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When his parents first told him they were sending him to Maribel Academy, he was thrilled. He pictured a fresh new beginning, hanging out with friends his own age and maybe even having a blast. For once, he could enjoy being a teenager as it came to a close.

But now that he was looking up at the monstrous castle before him, he was having second thoughts. Thoughts like, ‘am I even going to fit in?’, ‘What if no one likes me?’ and ‘Am I going to spend the entire years alone?’ starts to descend into his brain. His nerves already a wreck just standing in the shadow of the building.

Here goes nothing’, swallowing his courage he walks away from the drop off point and joins the throng of other students lining up to get checked off at the front door. ‘Jeez, security is crazy tight’, he stood in line for ten minutes before he reaches the front.

A pump, rosy-cheek female professor is standing with a clipboard in her hand, “Name please?” her voice monotone.

“Damian Rhodes” he quietly speaks.

The woman’s eyes scan the clipboard for his name, checking it off before hustling him inside to not only collects his schedule but to find his room as well. Looking at his paper he is surprise to find out. He has his own room! At least he could have a place to retreat to if he didn’t make any friends.

Not letting the joy of his room get too comfort as he tries not to be trample on by the study body now crowding into the main hall. A desk in the front is a group of people with large stacks of paper, calling students by years. First group called up are the seniors.

Seeing how they’re doing the paper, Damian sighs, “I hate crowds”. He’s entering as a ‘freshmen-sophomore’ due to his parents. Rubbing his temples he tries to block out the loud noises, everyone chattering loudly. “Already this place is giving me a migraine” he holds onto his book bag tightly and tries to block through.

It takes almost half an hour for him to receive his schedule and room assignment, snagging room number 404. The dorm building is only four stories high so that meant he would be on the top floor. A benefit for his ability.

Please with the room arrangements he heads back outside and plans to exam the schedule to see what classes they gave him. Just as he turns around does he accidentally brushes against another student who stumbles at the fall. Quickly jumping back he puts his hands up to catch the student.

“I’m really sorry” he apologizes sheepishly, looking at the student, “it’s crazy in here” raising his voice so to be heard over the crowd.

It’s a younger boy, he could tell by his face, yet he is no small child. Standing about 5’2 ft but Damian still has five inches advantage. He has a fragile baby face, bright sea green eyes with a few shades dark platinum blonde. The shaded hair almost looks blue. The boy is clutching to his book bag as if it’s the only thing holding him afloat. Damian’s heart went out to him, he looks the part to be trample on by the crowd. The two stand there awkwardly, the shy boy suddenly steps forward.

He decides to be friendly, “I’m Damian Rhodes. And you are?”

The boy looks at him like a deer caught in headlights before his mouth form a smile, “I’m Arii.”

“It’s nice to meet you Arii. Have you gotten your schedule and room assignment yet?” he has to continue raising his voice to be heard.

He had actually found a friend or so he hopes, the boy is friendly enough. Looking down, he notices that the boy is wearing gloves. Not that he is going to pick on him but it caught his eye with an interest.

“Ah…not yet” waving towards the mob, “I was going to wait for the crowd to clear a bit.”

Looking at the crowd, “Ah, yeah. That probably would’ve been the smart thing for me to do too, but I’m impatient” a cocky smile on his face, “do you…want me to wait with you? We could compare schedules once you get yours. I’ve really got nothing else to do except set up my dorm, which won’t take too long.”

Expecting Arii to blow him off he is mildly surprise by the boy’s voice, “That would be very nice of you. Maybe we’ll get the same classes!”

“Cool! My dorm’s on the top floor. I hope you get one close to me so we can hang out sometime!” his enthusiasm showing. Already school looked to be getting better every second now that he found a friend.

Arii’s face lite up, “I hope so too. It would be fun to hang out with you.”

Damian felt happy. His fears from earlier disappearing into thin air, coming to this school must have been a good idea.

Both of them look over the thinning crowd but it’s Damian who speaks, “Ready to jump into the fray then? We can go hang outside once we get your stuff.” Now he began to wonder what Arii’s ability is. Again his eyes stare at the white gloves, figuring it must involve contact or maybe he could produce fire like him but need friction first. Pushing back his thoughts, he reminds himself to not scare the boy. Prying into people’s lives are the fastest ways of losing friends.

“Ready” Arii frowns at the crowd. He jumps into the crowd head first with Damian right behind.