well as his soul. He had found a solution to cheat death, and now that he knew how to make clones, he began experimenting.

Sky Corp's sales skyrocketed after the birth of ten hundred FX34 model bio weapons. Selling them to the U.S Government to fight in any wars, he was astonished at how far the army was willing to go for super soldiers that could resist more bullets, if only a few more, than the average human could. His researched began more in depth, not only to try and make the bio weapons invincible, but to give them super human powers as well. The research would soon become a success, but a distraction came first.

A girl, one that he came to love very much, Jessica Snow, became his first love. His first, and it seemed to be his only love, until fate decided to be against him again. Driving home, on a cold winter night, he saw a car stopped at the side of an empty road. The engine still runny, he got out of his comfortable, nice car and stepped to the car, to see the body of Jessica, who had succumbed to hypothermia. The loss almost committed Jason to suicide, but he kept against it.

In the years that followed, Jason kept all his mind on his work, to forget the pain of losing his love. Though Sky Corp profited from his unhealthy focus, he still felt empty, and unwell. Soon, it was time to welcome a new member to the family. Project "Nighlus", which had gone through many stability tests, was the first bioweapon to use an type of frame-based power. The ability to pull metal blades from his skin like they were his bones, and pus them out as body-attached weapons made him one of a kind, in addition to having everything the others did.

Jason, however, wanted to try a different tactic with this bioweapon, and decided to send him to a school, when he thought he was ready. Looking over school after school, he found one that suited his desires. Snow Mount academy for the gifted was the greatest, and most prestigious place he could send him. He renamed him Nicholas V. Gantria, and sent him off, secretly applying for a job in the background, to oversee this, and make sure it didn't go bad.

During his stay, he met many great people...

To be continued....