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My Daily Thoughts
Basically thoughts and wishes that I've always had and/or given to me
Rapture - Continuation
I was watching a documentary right now on TBN. And I've read plenty books. Many people ask questions, like "How do you think your so called 'God' exists?" or perhaps react to all this with a "...Lolwut?" or "YOU DONT HAVE PANCAKE MIX" Maybe even "You have your God, I have mine. We're different, we believe different".

I've lost my train of thought. xD
But to put it in simple terms, this is what I said in a recent conversation :

"I used to have a cavalier attitude towards it but
But u know
There's a choice of believing, or not believing.
I chose the believing part"

Off Topic : I dont see what I can lose. There's no such thing as losing your ability to think for yourself. People say others are blinded by religion, but I dont follow a religion. I follow Jesus. Religion is simply like saying to a father of a kid "Hey, you're a dad right? You must be really old", as dad's are supposedly meant to be really old. It's a stereotype put on people these days.

Another part of a conversation :

" I dont follow religion anymore
Because right now, religion just seems too idk
I choose to follow the person behind the religion
Because in the present day and time
When people think of christianity
They think of child molestation, thanks to the catholic priests
Money loving people, thanks to people who claim to be pastors"

The true people in the faith are overcome by the other's who claim to be of the faith. And the truth of the faith is covered by worldy pleasures. Example : People in churches will not preach about the salvation message, that really matters, but rather 'Sow a seed! You'll get money more than this! You'll get a good job! A good car!'. All this is good, but there's something much better. But many people dont want to hear this. When one has an actual hunger in their heart, they want to fill up the sadness and depression and the empty pangs they always have in their heart, then they'll come to know this. They fulfill the "Seek and you shall find" criteria. But most people don't feel this. Its like you're down in a pool/ocean, and you don't feel the pressure of the water, you just feel cool and comfortable, but in a short time, you can drown. Many don't want to believe God, because they cannot prove he exists, not can they prove he doesn't exist. They try to prove through scientific methods. But spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned. If you have a locked door, and you have two keys. You try to open the door with the one key, because its perty, and looks trustworthy. It doesn't work. You can't keep trying to open the door with that key, as the effort is futile, no matter how the key looks like it can fit in the hole. You'll have to use the other key, with trust, that it'll open the door. So yeah.

So, back to the TBN thingy. For believers these days, it's believed that the end times aren't near, you don't know when, etc. Earthquakes and all that happened before too, yes. But Paul described the end times as "Birthing pains of a woman". When a person's in labour, contractions [I dont even know what they are] increase, or something? I'm not going to get my facts straight right now xD. Jesus said, in Revelation 3:10, that he'd save us from the hour of wrath. That's just to tell those who believe that we'll be here during the tribulation.

This is just an addition to my previous entry. Do not take the number of the beast. This happens when you accept the ideologies of the anti-christ. Read or google the 4 horsemen of Revelations, to know what the anti-christ will be like. He'll seem like a saviour, and will later be a menace. Once again, do not accept what he/she says.

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