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[I was supposed to post this earlier =w=]

So, I dont exactly remember the date, but it was somewhere in Feb or March 2009. My dad was acting normal-ish, he'd just had a liver transplant surgery. So my mom had to go to Uganda for a business trip, and she left me and a relative here in the house to look after my dad. My dad was on medication, and we only started noticing some bizarre behaviour in him the week before my mom left. He used to speak stuff that was off-topic, like he was reading a book on coffee, and he told me "Call the publishers, I want to talk to them" I was like "The number isnt given" he was like "Don't worry, just pick up the phone and the number will come automatically". I just looked at him like "o.o the number isnt given!" he said "No problem, just dial the number!". So I left xD And my relative had to suffer with him. I had exams during those days. So on the first day, it was a monday, he was normal. Then at night, he started acting really bizzare, he would'nt sleep, he'd always go out, and we were afraid he'd go out on the streets and never come back, or someone would come into the house, 'cause he'd never close the door on his way out. We stayed awake till 1 that night, locking the door all the time. So the next day, we locked the door from the outside. That's when it all started. It was about 5:30 pm at that time. He demanded that we open the door, so my relative decided to stall him with crazy talk, which matched what he was babbling at that time. That worked, until she got a headache and decided to keep quiet. I was on zOMG at that time, cl 3.9. I remember it exactly. So he continued to demand we open the door. My relative had the key to the door. So we kept quiet. So here's the crazy part, he lunged for my relative and started hitting her. So she ran to a bedroom to hide, while he was in full pursuit. She tried to push the door and close it, but she wasn't that strong. So I ducked into the room, and we both pushed and locked it shut. We stared at each other, then I finally spoke "I've only seen this stuff in movies, I never thought it'd ever happen to us". Then we laughed. It was odd at that time, but I guess we were trying to laugh out all the fear. So, my tution teacher came, and I explained half of the story. [We were talking through the bedroom window]. He offered to help, but I told him we'd be okay. So he left. We called my mom, and she told us to call our pastor. So we did. Then some of the church members arrived, and they had to pass through the bedroom door to go out to the living room where my dad was. It was something like 8pm at that time. The pastor tried talking to my dad, but when the pastor came back, he was like "He's not normal" So we started praying, while the pastor continued to talk to my dad. Then he went completely crazy. He came to the living room where we were praying, with a piece of metal in his hand [I think it was from one of the chairs or something] and lunged after me and my relative, trying to hit us. The other church members managed to block him. He slapped one of them hard on the face. Cutting the long story short, it was one heck of a week. I thank God that I was even able to continue to 9th grade, and by chance pass my exams, cuz I barely studied during those days. The pastor and those guys would stay over for the night, and we'd remain in a locked room. They'd come back every evening, to stay the night. Once my mom tried calling my dad through the landline, and idk what she was saying, but all I heard my dad say was "Oh your in Uganda?" "Fine stay there! I'm going to Madagascar's disco as well!" [xDD]. Another incident during that time, was when we were trying to sleep at 2pm in the morning, then we heard the tap running. We saw him standing at the tap near the kitchen, filling a jug. I asked him "What are you doing?" and he was like "Making coffee." There was alot of water on the floor, and we managed to persuade him to sit down and make him coffee. We didn't exactly make him coffee, cuz we knew he'd stay awake longer, so we made him tea, which drove him crazy. The house was a mess. Through that whole time, we were able to laugh, and I never hated my father or held a grudge, thanks to God's love.

Finally, after what seemed like months, my mom came back. We told her the story, and she just laughed. She said she'd called the doctor, and it was the medication that made him seem wild and intoxicated. She gave him lots of water from that time, and he recovered. My mom once had a talk with him, and she found out that he remembered everything that he did. My sister was really angry at him. She was like "He did it all on purpose, he's been waiting to do that for a long time" or so I recall. Our family seems to have a closer relationship with our mom more that our dad. Our dad was an alcoholic [He's clean now] and lots more worse stuff has happened. But now, I still wonder how I've never been angry, but rather I've always loved my dad.

So yeah. Thanks be to God, for being like the father I've never had.

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