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Vitta's Mind
Roleplaying Samples, Odd little writings, and more. Enjoy. Read. Comment. Opinionate.
Role Play Sample: Four
User ImageYuki's body floated in the black abyss, he was lost; not a thing was around him. He screamed begging to be released, his body unable to break free unable to move. Locked in his own trap. Blue light streams swirled and twisted around him. He attempted to swat at them, his arm didn't move. No use. He felt a warm sensation rush over him, crashing against his cold weakening body. His suffering was resulting in his own self destruction. The blue streams wrapped around him and lead him to a white light. "Am I dead?" he thought. Finally he reached the light, and there he stood in her presence. She had long brown naturally wavy hair, and wolves around her. She wore a nature like dress that looked like ivy and large leaves and flowers.

"Yuki? Your mind hath been clouded. Have thou forgot thy Goddess? Has young brave and hansom Yuki grow? Has he allowed his guide to perish? So, it seems. Your heart is strong, but I hear it grow weak. Each beat more silent! The test shall come forth now, for who will save thy dying soul! So sweet in pure you are, though you've been tainted! If she shall rise and save thy weakening bod you will proceed to live. Doth! If she mus' leave you dead at her feet, then so it is. Love is the greatest test, and a woman's heart so tender! If you have grasped it with comfort, then you will not need worry. To remind you of my generous deed I have washed away Jinx's love. He may have many other love interests, other than thy lovely Kira. Though you, who I've blessed with a gift of beauty...and the option of having any female....must in exchange for this opportunity, have been cursed. Only one you may ever love! Tis' Kira! Hath she not return in greatness these feeling, you shall die! As I speak you lay, upon her, your life in her hands. So, if you die your body will flourish with your ancestors! Though, I will be forced to cut off connections with thy love of Kira. And Jinx shall win her love as with many others." her sweet voice echoed, and soon she vanished.

Yuki's eyes closed quickly and he fell the warm splashing around him, he was trapped. In the darkness. His mind echoed her name "Kira" and his heart skipped beats as he shook. The warmth, reminding him...he had a chance.

Vitta Nai Kida
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  • 08/08/10 to 08/01/10 (21)
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