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Along the Great Plains towards the north, there is a mountain with a village nestled at the bottom. On the mountain is a massive gothic-styled castle that was renovated in the late 19th Century to become a school. It was given the title Maribel Academy. But to the locals in the town it’s better known as Academy of Dreams.

No local attends this academy for it’s not a school open to the public. Students of Maribel Academy look no different than normal students. The same ranges of intellect as well as cost wise of a normal school.

The only difference is that students at this school are born with a natural gift. An ability that makes them an outcast from normal society. Have you wondered why, if there are people born with powers, they aren’t all over the news? Because they attend schools like this that teaches them how to deceive the mass population.

Maribel Academy is a four-year institution where students learn the normal curriculum of a normal school. As well as signing up for classes that are necessary for them to blend into everyday life or whichever life they chose after graduation.

There are classes that teaches them how to harness their powers. Or perhaps instead teaches students how to defend themselves from other students or even just students who wish to dive deeper into knowledge. For example, learning about their small minority of demon study body. This made it all the more tough as only fifty new students are admitted each year, meaning each grade level is roughly fifty bodies large only.

Only one catch to the school. Maribel Academy is the top school of the underground school system but it’s one of the non-coed schools. Meaning only boys are allow passage into this other world. There is a purpose to this but that, much like the stories within, have long been forgotten as the centuries roll on.