Good evening Gaia and all it's lovely people! I'm Asiuh star, formerly Star810, and this is the Asiuh Star Evening Talk! Under new management, I, your host, seek to inform the world of recent happenings, humor you and make you wish you weren't slacking over your computer you fatties you!~

First on the Agenda, large killing in Libya earlier. These guys were shooting up in the air and stuff, and all of a sudden, BLAMMO! A passing fighter jet thought they were shooting at him and blasted them to Allah (I'm a devout Christian folks) knows where with his rockets.

Next, insidious prank by Gaia on April first. Last year, Omnidrink, this year, Meowbook. The tyranny never stops people, and, news flash, THEY'RE STILL HERE! It has come to my attention that sometimes Gaia takes it's pranks too far. I mean, c'mon Lanzer, you know it's true too. JUST STOP F-CKING DOING IT. Ehem.

Spring break this week for some of the USA's lovely populace. That means fun fun fun, whether it be vacation with family/friends, or sitting in front of your pc all week. I...we hope you have fun.

Deviantart's trolling level boosted by 34% yesterday as well, with their April Fools joke, you guessed it, the origin of the troll face.

A good Movie month, we've got Paul out, and Hop. That's a family movie guys.

Now, we have a letter opening time. Yaaaayyy~

This one comes from 'annonymous': Dear Asiuh Star,

Your show needs to talk more about Gaia's happenings, not th real world's.

Well excuuuseee me for trying to bring some culture to you guys. Damn, media is not appreciated.

Well, that's it for tonight. Just a reminder, if you want your voice heard on this journal entryawesome talk show, PM me, Asiuh Star. If you want it to be annonymous, make your topic name so, if you don't, leave it blank. It will be much appreciated. Trust me, you won't regret it.