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Name: Dayea Speculum
Age: Twenty-Three
Race: Witch (descendent of demon)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Weight: 5’8”
Height: Heavier than she looks
Blood Type: O- (universal donor)

Bite-Size Food
Club Music
Virility Hard Pops (candy)

Tight Spaces

Potions Crafting
Gymnastic Skills
Mirror Magic (ex: teleporting, reflecting, glamor)

Finger Claws
Small Blades (ex: switch blade, daggers, letter openers)

Media Name: Empress Day
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Charismatic – Something had to win over her followers.
Honest – Not one to hide her thoughts, she speaks her mind more often than not.

Dayea comes from a long line of witches originating from the ‘Old Country’—code for ‘third world country’. The lineage is very mixed, thus where they originated is difficult but each generation adopts the term.

Truth long forgotten is the origin of their magic—an ancestor bearing the child of a winged-Dreamrunner by the name of Shashank. The Speculum lineage is of wiccan decent originally but with no magical abilities until Shashank’s blood intertwined—thus creating the unique mirror magic. With every generation, Shashank’s blood thins but the magic stays strong.

When Dayea was born, she had been blessed with the magic of all Speculum children but she had the misfortune of being born in Limbo City. Her mother, a fellow witch, did her best to hide the child from demon eyes and raise her to harness her magic. Then everything changed when demons came for the witch’s ability—all in the name of some demon who wanted to challenge Mundus’ power. It was all a ploy as Mundus’ demons arrived and declared ware—killing Dayea’s parents.

Dust settled and Dayea wound up in the arms of a winged-demon named Ash. Raising her as his own, he taught her everything she knew and how to survive in the world of Limbo. She never knew as he never revealed but he is her ancestor, an ancient demon who was only responding to his blood line. His presence is what strengthened her ability and magic—thus giving Dayea a demonic appearance in Limbo.

On her eighteenth birthday, Ash left her on her own to survive—stating he had done all he could. Why her parental figure left her alone, she had no idea. Now an adult, with minimal education, no experience, no money, she turned to the only place that would hire her—Devil’s Dalliance.

It was a miracle when The Order stumbled upon the witch after being ‘kidnapped’ by a demon patron who wanted a private showing. With a dead client, Dayea had no choice but to join The Order. Since then, the witch has taken over the media coverage for the organization. In her videos, she is referred to as ‘Empress Day’.